10 Signs You’re Perfect For Each Other

You know that old expression, “Please give me a sign!” Maybe you’re supposed to be talking to God, or the Universe, or Destiny. You’re concerned about the uncertain future and so you want some encouragement. A sign! A sign that says, “Yes you’re doing fine and you’re heading in the right direction.”

Well, you don’t have to look to the stars after all. The truth is, signs are all around us. And they’re usually not signs from beyond our world…they’re more like common sense signs that we can see right in front of us.

Namely, the behavior of you and your partner, as well as those people around you. Here are 10 obvious signs that show you how your relationship is going. And yes, they’re all suggesting the same thing…that you have met the right one and that the two of you are perfect for each other!

1. You feel like you’ve known this man your whole life. That’s how well you click.

It’s not because of a past life! Rather, your partner has important traits that you are subconsciously looking for and familiar with. Usually, you observe these traits in childhood and adolescence from your parents. When you later find them later on in life, in a new partner, you understand how to deal with them. You find their presence familiar and comforting—a sense of déjà vu, so to speak.

2. You can almost read his mind and feel his emotions.

Maybe it’s not mind reading literally, but you always seem to know what he’s thinking. You’ve learned him so well from dating that you just instantly know his thinking patterns. You can also sense how he’s feeling because you’ve spent so much time observing him and discussing the way he feels.

3. You both want the same things out of life and see the world in a similar way.

You have what is called “shared values.” Your morals, worldview, lifestyle and long-term goals are in sync. You believe in the same things and aspire to the same things. Studies show that people who have these same values tend to stay together longer, even to the very end.

4. You laugh at the same things.

Laughter is a great stress reliever and can also reduce conflict. If you both find humor in the same situations, laugh at the same movies, and know just what to do to make each other laugh, you’ve really found a perfect match!

5. He wants this relationship to work as much as you do.

Which means you both put in the time and work hard to keep the relationship strong. You communicate honestly. You forgive freely. You find solutions and you compromise when needed. You both want each other and want the security of this relationship. That’s an amazing relationship and not everyone has this! Be glad you’ve found someone who wants this to work and really gives it his all.

6. You hate the same things too!

If you must be negative, be negative together! Couples who hate the same things tend to be perfect matches. They share similar personality traits and find the obnoxious behaviors of others unbearable. You may even find it comforting to express your dissatisfaction with each other. So why not insult that restaurant together? Why not trash on that movie as a team? How romantic!

7. You can’t wait to tell him everything!

You know you’re a perfect match because he’s the first person you tell the latest news too and likewise, he can’t wait to tell you his latest gossip. You’re good friends in addition to being red-hot lovers. He’s your most trusted confidante and you wouldn’t ever think of keeping a secret from him. Simply because it’s too much fun to share everything!

8. You agree with each other even on the most taboo of subjects.

Whether it’s religion, politics or even sexual kinks, these “scary subjects” are no big deal for the two of you because you see eye to eye. You may even have some extreme viewpoints, but because you both have the same perspective, you don’t really argue about it. So what if your partner takes to the streets and starts protesting? Cool, you’re there and you agree 100 percent!

9. You disagree but never lose respect for each other.

Every couple is bound to have disagreements at some point…even if you’re perfectly matched. What matters is not that you always agree, but that you respect your partner’s opinions, just as he respects yours. You understand where he’s coming from and why he sees things differently. Because of the great mutual respect you share, arguments rarely, if ever, become personal. You can put away your squabbles and move on to another subject because heck…there are hundreds other things you agree on anyway!

10. Your family and friends agree…you crazy kids are perfect for each other!

When in doubt, ask your family and friends just how good of a match you are. The people who love you the most are very candid about this. Your mom will be the first to complain about someone she feels is beneath you. Your dad will definitely give a cold shoulder to someone who doesn’t show respect. Your friends will definitely notice if your boyfriend is a jerk or doesn’t seem very friendly.

BUT if your family and friends are as nuts about your guy as you are, this is a very good sign! He’s earned your trust and their trust. They see his good qualities. Everyone is impressed by him and how well he fits into your life and extended family. More importantly, they see the effect he has on you and they’ve never seen you happier!

Signs are all around you! You can tell if your partner is perfect for you simply by observing each other and those around you. You may even start to notice that you and your boyfriend put others around you at ease. Strangers even smile at the two of you. The love you feel for each other is so evident even other people can sense it.

That’s when you know you’ve met the perfect match…when the world around you seems a little bit brighter.

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