10 Texts Men Hate to Receive From Women.

10 Texts Men Hate to Receive From Women

At some point in time, most women figure out that the best way to keep a guy texting to them is to interact more. Text him back (almost) as often as he texts you. Giving back the same attention that he invests in you shows that you like him and that you feel the same attraction he feels.

However, right about the time you realize that he does want to hear from you, and read your texts, that’s also when you realize that not just any text will do.

In fact, some men really get “triggered” by bad texts, for lack of a better word, and it can cause tension and negative energy in the relationship.

How’s that possible? How can a guy that’s so into you and falling in love suddenly start to fall back and lose interest?

Oh it happens…and it’s usually because of these 10 texts that practically every guy hates!


1. One word per text.

Text 1: Hey.
Text 2: Did you want
Text 3: To go somewhere
Text 4: Saturday
Text 5: Or do you…

Seriously, why would anyone do this? It’s very annoying. It might help you, to get your thoughts down individually, but if you send them like this, it forces him to read one word at a time and distracts him from whatever he’s doing. It’s especially stressful if he’s worried about something and you’re making him wait…for…every…single…word.


2. Entertain Me! Texts.
Example: “I’m bored. Tell something interesting.”

Treating a guy like a television or like Google Search is actually not a cutesy thing to do. It’s a bit rude, considering that he has his own life, and he’s not obligated to entertain you 24-7. Sure, it’s a great thing when he does entertain you, or makes you laugh, or tells you a great story. So reward him for this, rather than demanding it.


3. Giant Email Text
Example: Once upon a time I found treasure and yada yada yada…

I’m not going to write out an example of a really long email, because that’s sort of the point. No one wants to read gigantic text messages on their phone. No one wants to see a dreaded “1/25” text prompt.

If you have a lot to say to him, email him or write him a letter. Better yet, talk to him in person on the phone or webcam. Texting should be kept short and fun, not a full document to study like homework.


4. Punishment Texts
Example: “I guess my opinion just doesn’t matter to you then.”

Why even send a negative text in the first place? It accomplishes literally nothing, except that it creates negative tension. If he hurt your feelings and you need to talk it out, at least do it by phone. Using text messages – which should always be a fun and positive thing – is a terrible way to be passive-aggressive, abusive, manipulate, and anything else negative.

I mean if you want to do something terribly damaging to a relationship – like being passive-aggressive or punishing your boyfriend – then don’t do it by text. He’ll just laugh it off and that’s not the reaction you’re going for.


5. Bored Texts
Example: “I’m just sitting here, bored, wondering what to do.”

Is there a witty way to reply to this? (Without hurting someone’s feelings, that is) Not really. It’s kind of a negative and self-deprecating statement. Stating the obvious is not a great text. But stating something mundane and expecting to get a reaction from him is a disaster. If anything, it paints you in a negative light, as if you have nothing occupying your time, no plans, or ambitions. Get busy and you will instantly seem more attractive to others.


6. Status Update Texts
Example: “So are we together-together then? Like a couple?”

Just don’t ever text this. Even if a man tries to be nice and says, “Sure!”, his respect for her might dwindle after this needy text. The romantic thing to do is to be positive and continue flirting with him until HE asks you if you want to be a couple.


7. Insecure Texts
Example: “You think I’m good looking right? You think I’m smart?”

You may want validation from him, but even if he answers you graciously, it’s not going to give you the assurance you want. Since you have to go fishing for compliments, it feels more like begging. Let him come to you and assure you of how special you are and how much you mean to him. Reward him for his expressions of endearment and he will be more inclined to encourage you.


8. Stalker Texts
Example: I was looking at your old photos on Facebook and I noticed…

Don’t do this. It’s not cute and he’s not going to be flattered. (Unless he likes stalkers?)


9. Breakup Texts
Example: “I think we need to talk. I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

Why do people insist on making texting such a negative and miserable experience when it should be fun? If you’re going to break up with someone, never do it via text. Don’t even start it via text. Speak in person if you must but leave texting as your positive memory from this experience.


10. (Premature) Love You Texts
Example: “I think I’m falling in love with you!”

It really, really, really hurts when you don’t get the “I love you!” back. The best thing to do is to wait until he says it. Or take him to a romantic spot and encourage him to share his true feelings. That’s romantic. Telling him how you feel, although it’s honest and kind, can be a major risk if he hasn’t fallen for you yet.

Telling him too soon may even endanger the future of the relationship.

In conclusion, there’s nothing wrong with handwriting or keyboard typing your message before you text it. It’s much easier to edit it and choose the best wording beforehand, than it is to say something negative or awkward and stress what could be a great relationship in the making.


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