How to Make a Man Value You More (This ALWAYS Works)

There’s nothing more upsetting than a man you really like taking you for granted. It can be downright annoying behavior if it’s little things—like being self-centered or oblivious to your needs. Or it can even be heartbreaking if he cheats on you, abuses you or manipulates you to the point of tears.

There is only one solution—you must make him value you more than he does. You must stop letting him “depreciate” all that you do for him or he WILL get progressively worse in the way he treats you.

Let’s review five strategies for “inflation” that will make him realize he’s been taking you for granted.

1. Make him work for your attention and satisfaction.

Men are hard-workers by nature (at least when it comes to doing something they love) and it’s in their nature to appreciate something more so after they EARN IT. This is why it’s so rewarding for a man to win a sports championship, or to become a movie star, or be elected as a politician. It’s a long and difficult road, meaning when he achieves it, it really feel like he’s accomplished something amazing.

Well the same is true in men’s relationships. Every man wants to feel as if he had to work a little bit (or a lot!) to win over one particular woman. The more of a challenge she presented, the more interested he was. The longer she made him wait, the more satisfying the first time was. The more she resisted marrying him, the more pride he took in his accomplishment. Men like to earn a woman’s attention, so always challenge him to try a little harder and enjoy the show.

2. Make him aware that you CHOOSE him…but you’re not tied down to him.

The very minute a man believes you have no other options, he will start to take you for granted. He assumes you’re here with him because you have nowhere else to go, so he’ll always be pushing boundaries. He’ll always assume you need him more than he needs you. This is why it always HELPS to let him know that you’re here by choice, not because of a commitment or because you have no other offers.

This means dressing up to look good—for other men, for other women, for other PEOPLE. This means being sociable because you’re not just a man’s jewel that he pulls out to show people. This means being ambitious because it feels good to do things on your own in life. This means valuing yourself and not believing for a second that he is doing you any favors.

You don’t have to poke him or hurt his feelings intentionally. Instead, start standing up to him when he disrespects you and let him know that you are here by choice. You’re here for the moment, but by no means are you trapped here. A man wants to believe that he is desired by his partner, not just “entangled with” or tied down to him.

3. Remind him that you will not tolerate insulting behavior. You will lose interest, not argue.

The best way to stand up to a man that has no respect for you is NOT to issue idle threats but to SHOW him you’re serious. When a man does something rude or neglectful your natural instinct should be to back away. Your reaction should be to stop encouraging him or assuring him that you want to “fix things.” If he has said or done something that implies he does not appreciate your intimacy and attention then you must STOP giving him that intimacy and that attention.

This (A) lets him sulk and brood and get it out of his system without feeling smothered. (B) Lets him know that you do not need his attention or approval to be happy. (C) That you won’t wait for him like a loyal dog—you’re an independent woman and you deserve his full effort and attention.

And yes, losing interest is far more effective than arguing, crying or giving him drama. When you lose interest, he gets no reaction. No advantage for him. He has to come back at that point and try again.

4. Make him work harder when he comes back to you.

At some point a man might “leave”, “take a break” or generally avoid you. If this hurts your feelings, then you must SHOW him (not tell him) that the old relationship has fizzled out and that if he wants your affection again, he has to work for it all over again. Don’t give a man who wanders a free pass to go right back to the way things were. When you cave in so easily, you depreciate your value in his eyes.

Instead, increase your value by outgrowing some of those stubborn behaviors that you didn’t like about yourself, or that he took advantage of. Showing him that you’ve outgrown the old relationship and want something new immediately puts him on notice. Best of all, you don’t have to talk about it…you can just simply show him with the way you conduct yourself.

5. Achieve something great—don’t just bluff, do it for yourself.

It’s a wonderful feeling to accomplish something worthwhile that you’ve set your mind to. So by all means, take advantage of this modern era we live in, where we’re (almost) equal in gender opportunity. Go and find the dream career. Make your hobby your one-of-a-kind talent. Find your passion, find your favorite charity—your means of giving back to the world and leaving it a better place for the next generation.

These attributes of achievement and wanting to do something with your life will make him realize you’re not just giving him a hard time…you really are worth more than gold, and worth far more than the average woman. You have true value because you’re a strong, successful and happy person—with or without him, but preferably with him!

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