The #1 Flirting Mistake Women Make With Men

If you’re scratching your head right about now, wondering why men are sometimes so:

• Weird!
• Confusing!
• Creepy!
• Clumsy!
• Rude!
• Annoying!
• Dumb!
• Disappointing!
• Goofy!

Or any other colorful adjective, then you’re not alone. Many women today find it difficult to decipher what men are actually thinking when they talk to women. Obviously, men feel attraction. Some want a good time and some want a long-term relationship.

But you might be surprised to know that oftentimes men send the WRONG SIGNALS to women and they end up conveying the exact opposite of what they wanted to say to you.

For example, I know from all my dealings with guy friends of mine that sometimes men get nervous around beautiful women and this affects their communication skills. They end up conveying platonic interest in a woman when they actually are romantically interested. Or they come across as aggressively or overly sexual, when they’re trying to just be flirty and casual. Sometimes they just come across as plain old weird!

And yes, women do the same thing. They don’t quite understand how to communicate with men, and especially the handsome and successful guy who makes them weak at the knee, and so they say the wrong thing.

Now there’s awkward tension and both of you just want to run away in embarrassment!

Hey, it happens to everybody. The good news is that knowing you have a problem with flirting and communication is also the first step to changing your dating style and avoiding those problems in the future.

Let’s change your communication style! And the best way to do that is to understand the problem. Here we go…

The #1 Flirting Mistake Women Make Is…

They use masculine energy to flirt with a man instead of feminine energy.

This may be the first you’ve heard of this, or you may have heard of the concept before.

Simply put, here’s the lesson. Masculine energy is the effort that men put out to chase and woo women.

Feminine energy is what women put out there to attract men and to keep them chasing.

Masculine energy is characterized by these qualities:

• Aggressive
• Competitive
• Protective
• Logical
• Jealous
• Controlling
• Mentoring
• Expressive
• Mechanical

Yes, as you can see, men bring all these qualities to a relationship, and usually these are attractive qualities IF the man controls his emotions and instincts and exhibits maturity and self-control.

The problem is that too many women today are bringing this masculine energy into the dating world and it’s turning men off and sending them into the arms of other women.

By nature, women are not really anything like men when it comes to mindset. Women communicate feelings, intuition, and bring high emotional intelligence to any situation. Men are oftentimes logical, incommunicative and have a “fix it” mentality when it comes to providing for their loved ones and subduing threats.

Both men and women seek to “understand” the situation – but they approach the situation differently.

Women therefore, are sending the WRONG signals if they exhibit male behavior and come across as clingy, protective, aggressive, logical and of course, with the “fix it” mentality that men usually have.

Men may tolerate these qualities, but usually what ATTRACTS a man naturally is a woman who exhibits more feminine qualities. These include:

• Empathy
• Intellectual Interest (Particularly in the man’s life, opinions, career, etc.)
• Expressiveness (Reacting in emotive ways to a man, conveying strong feelings)
• Challenging (They’re not easily impressed…they want to understand what a man is saying or thinking, rather than just accepting his answer at face value)
• High Self-Confidence due to maturity and a stable life
• Personally Invested (They understand the WHY of a man, not just the WHAT. She appreciates the effort a man puts forth to understand her)
• High Self Value (She doesn’t NEED the man to be happy. She simply enjoys talking to him)
• Picky & Discriminating (She knows the qualities she wants…she has high standards and a specific criteria)

The last one of these is particularly important, as this demonstrates the high level of self-confidence she has, and the UNWILLINGNESS to tolerate any man who fall short of her requirements.

This means that in order to win her over (first in bed and eventually in marriage) the man must ASPIRE to be attractive and chase her to keep her attention. He must be his “best self” and must put forth serious effort if he hopes to bond with her and find even deeper intimacy.

This is the strong feminine energy that keeps men coming back. It makes them work harder for romantic attention, but they actually enjoy it! They feel more motivated and their natural instincts to provide are amplified in the presence of beauty.

So if you’ve been having trouble in dating lately, ask yourself if the problem could be that you’re “trying too hard” to land a decent man…

When you should actually be trying to attract an IDEAL man by putting out the right energy and challenging him to work harder for your attention.

By working on self-improvement you will start to attract a higher caliber of man, and will actually filter out all the “wrong types” of matches and time wasters.

Better yet, men will actually pick up on your energy level and see that you’re a self-confident woman who knows what she wants. He will immediately SENSE that you’re not like the other girls he hangs out with, or crushes on. There is something radiant about you, something completely unique. He’s interested in your presence, your mind, and your whole life…not just your body.

This is what creates memories, not drama. This is the stuff love stories are built on. If you want to change your luck in dating, start by changing your perspective and then improving communication by understanding what men want to see.

You don’t have to change your personality to find the love of your life. You just need to learn the art of flirting and male-female communication. That’s what our site can help you with!

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