This Mistake Makes Men Pull Away

The Mistake Women Unknowingly Make That Gets Men to Pull Away…

Have you ever started dating a new guy, and at first you were all excited about it? Maybe people around you even noticed that you were happier and more full of life than you normally are and commented on it.

Then, after a while, things shifted a bit and something changed… you began thinking about him all the time. You became more invested in him. You began to worry that you might screw things up.

What’s he thinking about me? Am I really good enough for him? What if he leaves me?

You analyze everything he’s doing, hoping that maybe you can figure it all out!

Overthinking This Will Kill His Attraction

Yet, you never can. And the more energy you put into over-analyzing him, the less energy you have to be the woman he was attracted to in the first place. Your insecurity begins to show up in little ways…

Jealousy slips out when you least expect it. You begin to overcompensate, hoping that he will see how much you care about him. You go from this beautiful, vibrant, energetic woman to a scared, worrisome, unattractive “clinger”…

And he knows. Guys can sense this and know that there’s something off. And exactly what you don’t want begins to happen… he starts to wonder whether you’re really the same amazing woman that you were when the two of you met.

And the more you attempt worry, overcompensate, and question how valuable you are to him, the more he begins to question it as well.

So, what do you do?

Just telling yourself not to think about it doesn’t work. You need a fresh approach. You need to continue to be the worthy, valuable, desirable woman that he was initially attracted to.

Keep the Life You Already Had

Many women tend to empty their calendars when they find a guy they like. They start integrating themselves into his life in an attempt to get closer to him.

This is a very unhealthy approach to dating. If you make the majority of your free time only spent with and around him, it’s very difficult to think of anything other than him when he’s not around.

It’s a lot more attractive to a man if you have your own life away from him. Continue to schedule and go out with your other friends. Continue to meet other people.

This makes you less available and more of a catch. A Man wants a woman who is valuable and who knows she’s valuable. He wants someone who has her own life and will get away from that life to come spend time with him.

This takes pressure off of him and it takes pressure off of you. It will keep you engaged in other activities so you aren’t constantly thinking about him. It will keep you from coming off as clingy and obsessed.

Knowing That You Are Worthy is SEXY

Many times, when we find someone who we think might be the love of our lives, we begin to sabotage our chances of creating a lasting relationship. You begin to hear this little voice inside of your head that questions whether you deserve this amazing man that you’ve found.

The best way to counteract this little voice is through action. Be the beautiful, deserving woman that high quality men are attracted to.

That part of you is deep inside. And you know it’s there. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be attracted to you in the first place.

The reason he’s interested is because he saw that part of you, even if it was just for a moment. We all have times when we’re shy, insecure, and afraid. We also have times when we’re confident, open, and vulnerable.

We have our best self and our worst self. Most women throw on their worst self around the men they like and then wonder why these men quickly lose interest in them.

Who do you need to be in order to attract the type of man that you want in your life? And how would a woman like that behave? How would she feel? What would she think?

If you want to be that type of woman, all you need to do is remember a time when you’ve felt or acted like this type of woman before… and then be that woman for the man you’re interested in.

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