20 Text Messages for Him to Make Him Smile

When you’ve finally found a deep emotional connection to a man you like, it feels like heaven doesn’t it? The feelings are intense, the romance is blossoming and sure, sex is definitely on the horizon.

But at some point you may begin to wonder, “Is he waiting for something?” Or maybe, “We seem to run out of things to talk about.”

Your worries may be a little exaggerated, but you ARE actually picking up on something important. If you’ve noticed a break in the smooth flow of conversation, then it’s time to get things back on track.

The main problem is that when it comes to romance, in many cases, (but of course, not every case) men want to think and women want to feel. Men want to “mind meld” to borrow a phrase from Spock (no not Dr. Benjamin, the Vulcan!) and want to think about how intense their connection with a partner is. Women want to spend more time together with their partners, go on more experiences, and discuss these things as a couple.

I say this because when it comes to flirting with a man via text, you have to plan for mental and intellectual flirting. He may want emotion and romance eventually, but the best way to get a big response from him right now is to engage him intellectually – in conversation.

That means it’s best to avoid any “romantic statements” that suggest commitment or eternal love. Instead, if you want to make him feel something strong for you, then your goal is to engage his mind first. Then, after his mind is active, thinking and fascinated, that’s when you guide him to an emotional moment. That’s when he realizes, “Wow, she really gets me!”

In essence, you’re making him SMILE. You’re communicating with him on his level: (thinking, problem solving, logic, etc.) and now it’s time to give him that emotional moment where he realizes you are someone special.

So let’s focus on 20 ways to make him smile via text message.

1. “I feel safe when I’m with you, when I’m texting you, even when we see each other in person. I like that I can always trust you.”
2. “It’s kind of funny. But I only feel nervous when I’m around you. I get those butterflies in stomach kind of feeling. Maybe because I actually care about what you think of me.”
3. “I feel so proud of you. Like when you tell me stuff going on at work and how you can handle all these things happening, your skills, and management abilities. I’m just amazed at how talented you are.”
4. “(Sigh) I wish you were here right now. You always have a way of calming me down and making me feel better about stressful things.”
5. “You have a strange sense of humor…but so do I. I don’t think anyone’s ever made me laugh as much as you do.”
6. “That day we went out…(or when you first met) that was such a good day. You were awesome, of course. But the weather was nice, everyone at work was in a good mood. Had a great breakfast and dinner Too bad every day can’t be like that!”
7. “We should eat together. Not like a corny date, but like we both order take out and then text how good or bad our food tastes.”
8. “I don’t think anyone else understands my odd and quirky personality except you. You’re like the Witch Whisperer. (smiley)”
9. “Did you know making out burns calories? I was just thinking of that while working out today. God, I shouldn’t have texted that thought, right?”
10. “I hope you have a great day tomorrow. And hey, don’t forget to miss me because I can feel it when you miss me!”
11. “You are the closest guy to a superhero I know. I mean, I’m not being weird. But you can swim like Aquaman and you’re smart like Batman. And you have glasses like Clark Kent. (Or, “And you have a sense of humor like Iron Man”)
12. “OMG I am laughing so hard at that text you sent earlier. I just now got it! You’re terrible.”
13. “Something tells me you’re a smart and strong man around the house. But the question is, can you open a tight pickle jar?”
14. “I don’t know anyone else who can ___ as good as you can. (Insert whatever you know he’s good at or whatever he’s bragged about doing recently) Where did you learn all this stuff?”
15. “If your personality and charm had a body it would look like Dwayne The Rock Johnson…”
16. BONUS FOLLOW UP: “…And if your body is half as good as your personality, I just can’t handle you!”
17. “Lol I showed my online girlfriends your picture and they were jealous! They were totally crushing on you. So take that as a vote of confidence.”
18. “If I could invite three interesting people from any time and place over for dinner I would choose George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. and you. But uh, please don’t be late…you’ll embarrass me in front of George and Martin!”
19. “You know I was thinking of you the other day and I figured out one thing I would change…your location. We should be closer…like neighbors or something.”
20. “You know…you make me blush sometimes with your funny and sweet comments.”

The key to writing “smile-worthy” texts is to have a smart conversation at first, but then make him smile with an unexpected comment – one that’s sweet, funny or even emotive. You meet him on an intellectual level and then you catch him off guard, with a nice compliment or a funny observation.

He can’t help but be charmed by you and will realize that you’re flirting with him. He’ll start to look forward to your texts each morning or afternoon, just so he can smile again. He’ll learn to associate positive things with your texts and that’s great!

Sexual tension is not hard to create…it simply requires some good timing and patience. Have longer conversations, build trust and mutual respect, and those flirty texts will come naturally.

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