How to Get a Guy to Desire You

Does it seem like you have a large circle of platonic hot guy friends? And you’re still single? How in the world did this happen? Aren’t guys supposed to be romantic? Don’t they like to chase?

So why does it seem that guys are friend-zoning you lately?

The problem could be that while they NOTICE you sexually, they’re not DESIRING you. There’s a big difference. Let’s first explain the dynamic of “noticing” and “desiring”, and then let’s share some tips that are guaranteed to get a man to desire you.

What Does It Take for a Man To Desire You?

Men are genetically inclined to notice women and initiate contact with women. While many men are monogamous by nature once they find the “right one, the subconscious instinct is to procreate and preserve their bloodline of descendants. Naturally, it was more advantageous to for them to plant seed in a number of women to further their male descendents, and you know, thousands of years ago that’s sure as heck what the nobles did!

But today, we’re not as obsessed with royal lineage or preserving patriarchal dynasties. Today, men have the option to look but not touch, and not pursue. So yes, while it’s instinct for a man to look at a woman in a sexual way, he will usually not pursue a relationship with her based on just attraction alone.

Men don’t need sex as much anymore…there’s simply too much distraction in a modern society to have that physical “need” satiated as soon as possible.

So a man will react to an attractive woman, whether it’s a look, a smile or even a conversation. But he needs motivation to actually chase her, talk to her at length, and try to impress her.

What men do still need, however, is the emotional connection. And that is how you get them to DESIRE you. Emotional attraction is the combination of good looks and an interesting personality. This is what makes men magnetically drawn to certain women who both accentuate their physical features and understand the art of seduction.

The strong emotional connection is what motivates him to take a risk and to actually pursue you and fulfill his quest for sex, love, and happiness.

Now as we share some tips for activating that strong “desire” emotionally, let’s put them in the form of a question. This will help you remember your motivation in attracting his attention and his desire.

1. Are you physically communicating with him?

If a man senses that you have a posted a “no trespassing” sign, i.e. unfriendly disposition, negative body language and an unwelcoming spirit, he will usually not try to persuade you otherwise.

However, while there are women who look unhappy, and women who look very happy, most women actually just look preoccupied. They’re going about their daily lives and they might not even be noticing men at all.

When a man sees this “neutral” or “passive” attitude in you, he is less likely to take a risk and approach you. Or at least, approach you in a romantic way.

The simple reason being that men like to flirt with women who are receptive, who are fun and eager to flirt back.

This is why I suggest “looking the right way” when it comes to giving out positive and welcoming body language.

Flirtatious body language can be very subtle, but hard to resist. Such as:

• Drawing closer to him, especially if you’re across the room
• Leaning towards him when he speaks
• Touching him on the shoulder or arm as a reaction to his funny comments
• Blinking faster in his presence, showing those eyelashes
• Touching your hair or grooming your clothing (usually unconscious, but it definitely can be done intentionally since guys do notice this)
• Using a higher pitch of voice, indicating attraction, complementing his lower voice

2. Are you mimicking him?

Imitation has always been a form of flattery…despite how Saturday Night Live made it a bad thing. But in nature, for example, animals will often mimic each other’s cry in order to communicate. Likewise, when you MIRROR a man in your body language, the tone of voice and conversation, you are basically telling him, “I understand you…I like you…I want to talk more with you.”

In fact, when it comes to subconscious attraction, similarity is one of the first things we are hard-wired to notice in a mate. We like people most like ourselves because it gives us more confidence, more familiarity with their perspective. And of course, it’s even more exciting when you find out the guy you like actually has something in common with you. You quick bond over these similarities.

Be very subtle about mimicking the things he does, the things he talks about and even his own expressions in conversation. Show him the desire to bond.

3. Are you spending enough time with him?

I’m not just talking about dating. In fact, I’m assuming that you’re not dating yet because of course, you haven’t spent much time with him at all. Maybe you like him from a distance or you like him based on a few conversations you’ve shared.

But the point is, men respond more to women they see on a regular basis. This is the “theory of proximity”, suggesting that both men and women are more inclined to develop relationships with people from familiar settings. In this case, dating someone that you know you’re going to see on a regular basis, whether from work, or from a club or restaurant you both enjoy, or even from a dating website or social media page you both visit.

In theory then, the more often you have to see him, the more opportunities he will have to make an emotional connection and then ask you out.

That’s why it’s time to start strategizing on ways to “bump into him” more often, whether it’s meeting him at the gym, the library, the local coffee shop, or another location that seems natural (and not like you’re stalking him!)

4. Are you keeping things casual and fun?

Too much intensity and desire for commitment can obviously send him running in the opposite direction. Once you do start building a friendship, with sexual attraction, it’s time to audit your conversation and make sure that things are flirty and fun between the two of you.

Do you tease him? Do you try to make him laugh? Do you both enjoy playing with each other, even though things are platonic for the time being? Because the worst offense a woman can commit, that will make a man lose interest, is being boring, stressful, or negative in some way. Avoid any negative emotions and make sure that the two of you are always laughing and always talking with a comfortable, teasing dynamic. Think of the way you might tease your little brother. Sometimes getting a reaction from him is better than trying so hard to be “perfect”.

Don’t try to “go for the heart” or try too hard to appear brilliant or intelligent. He will learn that as he gets to know you. The focus right now should be on appealing to him emotionally, by showing your interest in him, sharing your similarities and always keeping things fun.

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