4 Things Every Man Wants in Bed

Let’s talk a little bit about the billionaire playboy stereotype. Sure, what woman wouldn’t be tempted by a confident, rich and mysterious man? Whether you’re thinking of bad boy Dom Christian Grey, or even comic book billionaires like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, one thing’s for sure. These top dogs, these alpha males, are supposedly very virile, very manly. They must have a legendary sex drive, the likes of which attract women all over the world.

Then again, a billionaire is usually picky, isn’t he? He doesn’t just settle for anyone. He wants a woman who’s special, who’s unique. And of course…a woman who’s just as sexually wild and insatiable as he is!

And money or not, the reputation of a powerful, confident and very sexual man can intimidate anyone. Especially if you’re inexperienced or have always been a little “vanilla” in the bedroom.

But not to worry. I think you’re going to find that most men, yes even those alpha billionaire types (or the successful guys that dream about being rich) are not as sexually depraved as you think. Oh yes I’m sure they are horny and do expect you to “know a few things”.

But you can learn those “few things”. You can learn what they like in bed. Is it a well-guarded secret? No. In fact, I might be so bold as to say that ALL MEN want the same thing. Whether it’s billionaire sex god, or the local guy at the bar, or even that quiet shy guy who fancies you at work. They all want variations of a great sexual experience…but they all want a similar sexual experience.

So let’s talk about four things that I will bet you ANY and EVERY man wants in bed, without exception.

1. He wants YOU to make the first move. He wants you to seduce him.

Men may be more outgoing in the beginning (maybe) but as the relationship progresses and becomes intimate he expects you to take the initiative part of the time. If he’s always

the one to initiate sex (and if you eventually tell him, “Just come and get it before bed!”) he will eventually become bored. Or self-conscious. Or downright resentful. A man likes to be seduced, he likes flirting, and he likes the idea of a take-charge woman taking him to bed. So while most women are shy about this sort of thing, you will find it’s the #1 wish and complaint among men—women should express their desire more often!

2. He wants a bit of “spirit” during sex.

Men want women who are excited, turned on and yes, very enthusiastic about sex. The worst thing a man can imagine in bed is a woman “who just lays there” as the old cliché goes. A man wants a real woman, a crazy, sexy fun woman and why wouldn’t he?

I actually think this “spirit” is one of the reasons why men love porn so much. They love the idea of an excited, out of control woman who enjoys sex just as much as the guy does. Men are not emotionless sex machines that just pump away regardless of how the woman feels about it. Usually, they are very attuned to what the woman is thinking and how they can make the experience better for her.

Men are not pigs, not for the most part. They want to please women. And that means they want you to enjoy this experience and to put your heart into it. Show some spirit! Make some noise, move your body, look into his eyes and smile. That doesn’t mean faking orgasms or imitating a porn star. That just means you go to bed with a positive attitude and you TAKE something from the experience, just as well as you give. It’s not all about him, it’s about you too.

Which brings us to the next point…

3. He expects you to KNOW what foreplay and techniques bring you to orgasm.

Now this is perhaps the most challenging aspect of pleasing a man with high standards. He expects you to know most of the basics about sex, orgasm, pleasuring yourself and pleasuring a man. If you go in there with an attitude of “I’m not sure what I’m doing…” it will change the dynamic. He might think you’re too young or inexperienced. He might even think you’re too “innocent” for him. The simple fact is, not all men WANT to be the patient teacher who can educate you about sex, your body and orgasm.

Yeah I know, it’s great when you meet a guy like that. But not all men are like that. They are strongly attracted to a woman who knows what she’s doing, and more specifically, a woman who knows exactly what she needs to orgasm and orgasm again.

This does require you taking some time alone to learn how to masturbate, figure out what you want a man to do to you (foreplay that actually turns you on) and also finding a way to be comfortable with sex. After all, if you’re not comfortable and feeling intimate—if you’re not TRUSTING him—you may not be able to orgasm at all.

Self-confidence is sexy and it’s no coincidence that women who are self-confident can orgasm easier than women who have trust issues or struggle with self-doubt. That’s one of the reasons I stress

4. He expects you to communicate and be open-minded.

Lastly, this is the quality that will always keep him coming back to you—even if he’s got the sex drive of Johnny Bravo. Open-mindedness. You don’t have to do everything he wants, but the ability to calmly and rationally discuss everything is a turn on to a guy. He wants you to talk honestly. He wants to push you to your limits and wants you to test his. He wants you to explore your sexual desires along with him. Communicating openly about what you want and what you FEEL is the best way to turn your vanilla sex life into something more chocolate and strawberry.

Now there are more points to discuss when it comes to pleasing a man completely and we’ll discuss in another article. But for now, remember that what he wants the most is a woman who doesn’t “surrender to him”, not one that tries so hard to please him. He wants a woman who enjoys sex just as much as he does.

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