The Formula to Win a Man’s Commitment

The Formula to Win a Man’s Commitment

Several years ago, I was searching for what brought two people together for a lasting relationship.

I was living in Scottsdale, AZ and I had recently broken up with a woman I had been dating for a few months.

I was frustrated because all of the relationships I got into seemed to be superficial and fleeting. They didn’t last. And I didn’t really enjoy them.

I was starting to think that being in a relationship wasn’t really worth it.

At the time, I was a men’s dating coach and I was studying the men who had created successful relationships… not just the ones where they played games and used manipulation…

…the ones where both people ended up in love and committed to one another.

And then one day, I came upon a realization… something that changed the way I looked at how to create and build a relationship.

It was something that seemed so simple yet it had never even occurred to me before.

You know what… let’s back up a second so that you can fully understand what I’m talking about here.

Growing up, I never knew how to talk to women. I had one girlfriend before the age of 21 and she cheated on me with a close friend of mine.

Alone and frustrated, I was determined to figure this stuff out.

I read books, attended seminars, and even got some one-on-one coaching. I learned it all…

And it didn’t take long before I could meet a woman anywhere and create a relationship with her.

I got so good, that men started coming to me for advice and I eventually became a coach.

But I had a problem…

You see, none of my relationships would last. Everything I learned was about playing games, manipulation, and pretending like I was someone I wasn’t.

Games Don’t Work Long-Term

I couldn’t take it anymore…

No matter how many women I met, I always ended up alone, frustrated, and disconnected.

No matter how many women I’d meet, I just felt empty inside.

I began drinking heavily to numb the pain of my disappointment. With everything I learned, I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished anything.

My life seemed to be plagued with chasing short term satisfaction and nothing to show for it.

One day, I decided to get together with some of the other coaches. We looked at what worked and what didn’t.

We realized that most of the guys using our techniques couldn’t stay in relationships. They just didn’t last.

Well, some did. But most didn’t.

So we decided to look at the ones that worked… what was different about them?

What were the patterns, the key elements that made these relationships last?

After interviewing dozens of couples, looking for patterns clues, I had a realization…

All of the couples who were in love and committed to one another had one very simple thing in common:


The couples who were successful were aligned. It wasn’t just compatibility. It wasn’t just shared interests. It wasn’t just chemistry.

They had a vision of the future they wanted to create together and they were on a growth path towards that future…

So I began searching to figure out how this alignment came in being and how I could replicate with others.

It wasn’t long before I started piecing together the most common elements of what happened when these couples first met.

And eventually, I came up with a formula and gave it to some of my clients.

The results were frankly a little shocking… It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

You see, when you play games, create a chase, or use manipulation, the relationship turns into a power struggle.

The person with the least amount of power ends up feeling a lot of chemistry and thinking they’re in love with the other person.

Yet this new formula, it creates something different… something unlike what I had seen before.

Both people were falling madly in love with each other!

Thrilled with this new discovery, I began teaching it in seminars. I wanted to get this out to as many people as I could.

And then, something completely unexpected happened… something that derailed everything I was doing.

Something Shocking Happened

You see, men go through different stages in their lives.

Until they reach their mid-twenties to early thirties, most men focus on exploring life and adventuring into unknown lands.

This is the part of their lives when they want to figure out what the world is about and find their place in it.

Unless it is a part of his culture, a man this age has very little interest in settling down or committing himself to someone.

This is one of the reasons I don’t work with women under 25 years old. The men they tend to date aren’t ready for the type of relationship I help women create.

And many of the men who were learning this formula at my seminars were exactly that… not ready.

For these men, the results were just too overwhelming. Suddenly, he felt that he had to make a choice, one that he didn’t want to make.

He could either commit himself to the woman he cherished or continue to explore the world and find his place in it.

To most men, being in a committed relationship means he must provide for that relationship. If he’s unable or unwilling to do this, he will become extremely conflicted and unsure of what to do.

This usually results in him getting out of the relationship and continuing on his path.

However, there’s actually something a woman can do to make him feel like he can have both… but she has to knowingly do this.

The Truth About Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others

Have you ever wondered why a man will marry one women yet only want a casual relationship with another?

Have you ever heard a man say that he doesn’t want anything “serious” only to end up in a committed relationship a few weeks later with another woman?

Have you ever felt like you finally found something real with a man… only to have him go cold on you or pull away completely?

The reason this happens maybe be upsetting to you but I promise it’s actually really good news.

Men don’t pull away, disappear, and go cold because they’re bad people…

And they don’t avoid getting into a serious relationship because they’re afraid of commitment.

A man avoids getting into a relationship with a woman because he has doubts that she’s the right woman for him.

He feels like something’s missing…

Like he could probably do better…

If you want a man to feel like you’re the one, there’s one very specific thing that you must do…

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After 12 years of working in the dating industry and reaching well over 3 million women, all over the world with my newsletter, interviews, and advice…

I’ve tracked the patterns that women who end up in successful relationships do and here’s what I found…

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