How to Attract Men Sexually

Maybe you have the same problem as my friend Gina. As long as I’ve known her, she’s always been beautiful, intelligent and what I’ve always considered to be a very attractive woman.

Through the years, however, she’s always had a problem finding passionate relationships. She never ends up with the guy she wants…he friend-zones her and she is left feeling heartbroken. When she does find a boyfriend, she’s usually disappointed in how boring the relationship turns out to be, at least when it comes to sex.

She wants to feel passion! And yet all she seems to attract are guys that are just as innocent as she is. She breaks up with them and then chases after a guy who mistreats her. Yeah this guy…he’s very good at creating sexual tension. But he also cheats on her and never commits to a serious relationship. Eventually, she leaves him…once again unhappy. Still hoping to find that one special Prince Charming who will make her life complete and take away that pain.

All right, I admit Gina is not a real friend (I wouldn’t embarrass a real friend by publicly gossiping about her flaws!) but she does represent the way a lot of women approach relationships. They chase after that one “great guy”, but can never seem to find him. They chase after passion, after that intense rush of emotion.

And they either find way too much (as in a dysfunctional relationship), or way too little (guys that really don’t know how to create sexual tension).

The issue is not that Gina has low-self esteem. She is fairly confident, successful and congenial.

The main problem is that “Gina” expects the man to charm her and win her over, not realizing that creating a relationship and creating sexual tension is a two-person job. She expects the man to do everything rather than enticing him to chase her.

When a woman knows how to attract a man, and instantly creates that physical and emotional attraction, she ignites the sexual tension between them. Now, the guy (getting all these good signals) follows up on that attraction and is more inclined to chase her. More inclined to impress her. More willing to work hard and do his best to entertain her better than anyone else. That’s what makes relationships thrive.

Without that sexual tension, without the “chase” that’s downright instinctive and genetic, a couple will always be plagued by platonic, boring energy. And that’s not good for creating passion in a relationship. That’s why she friend-zones him and that’s why he friend-zones her. The dynamic is off, the energy isn’t strong…the attraction is dishonest.

So we’re going to talk about how to create this sexual tension from a feminine point of view. We’re not going to waste time talking about looking good—you know that by now.

Instead, let’s talk about attitude. If you really like a guy, you don’t have to wait for him to create a romance. You can start the flirting and “seduction” early on in the relationship by throwing him positive signals that encourage him to chase you. Here are four ways to attract men sexually and supercharge the sexual tension in any relationship.

1. Talk to him using your bedroom eyes.

Bedroom eyes consist of longer and tighter eye contact as well as a smile that’s self-aware, knowing, and maybe even a little taunting. You instantly create this sexual tension by giving him that sexy look that says, I know you want me. And it’s fun when you chase me. If your instinct is to look away before things become too awkward, or to smile politely instead of giving him a coy look, then try something new. Encourage that tension by not giving him a way out. Be bold…communicate the passion you want to feel in your eyes and smile.

2. Playfully resist him…and put him on the defensive.

If the man doesn’t seem comfortable “chasing you” outright then put him on the defensive. Get him to laugh. Get him to toy with the idea that he’s the seducer and you’re the innocent one resisting his charms. This attitude makes the guy feel relaxed and brings out his natural wit. Since you’re mentioning the “elephant in the room” (namely that he’s attracted to you) there’s really nothing left to fear. You both might as well have fun with it.

3. Come closer to him and break the touch barrier.

Platonic relationships are characterized by sterile energy—politely keeping your distance. Therefore, it’s predictable that the guy will feel a sense of intimacy – as a gut-level response, meaning involuntary — if you activate physical tension. You can do this by:

• Leaning towards him
• Moving closer into his proximity
• Use more feminine and provocative gestures / body language in his presence
• Touch him—his arms, hands, elbows, back, knee, head and chest
• Dancing closely and slowly…or dancing a sexy dance with him

All of these signals will tell him that there’s sexual tension here. Whether he thinks it’s coming from you, or if he thinks it’s all in his mind, the same goal has been accomplished. Things are not polite anymore…now there’s tension in the room and he’s thinking of you in a physical sense, not just as a friend.

4. Pull off a sexual conversation without being too forward.

The last step would be talking about sex with him, but doing so in a way where it puts the idea into his head without coming on too directly. Tease him, play with him and get him talking freely and without a filter. Guys will naturally gravitate towards sexual topics, so when he does, ask him a question about his preferences or past experiences. Or talk about your own and gauge his reaction. A sexy and femme fatale type of woman doesn’t shy away from edgy topics. She likes discussing the taboo. She likes to see him uncomfortable and flustered.

At the same time, she doesn’t have to hit on him directly. Just talking about sex in general will put the idea in his head. Now he has to deal with that sexual tension and that will bring out his best qualities!

As you can see, being sexy is all about playing with that awkwardness and shyness that everyone seems to fear. Embrace your self-confidence and let him know you are a passionate woman…if only he would chase you harder, you might have some real fun!

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