What is Feminine Energy (Or Feminine Magnetism)?

We hear guys talk all the time about their “alpha male status” or their masculinity.  In contrast, the idea of feminine energy is not openly discussed, or at least it hasn’t been, until recent times.  

Perhaps men were always under the impression that men chased and “won” women, whether by being rich, confident, funny or just drop dead gorgeous.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to be those things.  But you know what really draws men to women in the first place?

The Woman.  

The energy she puts out.  The specific and yet very subtle signals that she sends out that attracts a man in the first place.

Don’t men just hit on everything that moves, so to speak, any woman who’s moderately pretty?  

Hell no!  Men very easily psyche themselves out of approaching women, even if they’re fairly confident.  If a woman is projecting negative energy as in…

Don’t touch me.  Don’t talk to me.  You’re a loser. You’re creepy.  I’m not in the mood.

And so on, rest assured, most guys will SENSE that and they’ll probably not make a move.

In contrast, a woman who’s projecting a very warm, very approachable attitude, is practically inviting men to come see her.  She basks in that glow. She encourages it.

And guess what happens?  A man decides he’s going to take that chance, because he’s received mostly positive signals, and he’s feeling good about himself.  

SHE deserves credit for putting that positive energy out there.  She draws men to her by being approachable. And yes, there is an art to it, an art to being feminine, that will make you more attractive in the eyes of men.  

Polarity vs. Human Nature

Some people believe that there is such a thing as magnetism or “polarity” – as in certain qualities that attract other people.  The logic behind this is that polarity is achieved when energies come together that are complementary. So if it was known as the yin-yang in eastern philosophy, in the west it becomes “masculine and feminine energies.”

As in relationships work better when men are masculine and women are feminine.  

Or you know, as Archie Bunker once sang, “Back girls were girls and men were men”!  

Honestly, this is just a theory and with everything we now know about gender fluid qualities among the sexes, it’s not easy to say that the polarity theory is FACT.  Maybe you can even think of some exceptions, where masculine women or feminine men still found happiness. I’m sure it happens.

However, the polarity theory still makes sense if you simply think of it as a gender neutral phenomenon about human nature.

That is, if you want to attract a masculine presence, you put out a feminine presence.  You exhibit qualities that are complementary to the man you want to impress.  You don’t put out competitive energy, or even a spirit of male-minded competition.

This well could be why men end up friend-zoning a strong and self-confident woman.  NOT because she’s strong or self-confident. But because she comes across as too masculine and too man-like in the way she talks and thinks.  

The man feels threatened.  He may even lose attraction to that woman because she isn’t putting forward the signals he wants to see, which should be complementary to his own personality.  

What is Complementary Behavior?

So whether you want to debate the true essence of femininity or masculinity, the fact remains: most men are looking for someone who will complement their own personality.  A masculine, successful man will be attracted to a feminine woman who brings out the best in him.  A woman who helps him to be better, who encourages him and supports him.

Now what does this mean in literal terms?  How is a feminine woman supposed to act?

You might say that feminine magnetism is simply the ability to keep the interest of a man, even if that man has a short attention span.  Even if that man is accustomed to the best.

If you’re eyeing a man who seems to have everything, including his pick of any woman he wants, your first reaction might be: What do I have that he could possibly want?  You may feel self-conscious, thinking you have to compete with so many other women.

But that shouldn’t be your motivation, at least not if you’re trying to be feminine.  Being feminine means learning a man’s motivation. Instead of thinking about being the best, think about what a man (this man in particular) NEEDS to be happy.  

What would it take to convince him that he NEEDS you in his life?  By nature, very masculine men crave women, feminine women, because they fulfill a basic need.  A feminine woman balances him, makes him feel complete. She knows what he wants, understands his motivations, and knows how to give him what he wants without becoming subservient.  

Make Him Want to Chase You, Nurture and Protect You

Indeed, the motivation for being feminine should not be to suck up, slave for him, or do “anything” to make him happy.  Your instinct should be to make him want to protect you, cherish you and love you.  His masculine instincts are what make him feel good, feel valued, and feel protective of you.  

When you project feminine energy, he appreciates your good character and personal traits.  He wants to be with you. He doesn’t take you for granted (as he would a slave) because he is nurturing you.  He gets something out of the relationship and that is a feminine woman who understands his many complex needs.

When you start slaving for him, or trying too hard, or chasing him, then you’re the one who becomes masculine.  You become the one persuading him to feel something he doesn’t naturally feel.

So the important thing to realize here is that femininity is not weakness.  Masculinity is not necessarily the only form of strength. There is great power in feminine behavior and it is actually a powerful motivator.

Being feminine is not about clashing or fighting or trying to manipulate men.  It’s about carrying on in such a way that you bring these guys to your knees. You make them want to chase you and display their finest masculine qualities.  

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