What is the Best Place to Meet Guys?

Contrary to what some people say, no, it’s not easy to meet guys just because you’re single and looking. Sure, everyone has a friend they want to set you up with. Sure, a lot of women could just walk into a bar and get offers from a few gents, creeps and jocks in no time.

But that’s not what you want. You want to meet someone that you actually like, someone that you connect with and someone you’re not instantly grossed out with because of his lewd conversation. So we’re not going to bother telling you to go to a local tavern or nightclub, because you know if that’s where you end up going you’re only going to get a lot of desperate and rowdy boys giving you the wrong kind of attention.

If you want to meet a higher caliber guy, consider these nine suggestions of the best places to meet (great) guys, of a higher intellect and more prosperous future.

1. Acting Classes

This is an unusual setting but it’s a great way to get to know someone interesting. Improv class, acting lessons or even local events in the creative arts are a lot of fun and a way to meet brainier guys with a more active imagination. Actors, directors, writers and comedians are sometimes drawn to these creative classes and having something in common is a way to break the ice.

2. Dog Walking

If you have a dog take him/her to the park and use the experience as a good excuse to meet another dog owner. Some men actually get dogs and walk them to the park just to meet other sweet (and attractive) female dog owners. Pets are always a safe way to start bonding and conversing on a light subject.

3. Halloween or Cosplay Events

Don’t like small talk? Then wait for the ideal ice breaker—dress up as something crazy and then take turns laughing about it. Halloween costume parties and comic / cosplay conventions (where people dress up like their favorite character) let couples be creative, funny, and a little more uninhibited than the norm. When people dress up in costume it tends to give them a little boost in confidence—as if you’re still in character. Flirt more, talk more and use that extra costume confidence to make a new friend.

4. Beaches, Pools and Vacations

It’s always fun to meet new people while on vacation or a weekend getaway—everyone seems to be in a good mood on vacation. Relaxing on the beach, playing games or just chatting at the local hotel club is an ideal place to meet people. A lot of people are just dying to talk to somebody and talk about how awesome their vacation is going. Everyone has a sunny disposition, free time, lots of cheap drinks and of course, the desire to get half-naked and jump into the ocean. What a great setting to meet Mr. Right!

5. Charity and Community Events

Why not find a higher caliber guy by expanding your own spiritual journey? Life is not just about getting but about giving back to the community. Investigate local events in town and try to join any charity event you can. Not only will you feel good about yourself for helping the needy—you also get to meet a handful of rich nice guys who consider themselves aspiring philanthropists. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet the next Bill Gates.

6. The Gym

There is something sexy and intriguing about meeting a guy in a gym. Everyone’s working out and looking good. Adrenaline is pumping. Outfits tend to be skimpy…and yet there’s a sophisticated and welcoming air in the gym, which makes it feel safer than the bar scene. A relationship can be started just by seeing someone that comes in at the same time as you and making small talk. Talk regularly, take things slow, and then work your way up to flirty conversation that leads to him asking you out.

7. Bookstores and Libraries

One of the best ways to find a “smart guy” is to spend more time in a bookstore or library, and less time at a theater, club and grocery store. Men inside bookstores tend to be there to read a specific author or category—they know what they want and have specialty subjects they love talking about. Make small talk or let him make small talk and find out what subjects you have in common.

8. Meet Up Events

Forget social media! Everyone’s on social media because it’s all about THEM. The beauty of meet up groups that go to lunch or brunch is that it’s very personal, instantly conversational and low pressure. There are probably dozens of local meet up events in your own home town / city. Some meet up groups even do events together, such as concerts, haunted tours, game nights and other spontaneous fun. At the very worst, you make a bunch of platonic friends. In the best case scenario, you’re introduced to someone handsome, available—and whom you know a lot about, just from one brunch date with the gang.

9. Networking Events

All these meet up lunches when we should be getting back to work! Seriously, ever thought of going beyond just the office (which is usually a bad idea) and meeting an eligible bachelor at a networking event? These are people related to your field but whom you don’t actually work with on a day to day basis. You already have something in common, whether it’s an industry, a career field, or maybe even a business associate—that’s your conversation starter.

As you can see, all it really takes to get a conversation going is to find one thing in common. The more you have in common the better rapport you can build, and that’s the start of a good, communicative relationship.

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