Why Men Want Feminine Women

Some people say that in our day and age, male and female roles are all mixed up.  “Feminism is more important than femininity. Being yourself is more important than being ladylike. Traditional male and female roles are just the remnants of old conservative beliefs.”

I think the truth is more complicated than that.  First of all, femininity is a good thing and it has nothing to do with being subservient or an old fashioned housewife.

Femininity is about understanding the essence of womanhood and what men actually want from you.  Once you understand feminine behavior, and why it attracts men on an involuntary gut-level, you will be able to attract the attention you want from the right guy.  You will also be able to repair the relationship you want, even if it’s with an ex.

Let’s discuss six points of what femininity is and why men crave it above anything else in a relationship…

1. Being feminine is about being a good receiver.

Flirting, being expressive and being enthusiastic–all of these qualities make you a good receiver.  When men give you attention you accept it graciously. You enjoy the effort they put forth and reward them for it.  You respond with your words and welcoming body language. They work harder, they get more attention from you. They feel the attraction more and so the cycle goes on.

2. Being feminine is about living your best life, not settling for average.

One of the best ways to build natural confidence and to stop faking it with all that “I know I’m hot!” nonsense is to work on improving yourself and living the life you actually want.  Many people suffer from low self-esteem. They think that if they do a Kanye West “I am the best ever” sort of thing, they can fake it. But real confidence comes from actually setting goals and achieving them.  Transforming your present life (which feels average) into something amazing (you living your dreams!).

You will notice a big difference between strutting around like you’re a Kardashian and actually becoming a high-value woman who believes in herself and loves reaching new milestones every day.  That’s the kind of confidence men truly find irresistible.

3. Being feminine means understanding what men want.  Men want something more than sex…they want to feel needed!

The best way to be feminine and attract attention from men is to learn how to make a man feel desired, wanted and needed.  His masculinity, and how he thinks others perceive him, directly affects his confidence and happiness.  Rather than insult guys or mock guys, thinking they like the “challenge”, focus more on making them feel good about themselves.  Boost their ego and let them feel energized just talking to you. They will remember that for sure.

4. Being feminine is to be interesting, to be intelligent.  Be better than average and take pride in it.

I don’t know where the stereotype came that men despise smart women.  It’s not true. In fact, every billionaire guy out there falls in love with someone “better than average.”  That is, someone intelligent, someone successful and someone motivated by the desire to do good in the world and improve the quality of life for us all.  Men are fascinated by women who think like that.

The problem may be that smart and successful women are sometimes not very feminine and push men away without realizing it.  But if you can figure out how to come across as feminine, strong and intelligent, a man will notice.  In fact, he will be gaga over you in no time, now that he senses you’re high value AND you’re interested in him.  

Make it a point to talk about interesting things, important subjects that matter, and have fun with it.  Being more feminine with a man does not mean waiting for him to direct the conversation and worshiping him every hour of the day.  It just means you’re intelligent and can talk to him at length about almost any subject. You have nothing to prove.

More to the point, you value his opinions and his ideas.  That’s what makes him feel masculine.  That’s what makes him feel needed. That’s what real feminine essence is, the desire to interact with men and bring out the best in them.

5. Being feminine means being independent.  Enjoy your independence and encourage his. Have personal and professional goals apart from each other.

Clingy and controlling women are a turn off because they are showing weakness – male weakness.  Feminine behavior is partly characterized by a great desire to be independent and to encourage independence from your partner.  A woman who encourages a man to go out with his friends or attend another event alone (that she personally has no interest in) is showing trust in her man.  She encourages him to be happy and to do his own thing, just as she has independent goals apart from him. A relationship must be built on mutual trust and a desire for independence.

But what if the man uses this opportunity to cheat?  Easy solution: don’t get involved with a cheater or a man that would exploit your kindness.  Read our article on Signs of a Narcissistic Partner and avoid stepping in the mud.

6. Being feminine means having a healthy view of your body and sexuality.

Some women may be confused about how to be “femininely” sexual, that is, to be desirable without coming across as too aggressive.  Maintain a healthy self-image. Your body is beautiful. Be with a man who appreciates your body.

If you don’t like something about your body, or your sense of fashion, then make an effort to change your lifestyle, setting realistic goals and sticking to them.  Confidence must come from within. It changes your entire outlook. Feeling sexy attracts men because you project that energy.

And if you want to flirt in a feminine way, then focus on FEELING sexy rather than just looking sexy.  Giving yourself permission to be flirty, and later sexual, will attract a man and encourage him to make the first move  

Remember, being feminine is not a throwback to the old days when women were weak or submissive or controlled.  It’s about focusing on your own self-improvement, becoming the woman you want to be, and lastly, understanding what men want.  Now you know what they want and the world belongs to you!

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