12 Sweet Good Night Messages

Have you ever wanted to be more poetic and passionate when saying goodnight to your man? (Or maybe your secret crush?) It’s hard to come up with something romantic…it’s even more difficult to come up with something exciting, romantic and sweet WITHOUT also being creepy, clingy or too weird.

It’s especially important to be sweet and not overly affectionate in the early stages of dating. Regardless of what point you’re at in the relationship, your mission is always the same. Keep him wanting more. Give him a little bit of what he wants and then say goodnight. Even if it feels a little soon, even if you’re having a great time, it’s always better to leave him wanting more.

This makes him appreciate that (A) your time is valuable, (B) he always enjoys talking to you, (C) he has to work harder to keep your attention, and (D) you’ll have even more fun talking next time – because exhausting conversations is boring, continuing conversations keeps things fun!

Of course, if you must leave early and disappoint him, it’s best to leave him with a fitting reward, something that makes him feel good and doesn’t leave him in a state of perpetual disappointment. How about something sweet?

Let’s consider several sweet goodnight messages according to categories of Early Dating and a Romantic Relationship.

Early Dating

1. I sleep so well after talking to you. I just really like your voice. It makes me feel all comfy and cozy, like listening to a good audio book. Goodnight for now.
2. I hope you have wonderful, delicious dreams. Goodnight!’
3. You’re my knight in shining armor. How can a queen say goodnight to her most noble and handsome servant? Oh well here goes…g’night!
4. TTYL …… (meaning “Tacos to You Later)
5. When I want to fall asleep I just think of all the times I caught you staring at me. Tee hee!
6. (If he’s religious) I’m so glad you came into my life. I’m glad God blessed me with you as a friend. I’ll pray for your success, happiness and good fortune, my friend!
7. The only thing better than talking to you all night is you visiting me in my dreams. There’s where the really interesting stuff happens! Night, night!
8. Isn’t it weird to think we’re both looking at the same moon every night and the same sunrise every morning. I like seeing it, knowing that you’re seeing it too. We’re sharing a beautiful experience together.
9. I’m happy that I got a chance to meet you and that we became such good friends. You’re a fantastic person and do so much good for the world. Keep it up and sleep well. You need your beauty rest to have another great day tomorrow.
10. You know what I most admire about you? Your honesty and ethics. You aren’t like most other guys. I think that’s a great quality to have. I better go to bed…but I just wanted to give you that pearl of truth. Goodnight.
11. You are such a hot guy…I still feel butterflies in my stomach when we talk. So keep up that killer confidence I love about you!
12. You are so smart. You’re a genius! I just love piquing your mind at night and listening to you talk, rant and ramble. I would listen to a YouTube channel of just you talking! If only…goodnight (smiley).

Intermediate Dating

1. I wish I could just watch you fall asleep, drifting so peacefully into slumberland…your eyes getting heavy and adorable. I want you to fall asleep in my arms! On that note, goodnight darling.
2. I miss you tonight. I wish I could kiss you goodnight, just on the cheek or something. But I’ll settle for a goodnight text!
3. I want to be reincarnated as your pillow – so you can hug me, slobber all over me and hump me in your sleep lol
4. I feel that you understand me more than anyone else I talk to. I can just be honest with you about everything. You are a wonderful addiction, my friend. Goodnight…and never stop being so interesting!
5. I’m so glad we have this regular discussion going. It helps me get ready to face a new day. It lets me vent. I look forward to our talks. I also love those funny good morning messages you leave me. It’s always a “goodnight” when you’re around, (NAME).
6. I don’t have to dream anymore. You’re my dream, you’re my bucket list, you are my dreams come true, baby. Night night for now.
7. When I want to fall asleep I don’t count sheep or stars. I think of you and all the wonderful qualities I love about you. Let me count the ways.
8. Goodnight…and just know I will always love you, for the rest of this night, for the rest of this week, this month, this year…and the rest of my life. Even into our next three lifetimes reincarnated as new people, I’ll still love you!
9. Before I met you…I thought I knew sunshine but I only knew rain. You are the sunshine in my life. You make my life better, you help me be who I really want to be. It’s always a beautiful Goodnight when you’re in my life.
10. Goodnight…and feel free to make me do kinky things in your imagination. I would do anything for you, in real life and in fantasy. (Smiley)
11. I want to say goodnight to you, in person, wrapped up in your arms, naked under the covers, our hearts pressed together. I want to sleep with you, wake up with you and kiss you good morning.
12. Congratulations! I love you more tonight than I did last night. But I’ll love you even more tomorrow night.

As we’ve reviewed, keep your messages sweet, short and emotionally engaging. It’s not so much that you have to be “poetic”. You can wow him by being genuine and affectionate just the same. It’s important that the messages come from your heart. So while you can adapt or steal these example texts, try to personalize them as much as possible to him – so that he will feel you wrote these texts thinking about him and his unique personality. That personal touch will put a big smile on his face!

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