the secret in attracting your soulmate

The Secret in Attracting Your Soul Mate

Calling all Ladies ‐ your time has arrived. It is time to give yourself permission to attract your Soul Mate.

Cue the fireworks, applause, and driving Maroon 5 music.

As an Inspiration and Love Coach, I have clients who come to me with a long list of what they are looking for in a Soul Mate. These lists spell out the ideal characteristics of what they want to attract, which include physical attributes , moral values, hobbies and how many freckles are on their dream man’s face.

Having an ideal partner list is great. It gets your head into what you truly want in a lover…

But a list will not attract a Soul Mate.

I wish it were as simple as putting a magic spell on a piece of paper and POOF your Soul Mate appears with roses in hand on a white horse wearing nice tight jeans.

There is something that I always suggest to my clients, and it is the KEY into attracting the man of your dreams.

It is the practice of Self Love.


You guessed it. The old Self Love bit is coming back at you faster than warm ponchos over winter coats.

Here is the honest truth ‐ the more you practice Self Love, the more Love you have in your Life. The Love you create for yourself will overflow into your perspective of the world, your friendships, and your romantic relationships.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Soul Mate talk.

If you have an image of an ideal partner, the values and character traits you want in a Soul Mate, take a look at yourself and see how many of those values and character traits you live by.

And if there is something missing, maybe it’s time to start aligning the way YOU are with the way you want your Soul Mate to be.

The answer is very simple.

Become the Soul Mate you want to date.

Like attracts like. This is what they mean when they say you are a mirror to what you attract. Similar to the idea of the Law of Attraction, what you are is what you receive.

I’m not saying that if you want a man with blonde hair and hazel eyes that you must grab a box of hair dye and make an appointment with your optometrist.

I’m talking about the real goods, the character traits of who you want to walk into a room with and say “this is my partner.”

If you truly dig deep and ask yourself what you want in a partner, I am sure your Soul Mate is NOT a self loathing man who hates himself, has zero confidence, is filthy, and has no moral values.

You want someone generous. You want someone kind. You want someone compassionate and loving.

You want someone who lights you up. He wants someone who lights him up.

It starts with you. It starts with Self Love.

Self love is the KEY in being and finding the happiness, love, joy that you want right now.

And living that way now will bring that Soul Mate to you.

Here are four reasons Self Love attracts your Soul Mate.

1. Self Love Empowers you

The more love you give yourself, the more in touch you become with your own self worth. Your confidence becomes stronger. You start to walk with a personal power that overflows and beams out your eyes. And that is sexy as hell to any man.

2. Self Love Unlocks Gratitude

Think about someone you Love right now. Do you notice how a feeling of gratitude for that person erupts? When you love yourself, you start to take notice of the things in your life that you are thankful for. Gratitude contributes to happiness and a sense of appreciation for what ya got. You will self care more, and enjoy life more. Having that will instantly attract a partner who loves life the way that you love it.

3. Self Love Creates a Love Space

Love is like exercise. The more you practice it, the better you become at it. Starting with loving yourself, you train your mind to get into what I call a Love Space. You start to accept love more freely. You start to give love with ease and confidence. You become a more Loving being, which your Soul Mate is looking for.

4. Self Love Strengthens Your Compassion

When you practice Self Love, you naturally become more self aware. You learn more about what makes you uniquely you, and you become infinitely more compassionate for yourself. You start to treat yourself with more respect, and furthermore, you start to become more compassionate for others.

Self Love is a practice that you will possibly work on for the rest of your life. But once you start, your love life will change. And it feels darn good, ladies…darn good.

Your Soul Mate is waiting for you.

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