5 Good Night Messages for Him

Have you ever wondered where the expression “Good Night” comes from? It’s a phrase we learn in childhood and something we all sort of take for granted. Everyone knows what it means. And everyone know that it means more or less, “have a safe and enjoyable sleep.”

But if you’re like me you wonder where the expression came from in the first place. The etymology of goodbye suggests that it may have come from as long ago as the 1590s from the expression “god bwye”, which is a contraction of “God be with you.”

However, we don’t know for a fact that “goodbye” was exclusively religious. “Good” could also have referred to the general sense of wishing our friends and family prosperity, a “good evening”, “good night” or “good day”. We can’t rightly wish them a “wonderful and fantastic evening!” since that sounds a bit insincere. Therefore, “Good” is a sweet but simple compromise.

Now when you’re interested in someone, dating someone, or even engaged to be married, then “good night” is usually a more passionate sentiment. It’s common to keep your guy crush on the phone for hours and reluctantly bidding him good night. Sometimes the conversation is so good it’s hard to let go. No wonder we tend to play the “you hang up first!” game so often. We want the conversation to go on and on, don’t we?

Here’s why the “good night” message is so effective. Just as he finally hangs up, no doubt missing you and already thinking of the next time you’ll get to talk again, you can send him a special gift. That’s right, one more sweet message!

A “good night” message he can read right before he goes to bed so that he’ll think of you all through the night, in the morning, and maybe even in dreamland.

What makes a sweet good night message? Is it more sweet, sassy or sexy? Maybe you need a little bit of everything! Here are five examples of good night messages that he’s going to love.

1. “I can feel you whispering in my ear. Your voice makes me so so calm I just want to lay in your arms and drift to sleep.”

The whispering in your ear line is a great aural effect and you can even whisper a few lines over the phone to give him a feel. One of the best things about a phone conversation is how you can learn to relax in each other’s presence. Let him know that you trust him so much, you feel completely relaxed. In fact, he makes you feel so good you can just fall asleep in his arms!

2. “I can’t help but smile when I talk to you…even when I fall asleep I’m going to have a smile on my face. When you fall asleep tonight you should smile and think of me. Then maybe you’ll have sweet dreams.”

Great visuals here with smiling – explaining to him just how happy he can make you. Even better is the follow up line about him smiling and thinking of you, so that hopefully he will dream about you. Sometimes putting a thought in someone’s head will result in an interesting dream. It won’t always work, but the idea of having sweet dreams and thinking of your future partner is a romantic one.

3. “If I had a genie and could make one wish right now it would be that every single night you would kiss me good night.”

Not only is this line sweet and very suggestive (as in maybe we should be boyfriend/girlfriend or even get married someday!) but it’s also a high-confidence statement. What would you wish for if you had a genie? Money? Nah, you’re already happy and successful. Happiness? Nah, you’re already in a good place. Why not just make a wish for him to fall in love with you and push the relationship forward?

4. “Right now, millions of people all over the world are falling asleep. Some are eating, some are making love and some are working. But right now, only one man in the world has my full attention One sexy man is reading this message and we’re right here in this moment alone together. Isn’t that a miracle how we found each other?”

Very existential and yet kind of simple and sweet at the same time. It is rather amazing how we manage to meet our soul mate in life. Random turn of events happen and we pair off, based on our compatibility as well as the convenience of the relationship. So how rare and amazing it is that the two of you met each other and are falling in love!

5. “Oh my God – I had such an insane, stressful day today! I wish we could have talked longer. But I am thinking about you know and you always have a way of calming me and making me feel better. Good night.”

Good quote here because you turn a negative (the stressful day) into a positive using him as the catalyst that gives you back your happiness and peace of mind. You assure him that he is one of the best things in your life and only he understands you – specifically how to cheer you up and how to provide emotional support. You’re building a strong relationship based on love and trust.

You can also use this quote whenever you have only limited time to talk. This may be important if your guy feels left out lately or as if the connection you have has been less intense lately. Simply letting him know you still value him and want to be near him will go a long way.

As you can see, good night messages are not meaningless sweet nothings. They can imply a lot and make him feel great. Use the next good night moment as an opportunity to put a smile on his face and warm his heart!

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