How to Please Your Man in Bed (THIS Drives Him Crazy)

There was once a man named Wilt Chamberlain who was a well-known ladies man and womanizer, an NBA player who scored on and off the court, if you know what I mean. Now I’m not dating myself here…I’m not suggesting I was buddies with a guy born in the year 1936!

But I have read about him and I found him an interesting character. He was well known as a man who broke records for sleeping with a high number of women. You might say he was a legend in his time, not merely for his height standing 7’1, but also for his career and charisma in dealing with women.

And yet he also gave this surprising quote.

“With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I’ve found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying.”

Now what in the world did he mean by that? How is that possible, is that just a pickup line? No…I think I understood what he was saying.

Yes, there is a difference between having one thousand OK or terrible sexual experiences with a variety of women and having one thousand sessions with a single woman who knows how to please a man.

And even if a boy doesn’t believe that, and has to bed a thousand different women to feel “macho” or whatever, I guarantee you he will say the same thing.

Why bother having all these sexual experiences that are just OK (or sometimes even bad and terrible) when you could enjoy more sexual experiences with one woman who can completely blow your mind and satisfy your body?

So yes, I can tell you with confidence that a man WILL give up thousands of other

women for you, if you are better than they are. If your personality is deeper and more emotionally rousing, he will choose you over them. And yes, if sex with you is better than sex with them (or if you’re sexier than they are), he will choose you over them.

Let’s start by talking about some points we previously covered about what men want. They want you to be knowledgeable about your own body and what works. They want you to take the initiative and to be enthusiastic. And they want you to be open-minded. Now we’re going to discuss a few more ways you can go BEYOND good and become GREAT in bed.

1. Sexually torture the guy…otherwise known as longer foreplay.

If a man is reluctant to engage in long foreplay, then he really hasn’t had good sex! Some men ho-hum, thinking that foreplay is all about being romantic and giving massages and such. But these are just a couple of examples of many ways to explore sexual foreplay. Sexual foreplay is simply the prelude to penetration and orgasm. It encompasses everything from massage to mutual masturbation and oral sex. It’s limited only by your imagination.

But here’s the secret…extend it. Make the foreplay last longer for both of you. This is not just for your benefit, since most women need a lot foreplay to orgasm anyway, but it’s also going to just send him into a sexual meltdown. Men are not used to long foreplay. They expect foreplay to last a few minutes followed by epic penetration and orgasm.

Guess what happens when you tease your man, pleasure him, make him want it, then tease him again? It ends with an extremely powerful orgasm, especially if you take the time to explore all of his erogenous zones before approaching climax. He will also learn the joy of giving slow foreplay, when he sees how much it pleases you. Be vocal and be “raw” in the way you react. Longer foreplay makes sex memorable.

2. Teach him the art of losing control.

Men really have no idea how to “lose control” when it comes to sex. They want sex, they search for it, and they always try their best to woo a woman. But when do they actually “lose control”? When a woman challenges him to have better sex.

He not only surrenders some power to you, but also tries new things with you and tests his limits. Maybe you teach him the thrill of spontaneous sex. Or sex in a semi-public place. Or some new kink that you’ve always wanted to try, like being tied up. Variety is some of it…

But the real trick to making sex wild and memorable is to make it seem like he’s losing control and loving it. Tempt him and lure him into doing something he never thought about doing before.

First, you learn what his “soft limits” are—the stuff he’s always fantasized about but was too nervous to try. Then you gradually seduce him into doing this forbidden, taboo thing. He will think you’re wild and out of control…but he will not want to end the affair with you. Little does he know, you are in complete control but you also know what he wants and can give that experience to him.

3. Give him dirty compliments!

Men love compliments, you figured that out, right? And if they’re dirty compliments, that’s even better. Sexting, phone sex or simply whispering dirty things to him when you’re alone will make him blush…and make him think you’re the hottest woman he’s ever met. Compliment his penis and feel free to get as graphic and dirty as you feel comfortable doing…in fact, I wrote a guide a while back on the art of Dirty Talking and Sexting. Check it out!

Remember also that using his name right at the peak of sexual frenzy creates an “anchor” – a strong emotional aphrodisiac in addition to all the physical acrobatics.

4. Dress up for him and whet his appetite with a little extra effort.

Lastly, remember that seduction is all about giving your man attention and letting him bask in it. Dress up more than usual just for him. Don’t just meet him after work…put extra effort into your sex date. Wear something sexy underneath your clothes like lacy lingerie. Brag about what you’re wearing or even give him a peek at dinner. If you’re feeling sexy he will catch on quickly.

Pleasing a man in bed is all about playing games, building foreplay and then ending with a powerful climax. The secret is that you never stop the foreplay and the flirting. It just keeps going on and getting hotter!

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