How To Be Feminine

If you have always felt like a tomboy or at least been a bit socially awkward and funny—think more Ellen DeGeneres than Sharon Stone—it may be difficult for you to pretend to be more feminine.

Maybe you’re thinking of changing your demeanor and mannerisms to look more mature or classy, probably in hopes of impressing the guy you like.

But of course, it’s not right to “pretend” to be anything. Being real is what impresses men.

At the same time, it’s hard to deny that men do respond instinctively to feminine behavior. It’s almost a gut-instinct reaction. When they see a feminine woman, (someone defined by class, beauty, and grace) their desire to be masculine comes over them. They now want to impress you, chase you, and of course, fantasize about you—because that’s what guys do.

Now, the good news is you don’t have to totally abandon your own identity and mannerisms just to grab a guy’s attention. You can become more feminine naturally, simply by maintaining self-control and not letting nervousness dictate how you behave. If you approached a conversation with a cute guy with full control over your senses, you might find yourself feeling sexier, having more power, and yes, attracting him to you even more than usual.

Here are four ways on how to be more feminine that are easy to do and do not require you to learn a secret language!

1. Be more feminine by studying fashion trends and choosing a dress that highlights your best features.

Simply put, feminine clothes make you appear feminine. Skirts, dresses, and blouses help you to walk in a feminine manner, more so than jeans, business suits, or casual shirts. Don’t dress down to avoid showing your figure at all, but don’t make a “loud statement” either.

Feminine is not about being “girly” (characterized by outrageous colors or skimpy outfits) but about communicating a “demure” quality. You’re friendly but you’re also hard to impress. Other feminine fashion tips might include wearing hosiery and sheer while avoiding patterns when possible.

Whereas antiquity demands you wear heels, many feminine women have found that being in comfortable shoes actually does give them more confidence and control, thus enhancing natural feminine mannerisms. There’s no need to be uncomfortable. Your entire goal should be to be comfortable so that conversation becomes easier.

2. Wear makeup and perfume that enhances your outfit and makes you feel sexier.

A little makeup goes a long way in “feminizing” your appearance, especially touches that simulate the natural state of arousal; such as red or pink lipstick, neutral but darker eyeshadow, as well as a perfume scent that you love.

Just be careful not to overdo it and become too aggressive, as this could send an aggressive message. Keep the scent subtle and soft (sometimes scented lotion offers a more subtle and classy whiff than a strong perfume). Use just a dab on your neck or arms. Overwhelming someone with a scent is always worse than underwhelming—because if you’re freshly showered, he will be attracted to your natural smell.

Keep the makeup modest and the dress naturally enhancing without revealing too much skin. A man should sense that you’re confident in looking feminine but not dressing up just for him. For this reason, try to dress up whenever you go out so that you can always look your best and evoke the best reactions out of people wherever you go.

Accessorizing items with your outfit also helps to create a subtle but effective feminine look. For example, a matching scarf, or earrings, bracelets or rings.

You should be proud of your body, face, and all other physical features. Don’t be ashamed of your curves or you will project insecurity. If you feel shamed about physical issues, then work to resolve those issues so that you can beam with confidence. Love yourself so that others will sense your healthy self-confidence.

3. Be graceful by paying attention to your speed and your surroundings.

If you’ve ever been confused about what “grace” means, know that it’s not a genetic gift or the luxury of being rich. Anyone can be graceful if they choose to be. It’s a matter of paying closer attention to how you walk and talk—not only the speed but also the environment.

When you’re walking calmly, casually and feeling relaxed you make smoother movements. When you’re walking nervously or in a rushed manner you tend to make stronger and “jerkier” movements. Feeling in control of your emotions will allow you to be more cautious where you step, what you say and the way you say it.

When you walk in a feminine way you walk more with your hips rather than your shoulders—a sign not only of confidence but of feeling your own sensuality. You take lighter steps rather than careless and deliberate ones. You have the option to think before you speak and before you act. In other words, you’re in no rush, you’re just taking your time in everything you do.

4. Be playful but polite…you’re not trying to impress, as does a man. You’re just a gentle, attractive presence to all men and they are impressed by you.

A woman is naturally playful because it is a sign of friendliness. Men respond to femininity partly because it’s so welcoming. Manly women compete with other men. A feminine woman likes men, likes to be around them, and likes to be the center of attention. You’re playful because you like joking around and you don’t take life too seriously.

At the same time, you have the ability to flirt in subtle ways. Because flirting overtly is manly behavior. So you don’t feel the need to swear, speak loudly, or cause a scene in public. You know you have all the power and your reactions decide how the conversation is going. Use that feeling of power to make your mannerisms sophisticated, whether speaking to someone, maintaining strong eye contact, or following basic etiquette.

Remember, the most powerful person is always the one who “speaks softly” because they don’t have to overcompensate. You don’t mind giving sincere compliments or showing compassion rather than arrogance or disdain. You are content with yourself and this is precisely why men sense your high status as successful, confident woman.

As you know by now, being feminine is merely a way of taking back control of this courtship. Don’t let men scare you and don’t let your own nerves and self-doubt affect you. Enjoy performing at your very best, as he does at his best, and give him some quirky and romantic banter worthy of a Hollywood romance!

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