4 Surprising Qualities That Men Love in a Woman

4 Surprising Qualities That Men Love in a Woman

Everyone know that men love sex. But what may surprise you is what keeps them up at night thinking about and craving you…

Here’s the truth…

It’s not hard for a man to find a woman he’s sexually attracted to. Hot women are everywhere and easier to have a sexual relationship with than virtually any other time in human history.

But more importantly than that, he’s looking for a woman he can really feel good around. He wants a woman he’s physically attracted to AND can feel like he’s respected and desired as the only man you’ll ever need.

Over the last few decades, the roles that men and women play in society have pretty much dissolved. Yet, no matter how progressive we think we’ve become, men are still conditioned, from a very early age, to suppress their feelings and deeper emotions, which is why they crave these types of experiences.

Deep down, men want to feel needed, validated, and respected by the women in their lives.

Without this, he may think you’re a lot of fun. He may enjoy spending time with you. And he might want you sexually but he’ll never look at you as a long-term potential mate that he could be with for the rest of his life.

Most women don’t realize how much it matters to a man when he feels like he can step up and be the man for a woman in his life. And even more so, when he knows that she really appreciates him for it.

So how can you have this type of a positive emotional impact on a man?

Here are four points to get you started:

1. Stop playing impossible to get:

A lot women have been conditioned to “play hard to get.” While men do value women they put in some work to have, playing hard to get doesn’t attract good men, it ONLY attracts players and manipulate guys.

If a good man sees you playing hard to get, he’ll either think that a) you’re not interested or b) that you’re playing games with him.

Either one of these is a sure-fire way to lose him. You’re better off showing a man interest and then allowing him to pursue you and leaning back so that he can invest in your relationship.

THAT is a lot more attractive to a good man than playing hard to get will ever be.

2. Encourage him with confidence:

Women need to get over the idea that if you encourage a man he will think you’re desperate and/or needy. You can still be encouraging without being a doormat.

A woman can let a man know that she’s interested without giving it all away. Stop over thinking and strategizing, instead be more authentic and honest with how you feel.

Know that if he is right for you he will reciprocate. A relationship ready man loves this quality in a woman.

3. Be OKAY with something not working out:

Attracting true love happens when we’re ready for the love to come into our lives, and no sooner. And the only way that you’ll end up in a truly healthy, loving, intimate relationship with when you love yourself first.

And when you love yourself, you’re not worried about getting rejected or hurt because you’re already filled with love. But if you’re instead filled with fear about how lovable and attractive you are, you’ll never truly be irresistible to a man.

So don’t let your fears stop you from being open and loving yourself. The more you love yourself, the easier it’ll be to brush something off that doesn’t work with a man.

Accept the unknown and date with an open, loving heart. This will allow you to have a powerful positive emotional connection with a man even against the unknown.

4. Verbal and non-verbal responsiveness:

There is not one way to show responsiveness. You can be responsive in the way you talk, smile, touch another, or move your body. You can show encouragement while chatting on the phone, via text message and emails, on dates or when sexually engaged too. Responsiveness is valuable in all forms of interaction and connection.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people complicate finding and sustaining love. Dating should never feel scary or like it’s hard work or emotionally taxing. Sure, it’s not always easy, though it can be so much easier and even joyful, when approached from a state of curiosity and faith.

No matter how pretty or plain you think you are, no matter your body shape, or your past, how much money you do or don’t have, everyone is deserving of love and can find the love they deeply want.

Even though there are a lot of differences between men and women, the truth is that most men actually want what you want. They want to feel loved and accepted for who they are.

They want to find an amazing partner to love and grow old with…

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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