10 Paragraphs for Him

It does seem difficult to come up with “new material” for your amorous boyfriend, especially when you’re texting or emailing. If you’ve been together for months or even years, you start to learn each other. Sex is no longer new. Romance is implied with a hug or a kiss, but it’s not spoken as much. Romantic texting also seems to fall behind. You’re already together, but the romance seems to be a chapter in your life that’s over.

Are you both taking your relationship for granted? Then maybe what you need is to write some longer and more romantic paragraphs to spice things up. There’s no rule that says you have to wait for him to start texting first. You can come up with long and passionate paragraphs on your own. Maybe putting forth just a little bit of effort will fire him up and remind him of the joy of romance – the joy you once had!

Here are a few longer paragraphs to consider, adapt or improve for your own relationship.

1. “Of course I’ve been thinking about you. You’re always on my mind. You’re so smart, so funny and have such a beautiful way with words. Whenever you talk to me, I still get goose bumps. And when we cuddle, I always feel so peaceful and safe in your arms. That’s where I want to be for the rest of my life.”

2. “I knew I loved you a long time ago, even before we got together. I just resisted you for a long time, because the timing wasn’t right. But now that I have you, I’m selfish and jealous over you! I want you all to myself. I want everything of you and about you. You bring out the passion in me and I feel alive again. Don’t stop pushing my buttons because you know I love it. And I love you more than anything.”

3. “I couldn’t quit you even if I wanted to. The moment I first kissed you, I knew I couldn’t resist you anymore. I knew we would be together. I knew we would make love, sooner or later. Every time our eyes met, we seemed to whisper silent thoughts to each other. And I still do. I still love gazing into your eyes and feeling the intense connection we always knew existed.”

4. The way you look at me always leaves me speechless. My heart still races when you look at me, or call me, or use my name. Whenever you touch me chills run down my spine. I just want to listen to you whisper my name. Kiss my forehead. I want to feel this moment here with you and just live in it forever.

5. “I want to live inside your head. Your mind is always so resonating, so powerful. I love to hear you talk…even your emails and text messages are so powerful. I would do anything for you. Does that you feel loved? Desired? I hope so because that’s how I feel every time you look at me with those sensual eyes and that naughty smile.”

6. “I have always believed in you. I always knew you could be great but I loved you even before that. I saw potential in you. But I also saw that behind that potential was a man of integrity and strong morals. I respect you more than anyone else. That’s why I know I can always be loyal to you. Because no one else can compare to you, my love.”

7. “Thank you for helping me find peace, excitement and joy in my life again. You made me laugh when I was feeling down. You made me excited to go out and do things and see the world. You made me question things and think of deep questions I had never considered before. I rediscovered how fun life could be after I met you. And I still look forward to the adventure every day, living with you.”

8. “Maybe we used to know each other in a past life. Maybe we’re soul mates or twin flames. I think we’ve always known each other because the love I feel for you is stronger than I can express or explain. You and I are connected in a magical way and I love feeling our energies mingle together.”

9. “Maybe it was a small miracle that we found each other but I’m so happy we did. I have no regrets, besides that I only have one life to spend with you. I just want to spend the rest of our lives spoiling each other. Let’s go have the time of our lives. No regrets, just following our hearts, and always falling into each other’s arms.”

10. “You are the man who changed my life. You showed me what love is, even when I stopped believing in it. You inspired me to reach higher, in business, in family, in all my dreams. You’re the only man I would ever want to marry or have a family with because I know I can trust you above everyone else, above anything else in the world. I am yours and always will be.”

As you can see, these messages are all about romance and sharing your most intimate of feelings after becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Romance (and texting) is all about putting forth the effort to woo each other, NOT taking for granted your relationship.

Once your man sees that you desire passion again, that you want romance, he will follow your lead. Texting romantic paragraphs to him will get him excited. He will begin to think back to years ago when you first met and how that attraction still exists. He will try harder and the fun will only increase as you both reminisce about old times while also making new memories.

All it takes to write long romantic paragraphs is some honesty, some expressiveness, and a lot of restraint. Focus on what you feel and what you want. He will be more than happy to provide for you once he sees how into it you are!

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