15 Reasons Why Men Fall Out of Love (And How to Stop It)

Relationships don’t always last, as much as we wish we could make them. They can end for a variety of reasons, but when you’re the one blindsided by an ending relationship it can be especially painful. It can be hard to know why men fall out of love, let alone know what to do or how to feel when it happens.

When your boyfriend, husband, etc. tells you that they just aren’t in love with you it can be confusing, especially when you still feel the same. What did I do wrong? What can I do to change his mind? You may rack your brain looking for answers, but by the time he is already out of love it is probably too late.

Knowing why men fall out of love can help.

You may be wondering how you can avoid this yourself. We have below a list of 15 of the most common reasons a man falls out of love, and what you can do to avoid it! So make sure to read below so you know how to keep him loving you for the long haul.

#1: You’ve Changed Too Much

When you get into a relationship you may be completely in love with your partner. Over time, however, we change and evolve as we experience new things and live life in general. This means that, even though you are in a relationship, you can make pretty dramatic changes in how you look, act, and feel about certain things. If your partner isn’t as in love with this “new you” then they may fall out of love. This is especially true if the new you is so different that they hardly recognize you.

We shouldn’t stop ourselves from growing and changing, because that is just a part of life. We should, however, make sure to connect with our partners and explain to them what is going on in life to cause the changes. By showing them the different things that are shaping them can help them understand why you are becoming so different and help them appreciate the changes too. It’s also important to connect with them and show them that even though a lot of things are changing, that you are still the same person they fell in love with when you two first started dating!

#2: You Haven’t Changed at All

I know this may be confusing, we just told you that he may not like you changing too much. He could, however, fall out of love if you don’t change enough. This is especially true if you two met at an early stage of life. Like I said before, we should grow and evolve throughout our lifetime. If you are acting and looking and basically the same person at 28 that you were at 19, he may feel like his life will never progress with you.

To avoid this problem you can try being spontaneous and do new things. I don’t mean go off and do something crazy or that you don’t want to do. Maybe there is a hobby that you have always been interested in trying. Cooking, yoga, photography even. Just get out and spice things up and show him that you are open to new things!

#3: You Are Too Attached To Him

We all love quality time with our man, there’s no denying that. If you seem to only spend your time with him though, it may be driving him away. If you too are constantly talking and around each other it can begin to feel smothering. It is healthy to have some independence in a relationship, otherwise you may start losing your sense of self. He will probably being to feel bored with the same routines and not be as “in love” with you or the idea of this being the nature of your relationship.

The solution to this is easy… back off a little. Go off and have time to yourself or with friends that doesn’t involve him. You need to give him space to be himself and time without you to miss you. How can a guy miss you if you’re with him 24/7?

#4: He is losing the “Spark”

Sometimes relationships are impulsive and exciting. They are spurred by some consuming spark so to say, which is what drives a more intense bond that comes about quickly. These kinds of attraction can die off easily, however, once that initial excitement goes away. Some guys just want what they cant have and then once they get you locked down, they realize there’s no more chase and they become bored. Maybe the idea of a steady relationship just isn’t exciting enough for him to want to stay in a relationship.

Whatever the reason is, if he seems to be losing the excitement that he used to show then there may be something you can do. Make sure to keep things interesting and keep trying new things. This will keep him wondering what exciting things you will do next together instead of dreading a life without that exciting “new relationship” feeling.

#5: You Nag Him all the Time

Relationships should be fun. You should want to spend time with your partner and feel happy in their presence. Every now and then you two may hit a bump in the road. Maybe he upset you or is doing something that you can’t stand. If you start nagging him about it all the time, he may start feeling upset. After awhile, if you nag him all the time, he’s going to begin to expect that from you. He will stop looking forward to seeing you and potentially start dreading it.

If you have a concern or an issue it’s always a good idea to bring it up and confront your partner. Leaving feelings left unsaid will just cause you to be passive aggressive and it will get you nowhere. If you do need to let him know you’re upset, then sit him down and express your feelings. Once you discussed it then it’s over… leave it in the past so you can both move on. If you continuously complain about it all you’re going to do is drive him away fast.

#6: He is Going Through a Transition

We all go through period of change in life. Some bigger than others. When we do it can sometimes be overwhelming. If your man is going through a big change, it may be affecting how he feels about other aspects of his life. A new career, loss of a loved one, moving to a new city are all things that can have a huge impact on his feelings towards you.

There isn’t much that you can do to stop this. All you can try to do is be supportive and help make the change as easy on him as possible. Think of it this way, you want to be the rock that supports him and not the final straw that breaks him in this stressful time. We all go through changes, so act how you would want to be treated if you were the one going through a lot.

#7: He Feels Unappreciated

I know that you probably love when you feel important to your partner. When you feel like you’re actually help then and contribute to their wellbeing is such a great feeling. Yes, you should be an independent person and do things for yourself. Guy, however, LOVE to help us. They want to try and take care of us and do things that make us happy. If you are standoffish or don’t allow him to do these things, he may start feeling useless. Even worse, he does these things and you don’t let him know how much you appreciate them. All people want to feel like the things they do make a difference!

Next time he does you a favor make sure to thank him! Let him know that you love when he does things to help and take care of you. Even if he isn’t helping as much as he thinks he is, still thank him for the effort he did out in. It’s the thought that counts!

#8: You’re Putting Too Much Pressure on Him

All good things take time, and relationships are no exceptions. True feelings don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Although you may want to jump into all sorts of fun and serious things with your man, he may need more time to settle into things. If you are suddenly trying to push him to do things that are a little too much for him it may be putting pressure on him. After awhile it won’t feel happy, just stress.

Just enjoy the process of the relationship. I know you want him to meet your family, or move in with him and all that but if you just go with the flow they will come with time. Don’t pressure him into things too soon, because it could backfire!

#9: You’re Overly Dramatic

Have you ever known someone who made mountains out of molehills? Spending time with someone who makes everything out to be so much more than it is can be frustrating, and it can make you want to avoid them. If you are overly dramatic and make everything into a HUGE deal it may be hurting your relationship. If your partner can’t open up or tell you about even the smallest things without getting a big reaction then over time he will just stop trying.

Try and rationalize things when you argue, or have any kind of conflict. He needs to trust that he can come to you when something is wrong. I know it can be hard when you become emotionally charged. If you get upset easily then just wait to talk once you’ve had time to process things.

#10: You Just Aren’t a Good Fit

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that we are in a relationship with someone that we just aren’t a great match for. Maybe once you two started getting closer and learning more intimate things about each other you realized that you have a lot less in common than you thought before. That’s okay, it happens, but don’t try and force a relationship that will never be what you want. This will just lead to you being disappointed, and wasting your time when you could be meeting new guys who really are meant for you.

There are so many people on this planet. If you met this guy I know that you can meet another. Maybe he is pulling away because he just came to terms with this before you. The good news here is that you two can still be friends and care about each other. Really think about your relationship, and think if you two are really a good fit or if you just don’t want to let go.

#11: He Feels Like He Can’t Be Himself Around You

In a relationship you want to be with someone you don’t have to pretend to be cool around. You want someone who accepts you for you, and loves every part of you good and bad. If your partner doesn’t think he can let loose and be himself then he won’t truly enjoy the relationship.

Do you encourage him to do the things he loves? You should! Try joining him with one of his interests. Maybe you’re not the world’s biggest WWE fan, but if he is then try watching some of it with him when it goes on. Make sure you make him feel loved for every part of who he is, because you would want the same.

#12: He Doesn’t See a Future With You

When we first start dating someone, it’s easy to enjoy the relationship for how things are. It’s easy to not think about the future, but sometimes it becomes a real concern. If he can’t picture a serious life with you then he may just be having fun and not truly in love with you. The less he can picture a life with you the less he will want to continue the relationship, knowing it will end eventually anyways.

I know this is sad, and hard to hear. If you two picture futures that are so different then one of you will have to compromise that dream if you are to stay together. This is another time that it’s best to just accept this and realize it’s better in the long run for you to move on so you can be happier later. You’ll thank me one day!

#13: His Mom Doesn’t Like You

This one is HUGE. You don’t need to be dating a mama’s boy for his mom to be a big influence on his feelings for you. Family is so important to us all, so if he feels like he can’t bring you around his family, especially his mom! Some moms are a little overprotective, but sometimes you are the real reason she doesn’t like you. Maybe you two got a bad first impression, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to get on her good side… even if she isn’t your cup of tea.

Next time you get a chance you should really try and get closer to your mans momma! Even try sending her a cute text or tag her in a facebook post. Anything that shows her that you’re the perfect girl for her little boy.

#14: His Friends don’t Like You

I get it. They’re loud, smelly, and a little strange. Im by no means telling you that you need to be BFFs with his bros… but their opinion of you goes a long way. If they cant stand when he brings you around then not only is it hard for him to feel super comfortable with you, but their opinions of you might start wearing off on him. You may think you’re super great and that they love you but they might just be nice to you because you’re dating their friend.

Try hanging out with them more. Bring them some food next time you’re all hanging out. We know food is the real way to a man’s heart! Do something to bond with them a little bit. You don’t have to be their favorite person, but their approval can make or break your relationship in the long run.

#15: The Sex Just Isn’t What it Used to Be

All men crave sex. It’s just a part of that pesky testosterone. I’m not saying you don’t love getting intimate with your man, but if the sex is lacking he may start losing attraction. It’s just biology, men crave sex as much as any other human need. If you two aren’t having as much sex, or the sex is just bad then this could be hurting your relationship!

Next time you two are having a little time together, try being spontaneous! Do something you two haven’t tried before, or something that you may not love but you know he does. Try some fun foreplay. It’s okay if you feel a little silly, it’s part of what makes it fun. Sex should be something you both enjoy together, so tell him you want to spice things up and I’m sure he will jump at the opportunity.

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