Why Guys Like Conservative Women

The allure of a conservative woman makes a world of difference compared to their flamboyant, boisterous, daring and liberal counterpart.  While guys like women in general it is with the mystery of a reserved, well kept and properly dressed woman that they, most likely, get seriously attracted to. Conservative ladies are not the stunners of the world. You might not even notice them at first glance, but when you do it’s totally worth it.

What are some characteristics of conservative women that makes them extra special and why should you consider dating her instead of anyone else? Let’s find out!

Conservative Women:

They value fidelity

Most men have a problem when it comes to trusting women. Thankfully, conservative women value fidelity and they are very loyal. They want to focus on having a solid family and they don’t fool around with other men. Basically, they are the perfect type of woman if you want to settle down and have a family of your own.

Is somebody to fight for

A conservative woman deserves a man to take care of her at all times. Being shy and the traditional type they are very submissive to their man and will rely on him at all times. Typically, a conservative woman values her morals more and would certainly not engage herself in brash talks or fights. Modest is the right word to describe a conservative lady. If you want to be the chosen one for her, you will need to show her how much she means to you. This might be harder than it sounds, but results can be amazing in the end.

She’s hard to conquer

While there are many types of women out there, the conservative ones are by far the hardest ones to ask out and date. Not only that, but it will take some time until she manages to trust you and it will take even more until she is ready to marry you.

They have their own set of rules

A conservative woman is quite strict when it comes to her own rules. For example, she might not enjoy the fact that you smoke and she might encourage you to stop this bad habit. A conservative woman knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like, but the best part here is that she will impose some of her critics. If you have bad habits and want to have a stable relationship, then it’s very important to start dating a conservative woman!

She is not afraid of commitment

Most women, at least nowadays, run from commitment. They just want a sense of freedom and they don’t want to have limitations or a relationship that might hold them down. This might not be the type of woman you need. Instead, you want a reliable, understanding, loyal and responsible woman that is ready to commit to you in the long run.

While most of these reasons are true to the majority of conservative women there are still exceptions. Obviously, some men don’t like them but most men do just because they are modesty and the enigma they exude. This, combined with the fact that their own set of rules can make you a better man, clearly shows that dating a conservative woman might be the best idea that you can have!

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  • Sara

    Reply Reply November 30, 2016

    Beautiful article… I was raised with these values but as soon as I went to college the feminist agenda was almost shoved down my throat. Even female friends will shut you up if you start talking about how you love being submissive to the right man or being in a monogamous marriage where your husband has the last say. Please write more like this!

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