5 Cute Text Messages for Her

Have you ever wondered how guys come up with all these great text conversations? Believe it or not, most guys are not naturally eloquent and creative. They get ideas on great text messages from their friends, their relatives, Internet articles, movies, books, online friends, and so on.

Good ideas are everywhere. The best way to do it is to borrow a good idea but then put your own personal spin on it. Some guys do plagiarize texts outright and while there’s not really anything illegal about stealing a cute text message…

Well, just remember that guy is busted if his girlfriend ever Google searches his best lines! That’s why personalization works best. Improve upon a good idea and give it a unique appeal.

For this blog, I thought it would be interesting to discuss cute text messages from a male perspective and how men go about creating texts to attract women. Let’s consider five “rules” that men follow when creating these texts. Then we’re going to provide some examples, and then finally discuss why it works.

Lastly, we’ll determine whether the male texts work as well as the female texts. Is there a difference? Are all of these lines “unisex” or do some only work on certain genders?

Here we go…

1. Keep things light, playful and positive. HIM OR HER.

Well that makes sense! The last thing you want to do, regardless of gender, is create a stressful environment and awkward interaction. Nobody wants negativity in their life! Texting, like opening conversation, should be fun and flirty. Not too heavy or too forward sexually speaking. For example:

• Hey goofy, what are you doing later?
• I’m operating at 99% awesomeness today. How about you?
• You know you miss me. So here I am!

It’s a strategy that works on men or women. Be fun, be a little edgy (but not disrespectful) and get the other person smiling and involved in the conversation.

2. Take “control” of the conversation. JUST HIM

When men give advice to other men, they say “take control” of the flow of conversation. It’s important for a man to make her pay attention and to feel a spark of attraction based on his powerful presence. This means taking a more dominant attitude, being direct and having plans. Men also like to take an attitude like “This is what I’m (already) doing. If you want to come with me…” Single guys think brevity and direct sentences impresses women. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. So as an example here are some popular lines:

• Want to skip family hour and go to happy hour with me tomorrow?
• I’m going to see the new Avengers movie tomorrow, opening night. Come on, how can you say no to Captain Marvel beating Thanos?
• I’m a man of few words. Want to go out tonight at 7?

This is one rule that works better for men than for women. Statistically speaking, men don’t seem to like it when women take charge. It’s better to let a man stay true to his nature and “chase you”, coming up with plans for a date.

3. Display confidence at all cost. JUST HIM

Single men are very cautious about appearing confident all the time and not showing themselves to be weak in the presence of a woman. Weak might mean using too many emoticons, which shows a lack of maturity and brings a nervous energy to the conversation. Single men might also put on heirs, so to speak, and act cocky, full of themselves or bratty just to get a reaction.

For example these lines work in demonstrating confidence.
• Hey, stop dreaming about me, girl!
• Well I’m very busy meeting with Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos this weekend, but yeah I can squeeze you in.
• You want to know what I’m wearing don’t you?

This may or may not work, depending on the type of guy interested in you. Traditionally, most men enjoy women who aren’t aggressive, snarky or arrogant. So if you use this kind of guy-centric strategy, you really do have to let them know you’re joking. As we all know, men tend to be sensitive!

4. Don’t use texting to control her. Be entertaining. HIM AND HER

This is more of a warning, to avoid a lot of typical shy guy behaviors while texting. For example, some men like to use texting as a way to test a woman’s interest, or to “check in”, and make sure they’re still friends – that sort of thing. A single man’s advice would be to stop using texting to feel better about the relationship – as if he’s a husband or father “checking in.” Instead, use it to entertain her. Make her laugh, make her feel something, and so on.
• If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time just to hit on you all over again!
• Ever since I met you, I find myself smiling for no apparent reason. Did you put a magic spell on me or something?
It’s definitely a good idea to AVOID all controlling behavior or any sense of “checking in” to make sure you’re still dating each other. Don’t ever assume anything like that! The unisex approach of “keep things entertaining and STOP being clingy” is a golden rule in dating.

5. Learn how to text according to her timetable. HIM AND HER

Lastly, single men like to pass along the advice: don’t wait too long to text (as in, she loses interest), nor do you answer the text too soon. They also advise to keep things short (leave her wanting more), and don’t use texting as a way to spill your guts. Instead, think of it from her timetable. Light, quick put punchy. In fact, they say, if you send long texts she’ll start to associate you with long posts and come to “dread you”. At the same time, it’s important for men to seem busy, successful and not overly interested. In fact, single tell other men to avoid setting up a second date. It’s “low-confidence” and so guys might wait until you take the initiative. They might also suggest hours they’re free, rather than identifying a specific date.
For example:
• I’m actually going to take this weekend off. If you’re not doing anything we could go see that movie we were talking about.
• Going shopping. Boring stuff, right? Unless you want to come with while I go car shopping.
This is another unisex approach, since staying “busy” and motivated (meaning you don’t worry too much about being a perfect date) is always a way to project confidence. You are interested, but you’re also busy. He has to work to get your attention and that’s the way it should be.
As you can see, there is some similarity between male and female dating texts. But where things get confusing is whether you’re operating on the natural dynamic of “men pursuing women.” Whenever men start to become demure, or women become overly aggressive in pursuing someone, the dynamic changes.

Usually, that’s how attraction is lost. Men become irritated at being “mothered”, while women lose respect for a man who doesn’t have the guts to show interest. Now this isn’t ALWAYS true in every case, but statistically speaking there are recurring patterns.

If you notice that your crush or partner is backing away, ask yourself if maybe the texts you’ve been using are written (or adapted) from a female perspective, to a male. This might be what’s causing the lack of attraction. Stay persistent but always do so with confidence, creativity and by paying attention to the other person’s signals.

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