4 Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

It’s not that easy to come up with one liners, great introductions, or even a friendly phone conversation. But for many, it’s the long paragraphs of text (or conversation) AFTER the introduction that are even more difficult to write.

What are you supposed to say to a man that you’re attracted to, maybe even slept with, but one that hasn’t quite confessed his love yet? Of course, if you come on too strong it may scare him away.

The process goes like this. The first step is the introduction, which puts an idea into his head and also creates a positive mood. The next step is to build a rapport together and then bond over shared interests. You might do this a lot in the beginning if there’s real chemistry together and if you both have a mutual attraction to each other.

You might even sleep with the guy, thinking he’s fallen for you. And you might be right. So now comes the “hard part” – that is, keeping his attention, after sex and after the first flush of dating.

That is sometimes hard to do, because (A) You can’t FORCE chemistry. It happens naturally. And (B) You have to be a good listener AND a good conversationalist in general, if you want to activate that naturally powerful chemistry.

One of the most common mistakes that women make when sending cute paragraphs of texts to their new boyfriend (after sex or right before you decide to have sex) is that they fast-forward to the lovey dovey part of the relationship. Now there’s nothing wrong with being sentimental – even way over the top syrupy if that’s what the guy likes.

But the timing has to be just right or else the guy will feel pressured to commit and he may start to resist your affection.

What’s the first instinct when you meet resistance? Unfortunately for many, it’s to TRY HARDER and show him that you truly love him! Like in the movies, right?

Oh, but that instinct is usually off. You’re in nurturing mode when that’s usually not what he wants. He wants connection, real but slow, natural and not accelerated for time. Women who come across as overly emotional or even too romantic (without a true courtship process) will intimidate him.

Now he starts thinking, “What’s wrong with her? Why is she trying so hard to convince me that we belong together?”

That brings us to the big question: what does the big guy want? Does he want sweet or does he want tough and hard to get? He wants to have a boyfriend-girlfriend conversation that’s simple, sincere and yet uncomplicated. What does complicated mean? Well, complicated in this context means all the confusing and scary parts of love that we prefer not to talk about or think about. Just the idea of telling him you’re in love with him (as if you’re waiting for a reaction) is too complicated for him right now.

On the contrary, he wants MORE positivity, more reinforcement, more fun – more pleasure! Uncomplicated, which means no talk of commitment or the “cost” of a relationship.

So here are four “cute” paragraphs to send him via text, email, or even to use in conversation. Notice how they stay in the “cute” range without boiling over into love, commitment, complication or anything too emotional.

1. “I like how I can be myself around you. Most people, it’s like I can never talk about who I really am or I how I feel. But when I’m with you I feel natural. I like the honesty we have.”

You notice how this paragraph is sweet, cute, honest…and yet doesn’t really pressure him to respond in a certain way? It’s just a compliment and one that will encourage him to keep doing what he’s doing. He will soon come to appreciate this honest relationship you share as something special.

2. “No one holds my attention like you do. You captivate my mind. Every night we spend together is so amazing. Sometimes I just think back about some of the things you’ve said, your funny quotes and deep thoughts, and I just smile. You’ve got something that other guys don’t have.”

This is a great way to stroke his ego – make him feel wanted, appreciated and recognized for being unique. Men really need a pick me up from time to time especially in the second phase of the relationship.

3. “Good morning, sexy. Apologies for running off before you woke up but I had an appointment. Just remember today that you’re still young, handsome and very much desired. You’re going to have a great day ahead and best of all…I might even call you tonight.”

This is a great sexy message to leave him! You give him a confident yet intimate goodbye, give him a very positive message of hope and good feeling, and then remind him that he has your undivided attention now…and you’re falling for him. Great way to progress onward to greater intimacy without

4. “You’ve been my rock, my sunshine and my lucky star. We’ve had so many good times together. You’ve been there for me and we’ve had so many good nights, so many good memories. When I’m with you, I feel so alive. When we part, I miss you. I think about what you’re doing, what you’re thinking. When we do go on a date, we go back to our world, this special secret place we both have, where we understand each other. I want to be in your arms tonight.”

What’s great about this paragraph is how sweepingly sentimental it is, and yet it’s not clingy, it’s not manipulative or pushy. It’s expressive. You’re telling him how you feel, how HE affects you. That’s what he wants to hear/read. He wants more about how you feel and how you are so excited to see him that your heart is aflutter.

Now, the ball is in his court. He can steer the relationship towards commitment when he’s ready, now that he feels confident in how you feel about him.

As you can see, writing out longer paragraphs is all about the bonding, sharing and feeling – but minus any notes of possessing him, controlling him or protecting him. If you remember to go for “cute” first – and let your boyfriend push forward when he wants more – you will project more femininity and win his heart.

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