The 8 Things That Make Men Lose Interest

It’s hard to imagine a man losing interest in a beautiful woman, right? Aren’t men hardwired to impress a woman they’re attracted to? Maybe…but only to a point. Sometimes they “play along” until the date is over and then they avoid her calls like the plague. Sometimes they take her to bed and then never call her again. Sometimes a man, especially one with plenty of other options and a lot of self-confidence, will just end a conversation immediately if he feels offended by a woman’s statement. The question is, what are the eight biggest offenders that make men lose interest?

1. Talking About Your Ex

Maybe some day, long after you’re married, you’re going to have to let your partner vent about their harrowing past. But for first date, second date or even third date conversation? Your ex should be the last topic on your mind. It’s even more annoying for a man when you seem confused about your last relationship, or harping on why you couldn’t work it out. It just screams to him that you still have feelings for the ex. And he’s only dating about 50 percent of you since your mind is elsewhere.

2. Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

No, no matter what comedy sitcom plot taught us otherwise, it’s never okay to pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s downright creepy and dishonest behavior, pretty much on par with lying. Once you violate a man’s trust by being dishonest and too afraid to fess up with the truth, you send him a huge reminder: “I cannot be trusted!” And that’s not so easy to forget.

3. Being His Sexy Mom

Eww, gross! And yet it’s strange how a lot of women STILL seem to equate acting like a guy’s mother with being “interested in him.” No, you’re not being romantic and flirty if you try to do everything for him, try to make his decisions, control him and “train” him like a finely groomed Chihuahua. Maybe some Norman Bates type guys out there dig this, but the vast majority of men find it creepy and obnoxious. Don’t try to control him…encourage his independence.

4. Treating Him Like a Slave

It’s actually scary how some women will gradually try to turn their hot boyfriend into a full-time live-in slave. A woman who orders her guy around like a slave, berates him, mocks him, and makes him abandon his own passions in life just to be a diva’s assistant is NOT challenging him or making the guy chase her. She’s just taking him for granted. She’s too demanding and she’s just daring him to talk away. And believe it or not, guys can sense it very early on if a woman is using him.

5. Being Too Easy

Now I’m not saying that being “easy” and too sexually aggressive is going to turn him off right away. No, more like he’ll be way into you all the way into bed…and then after he gets dressed and goes home, THAT’s when he loses interest. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you can’t be weak and let him manipulate you into bed. You must prove yourself strong, intelligent and a little “hard to get” so that you maintain his interest over the long-term.

6. Gossiping About Him

Most men don’t mind a little gossip…about other people. But once you start betraying his confidence by telling other people (yes, even your best of girlfriends!) everything you discussed, it’s constitutes an act of extreme disloyalty. He shouldn’t have to say “Please keep this a secret.” A man just expects some conversations to be kept between the two of you. It might also tip him off if you make extremely negative comments about other people, since he’s wondering deep down, “I hope she never turns on me!”

7. Being Too Hot and Cold

What some women don’t understand is that it’s NOT okay to be rude to a man or to say one thing, and then pout about it, hoping he’ll do the other thing. This isn’t what “making him chase you” is all about. He’ll either see this behavior as manipulative behavior or just evidence that he’s dating a psycho. There is no advantage in sending mixed signals. Instead, you keep the mystery alive by withholding information until the proper time. Contradicting yourself or giving him mixed messages (as in, she likes me one minute and then brushes me off the next) is not mysterious…it’s just weird and confusing.

8. Desperation

Lastly, men are inherently suspicious of “desperate women”, or in other words, women who try so hard to be liked. Men don’t like it when women act clingy, try too hard to please them, or give off the vibe that basically says, “Yes any man will do…you’ll do just fine!”

Another kvetch of men is when women try too hard to play the bimbo / trophy wife cliché. Trying to play dumb and being too worshiping of his personality is a sure way to lose his interest. Embrace who you are. Emphasize the differences in opinions and lifestyle that you have. Don’t pretend and don’t try too hard. Just let him chase you and keep him chasing you, so that the dynamic is always fresh and exciting.

Men do tolerate a lot when they’re into someone and sometimes you can get away with a few blunders. But test their patience too much, breaking one of these golden rules and you might just chase him away in record time.

The best defense is to stay calm, be poised, and be proud of who you are. That will naturally project a better attitude, one he will be happy to chase.

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