10 Cute Morning Texts (He’ll Absolutely LOVE)

When you reach a point in your relationship where you actually look forward to daily “good morning” messages, it’s such a landmark. Think about it…sending daily good morning posts every morning to someone you hardly know would be an obnoxious thing to do! If someone you hardly knew sent you a good morning post every day, you would probably think he was a stalker.

So when you actually reach that landmark point of trust, mutual respect and comfort, it’s a great feeling. You don’t have to think of an excuse to talk to your crush / partner. He immediately lights up as soon as he sees your name. He looks forward to hearing from you and actually hopes that you write him every day.

When does this point happen? Obviously, after you fall in love. It’s a given with boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives. But you might reach that point of trust and comfort even BEFORE you get together.

Maybe that point is after you sleep together or after he admits he has strong feelings for you. Whenever he becomes emotionally invested in the relationship would be the perfect time to send those good morning messages. Let him create a positive association with daily chats and texts.

Now the question is, what can you possibly say every morning to keep things interesting? What if you run out of cute and funny ideas? Don’t worry…it’s not as difficult as you might think. Let’s consider ten examples of good morning texts and analyze why they work.

1. Good morning, hot stuff! Did I ever tell you how handsome you look? Women are always looking at you and checking you out too. But hands off…he’s mine!

Great line because it appeals to his vanity, reminding him that it’s not just you who loves him…other women would love to have him too. It makes him feel attractive and confident.

2. Good morning (Smiley) Speaking of smiles, you have the cutest and most adorable smile I’ve ever seen. Just seeing you in a good mood makes me happy.

Make him blush with this line by appreciating the purity and beauty of his smile. Men are sometimes afraid to smile, or more to the point, be vulnerable and emotional. Reminding him that you love seeing him happy will encourage him to be happy and express himself.

3. Morning. So…there’s this really hot guy I met recently. He’s so handsome, smart and sexy. His name’s (HIS NAME). I think something might happen between us because he’s so cute.

How can he not like this line? Get his attention first by poking his jealousy and then remind him that it’s him. He’s the only man you want.

4. Good morning, sunshine. I was having such a bad day yesterday …but then I thought about you and chatted with you. You made me feel so much better. Thanks for always helping me keep my chin up.

Give him credit for always having the ability to put you in a good mood, even when you’re down. Guys take pride in their ability to help women, fix things, and make their partner feel happy again. Show appreciation for his efforts and he will make this a lifetime habit.

5. I wish you and I were in Hawaii right now. Making love on the beach. Drinking. Talking. Holding hands. In my mind, that’s where we are. Have a nice morning.

If you’re both stuck at work, make him smile by reminding him where you’d both rather be.

6. I would do literally anything just to see you smile and show teeth. I want to see you completely, utterly and shamelessly happy. That’s my morning wish.

Encourage him to smile and he will! The power of suggestion.

7. I just want to feel your arms around me and your head nuzzled next to mine. Is that too much to ask? I wish I could have woke up in bed with you this morning.

Let him feel the intimacy with a descriptive visual.

8. I love how you always get me. You can finish my thoughts for me. You can even anticipate how I’m feeling. You understand me better than anyone else. That’s why I trust you the most. Have a good morning, my best of friends.

Give him credit for being your BEST friend, the one you can count on, the one who’s far more valued than anyone else. This works especially well on the guy you’re dating but not quite committed to yet. It will make him want to be your boyfriend.

9. Good morning, prince. I’ve never thought of myself as a princess. I never liked the idea of a man coming to save me. But then I met you and saw what an honorable and hardworking man you are. I don’t mind being your princess, but only yours.

Make him feel GREAT by reminding him that he’s the only man that you see value in…you’re his princess, his queen, because he earned your affection.

10. Good morning, sweety. You know what I want? I want to go to the gym and watch you work out. Shower included.

Go for some titillation and tell him how his workout turns you on. Make him feel sexy and give him credit for his workout regimen. It will inspire him to be your own personal “Rocky”!
As we can see, sending cute morning texts doesn’t have to be an Olympian event where you have to keep topping yourself every day. Just keep the conversation positive and keep him up to date with what you’re up to. That way he feels like he’s part of your life. As long as you tell him that you have to get to work (meaning you don’t keep lingering around) then you don’t have to worry about the conversation stalling or becoming dull. A man that likes you wants to hear from you every day, so as long as you understand the pattern that entices him.

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