The Sweetest Way to Say Goodnight

Parting is such sweet sorrow…and saying goodnight to a man you love and desire is very hard to do. Your instincts tell you to keep him on the phone, or keep him texting. You love his company. You love the feeling you get when you talk to him. But you also remember tidbits of advice like:

(Always leave him wanting more!) and (don’t overstay your welcome!)

You know you have to end the conversation first. It’s better to cut the conversation short rather than risk boring him when you run out of material. Even if you’re having a great conversation, it’s smarter to leave early and not give him too much of what he wants right away. Why?

Remember, he has to EARN all-nighter conversations with you. The fact that you’re always busy and hard to reach reminds him that you’re a high value woman. You’re not easily impressed. And if he likes you that much he must be willing to work harder to please you. He should want to take you out in a real date so you can have a longer and more meaningful conversation!

But in case you feel sorry for your crush, and want to give him SOMETHING other than a cold goodnight or even a TTYL (which guys really don’t care for), then the best thing to do is to WOW him right before you terminate the call / text.

Here are six strategies on how to say goodnight, along with some sweet example texts that complement the thought.

1. Turn Him On

If you want to leave him “wanting” then turn him on right before you say goodnight. Type something provocative and let him smile as his imagination runs wild. Then just as he replies, you disappear. Great show!

Example 1: (Send a sexy selfie) Sweet dreams, lover.
Example 2: Goodnight…and just know if you fantasize about me tonight, I like it rough and kinky. (Smiley)
Example 3: I’m not horny all the time…you’re just too sexy and you make me horny against my will!

2. Share Something Personal

Confiding in him, especially right before you go to bed, is a great way to let him know the relationship is advancing. You trust him, you’re comfortable telling him anything, and you want to read his reply. When share personal stories or thoughts, you bond closer together. There’s no need to talk long into the night once you reach this kind of milestone.

Example 1: You know what I noticed about you the first time I saw you…
Example 2: Did I ever tell you what my dad once said to me…
Example 3: I still remember my first and favorite toy from my childhood. Want to know what it is before I go to bed?

3. Share Your Feelings for Him

If you have to say goodnight, and you fear he may be left in the dark as to how you feel about him, give him some encouragement. Give him a “consensus” text, reminding him that you still like him (or love him, if you’re that far in the relationship). Encourage your hard-working man to keep doing what he’s doing. Every man needs a good “pet” once in a while to keep him excited about the chase.

Example 1: You know, I do love getting your goodnight and good morning messages. It’s like a kiss goodnight and good morning.
Example 2: I love how you make me think and then crack me up a minute later! Keep the good stuff coming! Night!
Example 3: I think you know by now how I feel about you…I don’t have a lot of free time but I love spending what free time I do have with you. I must go get my beauty sleep now. Have a good night, darling. (Sleeping Smiley)

4. Increase Feelings of Intimacy

This can be done in a number of ways, from sexting to romance or even just sharing your most intimate thoughts and feelings. It’s just as emotionally impacting to share how something you saw made you cry as it is to talk about sex. Just creating an intense visual, like sleeping with him, or waking up together, is enough to fire up the romance between you…right before a well-timed goodnight.

Example 1: I wish I could cuddle up with you under the blankets on such a cold night.
Example 2: You have such a beautiful way with words. You make me tear up sometimes when you start talking about your family.
Example 3: Let’s pretend we’re at a restaurant enjoying a candle-lit dinner. What are we both wearing tonight?

5. Remind Him How Special He Is

If you don’t want to hit too heavy on the romance yet, go for a little ego-boosting. Tell him that he’s unique, among all the other men you’ve met. Tell him you respect his work ethic, his creativity, or his intelligence. Give him credit not just for being a great guy or a hot male, but a fantastic person that’s a true original. You’ve never met anyone like him before and you appreciate how rare that is.

Example 1: You are by far the funniest guy I’ve ever met, even among late night talk show hosts! Speaking of late night, sleep calls for me.
Example 2: I appreciate all the good work you do for people. You inspire me, you know that? Don’t ever stop that…you bring light into this world. Goodnight and see you bright and early tomorrow morning!
Example 3: You have such a nice way of explaining things. I think I’ve changed my mind on a few issues just having spoken to you. I better go to bed before we have another great five-hour conversation!

6. Surprise Him with Creativity

Lastly, catch him off guard by doing something funny, quirky, sweet or romantic. The key is to find a way to express your true feelings in a way he can’t predict. He’ll be so amazed at your imagination, there won’t be any need to talk for hours. Creativity is worth several hours of humdrum conversation!

Example 1: I wrote a story all about you! But it gets weird… Here is the file. Night!
Example 2: I sent you a gift in the mail. Check it sometime. Goodnight for now.
Example 3: Our conversation last night inspired me to draw something, what do you think? Tell me in the morning. Night, darling!

As you can see, wowing him just before bed is all about teasing him and leaving him wanting more. Don’t give him what he SEEMS to want. He’ll act like he wants to talk longer or all night long. He’ll want you to reply all the time, being available at his beck and call. But that gives the impression that he’s more valuable – you’re bending over backwards to please him. Instead, leave him craving more interaction with you.

This is what guys actually want – to be energized every time they talk to you. So no boring drawn out conversations. No lulls in the conversation where you’re trying to think of something to say. Leave early and leave a positive association in his mind.

That drives him mad. That will be what keeps him coming back for weeks, months and even – as he becomes your husband and finally earns your full-time attention.

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