Cutting Edge Science for an Ancient Desire- Reading Unspoken Emotions

Cutting Edge Science for an Ancient Desire- Reading Unspoken Emotions

Did you know that there’s an amazing ability a tiny segment of the human population has for detecting hidden emotions? For eons humans have tried to find some way to detect deception and other hidden feelings and thoughts. For the first time in human history, an ancient ability has become trainable. Science is uncovering methods that now allow humans to develop and enhance intuitive understanding of the emotions another person is experiencing-even if the other person tries to hide those emotions!

The recent television show, “Lie to Me” popularized the incredible research findings of psychologist, Paul Ekman. Of the 100 most often cited psychologists in the twentieth century, Ekman is ranked 59th! There’s a good reason for that. His work has revealed the amazing ability many humans have for detecting unspoken emotions, emotions that are revealed unconsciously through suppressed facial expressions. These are called “microexpressions.” He has also proven that there are over two thousand distinct facial expressions with unique meanings (used by humans worldwide)!

In case you missed the show, microexpressions are movements of the face that last only a fraction of a second. If a person is angry, their brows pull together ever so slightly for just a fraction of a second before the conscious mind suppresses that outward display of the hidden inner feeling. Fear flashes across the face in a way that cannot be consciously suppressed until after a microexpressions is suppressed. Joy and excitement are also sometimes suppressed to hide motives, hopes, or feelings others may not share.

A dating coach by the name of James Bauer has discovered a method that allows women to tap into a fantastic reservoir of intuitive insights. There’s a part of the mind that unconsciously picks up on microexpressions and many other forms of hidden information that can give a woman an incredible advantage when it comes to love, men, and dating. James has refined a simple approach that gives you access to that part of your intuition reliably.

Have you ever wanted to know if he is enjoying a date with you? Have you ever wanted to bypass relationship anxiety that haunts you with questions about his level of commitment and questions about whether you are with the right guy? Have you ever wanted to experience the confidence that comes from an ever-present guide that whispers in your ear about what to do next in a relationship?

If so, you owe it to yourself and your future happiness to watch a short video that describes how James discovered a path to unfolding your natural female intuition.

Click here to watch the video now and learn how to gain confidence, shed uneasy fears, and gain uncanny insights into the thoughts of your man.

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