10 Dirty Questions to Ask a Man That Turn Him On

Have your dates been a little too “polite” lately? Does it feel like there’s no emotional attraction even though he’s very attractive physically? Does he seem bored with you or a little too square? The problem is not necessarily that you’re incompatible. What may be happening is that you’re not flirting hard enough! Start steering the question to more fun and risqué topics. The guy will almost always follow along with you.

And hey, if those conversations don’t come up naturally you can always build on attraction by asking some outrageous questions. Be sure that you have already discussed sexual topics a few times (though maybe not in great detail) and admitted attraction to each other BEFORE you ask him any dirty questions.

You can tell if he’s into you, and into talking about kink, by the way he responds to flirting. Does he seem excited, turned on or eager to continue flirting? If the answer is yes, he is going to love your enthusiasm for asking provocative and “dirty” questions that instantly create “extreme” sexual tension!

Here are ten questions to ask that work beautifully, followed by a short explanation on why they work so well.

1. What outfits do you like on a girl? The ones that turn you on the most?

Challenge him to give more detail rather than just say “naked” or “anything.” Get him to admit a fantasy—one complete with sexy tight dresses, or lingerie, or casual jeans. Getting him to admit what turns him on independent of you also gives you an idea on how to be his “dream girl.”

2. Have you ever had a crazy one night stand? Tell me about her. (Come on, details!) Was it hot?

Most men figure women are jealous and don’t want to hear about the past. Well sure maybe exes are a scary topic…but hey, one night stands, sexual conquests, weird sexual experiences…that’s just fun to talk about! Assure the guy that nothing he could say would offend you and then get him to admit the naughty details.

3. Have you ever had sex with a stranger? (Cyber and phone sex count!)

While not every guy has an amazing 1000 list like Jack Nicholson, A LOT of guys (even nice guys) have had cyber sex with strangers, webcam girls, and even some of their friends. Ask your guy about all the women he’s “cybered” with and get him flustered. He thinks you’re going to take offense, but the joke is on him. You’re just turning him on even more with every new dirty question.

4. What’s the weirdest fetish you’ve THOUGHT about doing?

Brilliant line especially if you make it clear to him this is only a passing thought and not necessarily something he would try in real life. Many guys have unspeakable and taboo thoughts about deviant sex, strange fetishes and bizarre stuff they’ve heard about or read about somewhere online. But one thing’s for sure…he’s dying to tell someone all of these confessions! Ask this “dirty question” and learn about his most taboo fantasies.

5. Guess what I’m wearing?

Here’s a fun game. Play “guess what I’m wearing” but start taking your clothes off. Get him to guess at each stage, including sizes, colors and textures. Start with a blouse and pants and then get naked as minutes go by. Each time you remove a piece of clothing, ask him to guess again. From this game, you might easily go into a round of phone sex or sexting, since he’s already been teased with sexy images.

6. What’s your favorite sexual position or thing to do in foreplay?

This is a ruthless line! It forces him to visualize the two of you going at it and then makes him provide details on what he secretly wants to do to you. Not only is it a dirty line, it will get him all hot and bothered, building up to your first sexual experience…which could still be weeks or even months away!

7. Have you ever had a threesome…or thought about having one?

Bonus Question: Who would she be?

Most guys have thought about it but getting them to admit it is a major milestone in building trust AND in creating sexual tension. With a question this bold, you’re showing him that you’re not intimidated by his fantasies or his dirty mind.

Of course, you’re not telling him you would ever do it! All you have to do is listen to his fantasy and he will think you’re amazing and so easy to talk to. You could even ask him to choose a “celebrity crush” to have the threesome with and expand on his fantasy. Strange but true…a lot of guys really just want the freedom to admit their fantasies, rather than to act upon them.

8. Can you send me a sexy picture?

Asking a man to “send nudes” is an amazing request and one that will make him laugh, blush and feel extremely turned on. All the more so when he finally does it and you compliment him!

Most gentleman have been raised to not send unsolicited nudes to women or to harass a woman so creepily. It’s rude behavior, right? But when you give consent and tell him to send you something dirty, he’ll be surprised…a little self-conscious…but naturally up for the challenge!

9. What’s your favorite porno? Will you describe what happens?

Confront him on his “private porn” viewing habits and see what patterns emerge. Most guys will eventually admit this embarrassing information, though it might take a little prodding. You can even blow his mind a bit more by asking him if he’s ever thought of making his own sex tape and uploading it on a porn site.

10. Have you ever wanted to spank a girl?

Finally, freak him out just a little bit by asking him about any BDSM tendencies. It’s very “in” right now and he may be scandalized and yet fascinated that you asked. Stick to the lighter stuff and get details on how he likes to be dominant, confident and authoritative in bed.

Or you never know, he might want the reverse—someone to spank him. (A lot of guys do fantasize about a more dominant woman in bed) The point is, it’s another taboo to discuss that will get him thinking and fantasizing.

All of these questions are sure to start some very interesting conversations!

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