2 Juicy Hot Reasons to Leave the Lights On During Sex

If you normally turn the lights off before having sex with your man, I have something very important to tell you…

Many of us are very critical of our physical appearance. When we feel so insecure from all the marketing and media messages we receive every day, it’s no wonder we want to turn the lights off during our most intimate moments!

But listen to this because it’s very important…

I want you to “do it” with all the lights on.


Because he’ll devour your body with his eyes.

You’ve probably heard it before, men are visual creatures.

What you may not know is how much he enjoys looking at you during sex. And if you add in this ability to see how much pleasure he’s giving you, it’ll send his brain into sexual overdrive.

Here’s why you should leave the lights on:

1. It gives him permission to adore your body which feeds his ego

Fact: the number 1 thing that turns a man on is your enthusiasm for sex and your enjoyment of his sexual connection to you.

Not how flat your tummy is or the lack on cellulite on your booty… he wants to feel like he can pleasure you.

If you’re too caught up in keeping yourself covered, you can’t surrender to the pleasurable sensations.

If you’re caught up in preventing him from certain positions because of your insecurities, it impacts how he feels like he’s doing with you and makes him feel like he’s not measuring up, which will make the whole thing spiral downward.

Reason #2…

2. His ability to watch the sex with you is intoxicating to him

At least two of his senses (three if you’re talking dirty and moaning) are involved here.

Not only does he get to physically feel the sex but he gets to watch how amazing it is too.

If you don’t know, guys LOVE this. His brain goes crazy, releasing feel-good pleasure chemicals that pleasure his brain as well as his body.

It’s like he’s in his own personal naughty movie. One that he can experience in the moment and replay in his fantasies until he gets it again.

A lot of women think that guys like doggie style because they don’t want to see a woman’s face… nothing can be further from the truth!

It gives him a better view of what’s going on, like a front row seat in his favorite movie.

And if you can strategically place a mirror where he can take it all in… he might feel embarrassed to admit it but he’s watching it through the mirror.

Alright… I get that the idea of putting yourself on display may sound scary to you. But here’s something I want you to remember:

He’s not judging you nearly as much as you’re judging YOURSELF.

He’s way more focused on enjoying the hot view and showing you that he can do a great job than he is in how many stretch marks you have.

Remember: He’s having sex with a HOT, naked woman!

Also, if he tells you that you’re beautiful, believe him.

Don’t list your flaws and start putting yourself down. Let him know that his appreciation of you is well received.

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  • Lisa Richards

    Reply Reply April 8, 2018

    Just want to thank you!! This has been so helpful to me! Now I’m back with my daughter’s dad 28yrs later and couldn’t be happier!

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