10 Secrets to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last.

10 Secrets to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last

Have you been worrying about your long-distance relationship, because of the instability of the world lately? You’re not alone. Many people are second-guessing everything right now because of quarantine or other problems that make online communication difficult. It can be challenging to keep a relationship progressive and romantic if you don’t see each other, touch each other, or hear each other’s voice in person.

Maybe it feels like you’re wasting your time or as if he’s slowly losing interest in you. But I assure you, online relationships can be just as intense and romantic as in-person relationships. Sometimes they can be even more addictive if you play your cards right.

Why is it then that many relationships fizzle out? Why don’t they seem to have that special quality that keeps people together?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the art of keeping the long-distance relationship sexy and exciting. We’ll review 10 of the “secrets” that most people don’t know and why these secrets make last, regardless of how long you’re apart.

1. You don’t have to talk all the time! Quality conversation over quantity.

Remember that forcing yourself to talk, as if shallow conversation is helping at all, is a nervous instinct. Don’t try to monopolize as much time as you can. You don’t have to talk all the time and the pressure you feel to make him confide in you ASAP and always is only going to backfire. Give him some space. But focus on making your conversation as positive and fun as possible.

2. Communicate regularly and create a routine.

It’s more important to be regular than to be constantly in touch. Having regular dates and a routine of contact that he looks forward to is the best way to strengthen the relationship and keep him coming back for more. The conversation shouldn’t be predictable but the time and venue should be!

3. Remember that waiting for someone you love tests the relationship. Relationships that are “tested” are stronger for it.

Sometimes we talk about how men chase after what they work for, what things they put forth serious effort to accomplish. So by that logic, if you test your relationship via long distance, rather than hopping into bed too soon, or rather than rushing into a commitment, you strengthen the relationship. You get to know him better. You show him that yes, this relationship is worth it!

4. Always try to be creative. This is what makes memories!

If you’re worried about the conversation getting boring then make a concentrated effort to keep things interesting. Ask hypothetical questions. Try new experiences. Talk about funny or creative things. Embrace the unusual and see where this takes you. You might end up having a great conversation with your partner.

5. Do fun things together.

This takes away a lot of the pressure to always be interesting. Play games, board games, or word games. Find “together” activities, whether virtual experiences or just talking over a webcam. Remember, the best dates are the ones where you talk for hours, not simply observing or filming.

6. Think about goals, daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals. What do you want from your partner?

One way to keep a long-distance relationship romantic and emotionally intense is to take a goal-oriented approach. What do you want from your partner? What do you expect from a relationship? Figuring out what you want to see, feel and do, will help you to get specific results.

7. Be honest about what you expect from each other and don’t leave anyone unfulfilled.

For that matter, talking things out with your partner will also help. Don’t simply plan and strategize without getting your partner’s feedback. Find out what he expects and what he considers an ideal LDR – one worth waiting for. Try to give him what he wants and get from him what you want, to keep this romance alive.

8. Share your life with your partner, even the time you spend apart.

Don’t just flirt and talk about great ideas. Share personal aspects of your life. Talk about his life. Discuss your hobbies. Do things together but apart, like reading the same book and then discussing it, or something similar to that. You’ll find that sharing each other’s life is a great way to prepare for living together.

9. Don’t be afraid to be sexual, when the time is right.

You don’t have to “wait” for in-person sex if you’re in a committed relationship. If sex is important to both of you, and you’ve taken the time to get to know each other (meaning he’s fallen for you) you don’t have to avoid sex – even virtual sex. Talk dirty, send each other photos, roleplay, use toys – you’re only limited by imagination.

10. When you do get together, do something meaningful and unique. You will appreciate the date even more!

When you do finally get together, you can fully appreciate the gift of touch and physical intimacy. After spending so much time apart, it’s cathartic and emotionally rousing to finally be in each other’s arms!

You appreciate dates more. You appreciate the gift of being friends and being lovers in person, taking your mental connection and amplifying it with physical connection. It’s not just about sex, it’s sharing the human experience. It’s learning to experience life together and being more conscious of every waking moment.

Simply put, being apart for a while will help you become more grateful for the good things in life, when you finally meet. But this only works if you emotionally connect online first. If you anticipate the relationship, if you whet his appetite for the fun you’re both going to have later on. Give him the gift of anticipation and he will never take an in-person date for granted.

As we’ve discussed, the secret to a long-term relationship lies in keeping up long-term communication. When you stop communicating, the relationship erodes. When you lack passion in life, your conversation suffers. Remember the secrets to maintaining a friendship and keeping the romance going in your life. You will soon find that when you’re in love, time is meaningless.

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6 thoughts on “10 Secrets to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last”

  1. Thank you for the great tips!
    In my heart knowing waiting for the meaningful and planned dates makes it all WORTH the fulfilled expectations. Both partners receive contentment.

  2. 13 months and counting.
    I see him again in 2 and a half weeks.
    So looking forward to being with him.
    It’s been dam hard, but will be so worth it.
    He is my soul mate.

  3. We don’t know when we can see yet but I can see I’m
    doing good after reading these tips. We’re basically doing all of the above. We fell in love in Jan 2020 after meeting three times on my trip to Florence. We’ve been in touch everyday ever since. I feel so much love inside me when we talk and we miss each other so much. I can’t believe we’ve stuck thru this relationship for 10 months already. It might be another 8 months til we can finally meet because of Covid and his work. But we both feel so strong and in love. I wholeheartedly believe that we will be together one day. Distance is hard but makes us stronger as well. I’m 50 and it’s amazing to finally feel loved.

  4. Can two people be in an LDR if you never met in person, we get along and do most of the things you said above. We can’t meet at the moment last two times we planned were cancelled, because of lockdown and Covid but as soon as it’s lifted we plan to meet.

  5. Very excellent ideas!! Served in the military so know what distance relationships really are now. Met George from a game we were on and we just started talking and sharing. He is down under literally working and we have been talking, playing, and having fun, as well as are bad days but we make it work. This short helpfully subjects are spot on and appreciate them very much! Talking since October and still going strong. Will meet for the first time 1 April 2021. Can’t wait and looking forward to a long Friendship and relationship too.

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