15 Good Morning Wishes for Your Lover

The first morning after sex happens is always a little…well, scary! It’s awkward. It’s kind of kinky and sexy, yeah.

But when you realize that the entire relationship is riding on your next statement and that he’s still evaluating you, (even though he’s probably just smiling like a giggling James Franco about now!).

A feeling of panic sets in. NOW what are you supposed to say?

No wonder some women put their foot in their mouth and say something goofy like “So…when will I see you next?” or “So maybe we should talk about what happened and what it means!”

These statements are spoken in a panic. And from there, the guy usually gets nervous and backs away, thinking he’s not ready for a commitment.

So I’m advocating a NEW APPROACH. Don’t say anything ‘meaningful’ or sweet after sex. Just smile, giggle, and say positive things showing that you enjoyed the experience.

Then take your leave, or allow him to leave. No pressure, no long awkward stares. Just good fun and friendly interactions.

Then, after you’ve both had some time to think it over, that’s when you can text him. And instead of making it a scary text or an awkward text or even a “let’s talk” text, I suggest you make it a “Good Wishes” text.

This empowers you. This paints you as a strong, independent and mysterious woman that he can’t control, can’t figure out and can’t let go of – because you’re already over him. That’s the “magic spell” you can cast on a man to get him to chase you even after sex.

Now I admit, text messages can be hard to write sometimes. Especially after you’ve been intimate. And yes, if you think it’s awkward texting after the “first time”, it gets even more uncomfortable after the second and third time.

But I’m telling you, low pressure, cool and confident is the right approach. So I’m going to share with you several “good morning wishes” that you can text your lover. The goal is to show him you’re cool, independent and not emotionally rocked by what happened.

So here are 15 good morning wishes for your LOVER, not your boyfriend or your husband. These are lines that are just spicy enough to work on a man that hasn’t committed to you yet but can’t get you out of his head.

1. “I hope you had a FUN night last night because I still can’t walk straight! Make the most of your day and find joy in the moment. I know I will because I had a great time!”
2. “Good morning. Just wanted to remind you to live life to its fullest. Work hard like you do. Party hard like you DID. (Oh yeah!) And keep a positive attitude.”
3. “Thanks for sharing your coffee with me this morning. Oh and the other stuff too! (smiley) I hope you have a marvelous day.”
4. “Life is short…but our affair was long, intense and amazing! Thanks for a great date!”
5. “I won’t be a giggling schoolgirl and focus on the sex…but holy shit was it good! Lol But like we talked about last night, cherish your friends and your family. The people we know are our greatest treasure. Have a good morning.”
6. “I’ll bet after your morning workout, you’re still not as sweaty as you were after I wore you out last night! (smiley) Have a good day, sexy.”
7. “Good morning. I thought our night together would satisfy me…but now I’m just looking at your Instagram account thinking dirty thoughts.”
8. “This morning I wish you peace, love, success…and lots of erotic imagery from our last night together. Try to focus. (smiley)”
9. “Want to shower together? OK…Here’s a picture of what I look like right now. (Send him a sexy post-shower pic in a towel) Hope that puts some spring in your step this morning!”
10. “Thoughts become reality. At some point, you thought about making love to me. And it finally happened and it was oh so good! Make all your dreams come true, lover boy.”
11. “Maybe it’s just the afterglow talking, but wow isn’t this a gorgeous morning? Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, everyone seems so friendly. And then there’s you…putting a smile on my face once again. Have a lovely morning.”
12. “Be healthy today, my friend. Go exercise, eat right, get a good sleep, and have more vigorous sex (yeah like that!). And most of all, be happy. Happiness becomes you.”
13. “Wake up, (NAME)! I had a wonderful time last night. And all because I decided to take a chance and be happy! You do the same. Your smile is so lovely, let the world see it.”
14. “Good morning to an attentive lover, a great date, and a wonderful man. Today is a new day full of opportunity. Seize the moment! And text me sometime when you want to impress a girl with your wit and wonder.”
15. The past is the past, the future is unwritten. Think about the present and make the best of every moment. Last night was amazing. Good morning wishes from your very dear friend.

As you can see from these texts, the goal is to leave him with sweet and positive messages, without mentioning anything about what the sex meant. Keep that a mystery. Show him you’re cool and in control. Then let HIM take the lead in asking for a second date and continuing the relationship.

If you’ve resisted sleeping with him UNTIL now then it’s very likely he’s fallen for you. He’s now addicted to you – beyond sex and beyond any feeling of conquest. He’s intrigued by your mind. He wants more intimacy and yet he wants to hear more, talk more and bond more with you. He wants to fully explore this relationship. The fact that you’re letting HIM take the lead will only confirm that he’s the one in love. He’s the one pursuing and desiring you. And he wants to work harder to convince you to love him back.

Build on that attraction and go deeper. You’ll soon have a high-value boyfriend and a wonderful love story to share!

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