Text Messages to Send Your Ex (20 Texts To Get Your Ex Back)

We’ve often talked about the best types of texts to send your ex, whether it’s texts that make him nostalgic, curious or even feeling a little jealous. Sometimes we use the expression “customize this in your own voice.” Meaning that it always reads better and more natural when you say it in your own words.

But at the same time, a lot of you have written in asking about more specific ideas. Maybe you don’t even know where to start when you write these texts. No problem…I’ve decided to write 20 sample texts that you can use, rewrite or personalize to your own unique voice. Let’s analyze each text to see why it works and also categorize them into 5 stages.

Stage 1: Introduction Texts (Beginning conversations)

1. Hey! I saw you on Facebook the other day and realized how long it’s been since we last talked. How are you doing? Still working at ___?

Perfect excuse…Facebook randomly got you thinking about!

2. Hey stranger. It’s been almost a year since I heard from you! Is that long enough to wait to be friends again?

Very cheerful tone, showing him it’s safe to talk as friends again.

3. Congratulations on your new job. I read about it on your page. Really proud of you. Are you enjoying the change?

Shows genuine concern for him, without seeming invasive.

4. So today is the big job interview! I know it’s going to go well. Believe in yourself. I have a good feeling about it.

Shows support as a friend and that you still believe in his character and abilities.

Stage 2: Fun Texts (Keeping things fun and casual)

5. What was the name of that movie you always hated with the dude who befriends a monkey? Lol I just saw that while channel flipping and started laughing, thinking of you.

Nostalgic but also funny, lets you relive a fun experience.

6. I still remember our first conversation. We met outside at that party and you were talking to me about comic books. I even remember your pick up line.

Great line because it shows you’re thinking about him…AND you remember little details.

7. That thing’s happening that you described to me way back when. Remember, when if you look at people close enough you can see all these little gestures and micro-expressions? Now every time I talk to someone I notice them!

Great way to know that he’s changed you, your thinking, your outlook on life.

8. I was looking over my old emails and I found one where we were talking about visiting the beach. But…I totally don’t remember that! Do you?

Fun one, makes him think about it and describe what happened. Even if you really DO remember, it’s fun to reminisce.

Stage 3: Nostalgia Texts (Making him miss you and the way things used to be)

9. So I’m going to Myrtle Beach next month. Was just thinking about how much fun we had when we last visited.

A more direct way of reminiscing, by recalling great moments of the past and reliving them in your own heads.

10. What was the name of that seafood restaurant we went to in Long Beach for your birthday? LOL I still remember us cracking jokes…but I forgot the name of the place!

Another indirect way to make him recall the past—back when you were still together.

11. Your mom’s birthday is next week. I was looking at the calendar and it just hit me. Be sure to send her a nice card she was always so sweet to me. (Smile)

Really demonstrates your close relationship with his family, a very strong emotional motivator for a guy.

12. I still get horny whenever I smell that Jean Paul Gaultier.

Somewhat dangerous and you shouldn’t use it till much later on when you’re seriously thinking about giving the relationship a second chance. But, when the timing is right, it’s a brilliant line. You know what turns him on. And you know what about HIM turns you on. Use that line if you really want to make him WANT you sexually.

Stage 4: Perfect Woman Texts (Showing him you’ve changed and in ways that make him jealous!)

13. I’ve really learned to love the runner’s high. My second job is the gym now and a lot of the guys there know me by name.

If he used to complain about your lack of exercise!

14. I’ve been reading a lot on world history and social civics. I really would like to get into volunteer work, since it’s so close to my heart.

If he ever complained about your lack of ambition.

15. I’m actually going to college and learning marketing and business administration. I have a lot of ideas and really want to see them come to life.

If he ever complained about you not doing enough.

16. I’ve really adjusted my views on a lot of things lately. Career, sex, love, life, diet…I’ve opened my eyes in a lot of ways.

If he ever complained that you had a closed mind.

Stage 5: Vulnerability Texts (Letting him know it’s OK to trust you again and that there is still love between you two)

17. I want to get your advice on something. I’m really thinking about a career change. But you know me well and I’m just wondering if you think it’s the right time.

Asking him for advice makes him recall the days when he actually had you, and his advice was so important to you.

18. A part of me will always feel love for you. You are a good man. You make people happy. You make everyone want to be a better person. I’m glad that we’re still friends and got to know each other in this crazy ride of life.

Shows that you still “have love” for him, even though you’re no longer in love. He realizes he may still have a chance.

19. I wish I could be there for you right now. I know you’re hurting. I hope you have someone to talk to, who can be of comfort. If not, you know I’m here for you.

A kind thing to say if he’s in mourning. You’re also letting him know that you’re there for him, but only if he’s ready to open up.

20. I know we both made mistakes in the past. But I think we also had a lot of good times. And we learned a lot from each other. So I have no regrets about giving it our best shot. I hope you feel the same way.

The “no regrets” line is good because it shows you’re not vengeful or bitter. But that this relationship is indeed over, just the way he wanted it. Now, if he wants it back, he has to work for it!

These texts are all sure to “seduce” him in the ethical and practical way. You’re not deceiving him or manipulating him to feel something. You’re simply concentrating on being a more confident woman, being more like the Original You, and trying so many new things he barely recognizes you.

He’s fascinated! Now you can let him chase you as you add a whole new dimension to your relationship.

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