Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You

The “Twin Flame” refers to a hypothetical soul connection theory, similar to a “soul mate” but the mirror reflection of our true self. Whereas the soul mate is our perfect match, the Twin Flame reflects back what we are, which explains why these relationships are volatile. They can go from hot to cold, on and off, and even passionate to dysfunctional.

The Twin Flame is what you might call a learning experience. This is a relationship that’s hard or even impossible to resist, one that starts passionately and could end painfully. This man awakens something inside of you and helps you understand deeper truths about yourself and what you want out of a relationship.

Some believe that a twin flame is an unexplained phenomenon, a man whom you have a deep connection with, but can’t exactly explain why. Something about him helps you to learn, to experience and eventually (as the relationship ends) find your true calling in life.

Now the specifics on a twin flame can be confusing because of the clash of many different ideologies on what twin flames are. Some believe that the soul mate is a mentor, a friend, a family member…someone who only appears in our life for a brief period of time. The soul mate prepares us to meet our twin flame, who is eternally bound to us. Others believe the twin flame may be a negative force, or perhaps someone with whom you have a dysfunctional relationship in the beginning, but over time you both grow and get back together.

Most gurus agree that we only get one twin flame, because we start as “one” in the psychic realm before being split apart at the point of creation. No wonder then that we keep coming back together throughout a lifetime, and perhaps beyond one lifetime.

Signals from the Twin Flame

Another belief is that when it’s time to get back together with the twin flame, you send “silent” signals to each other. This is what happens before it’s time to get back together. You communicate in the spiritual realm. You may not talk or even see each other at first. But you will still feel these signs. Let’s consider some of the most common signs that show your twin flame is reaching out to you.

1. A very strong and mysterious attachment to a stranger, friend or acquaintance.

Remember the Twin Flame isn’t always your ex. You might not have met this person yet. If you’ve recently developed strong and intense feelings for someone you don’t know very well, there may be a Twin Flame dynamic happening.

2. If you have a lot of options to meet new people, those options seem to disappear – which only brings you closer to the Twin Flame.

The world gets smaller, just so you’ll have more opportunity to reunite with the Twin Flame, or at least that’s one theory on the matter.

3. It’s not just “him” that speaks to you. Lessons you learn from the Twin Flame come from multiple people or objects.

Ever feel like the universe, god or nature is trying to teach you something? That’s what some people claim happens with the Twin Flame. This relationship exists outside of time and space and so it goes beyond just one lifetime, or sometimes, even one body. You may actually encounter reminders of your Twin Flame in multiple people or objects – but these external signs direct you back to that relationship.

4. It’s not just about a person – it’s about the strong emotions you feel.

Experiencing sudden and very intense emotions could be another sign that a Twin Flame reunion is near. In fact, having strong feelings of grief or even joy could be the result of projected feelings that your Twin Flame is sending you.

5. You know what this other person is feeling or thinking.

It’s not just emotions that get transferred…you may start to read your Twin Flame’s thoughts or anticipate what they’re feeling. You may even finish that other person’s sentences or exchange thoughts and sentences even without words.

6. You have similar dreams.

You might be communicating with each other in the dream state, so it makes sense that you would both report similar dreams or at least the same images that you remember from different dreams.

7. You have new hobbies, goals or interests in common.

Since you are the “same being” in a sense, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that as soon as you develop a new hobby or interest, your twin flame is having the same epiphany. Maybe there’s a reason you’re both finding new things in common…because a reunion is near.

8. A major change has occurred in your Twin Flame’s life.

Finally, it’s common to learn that right before another reunion happens, the Twin Flame has experienced a major change in life. Perhaps he’s had the chance to work on old nagging flaws or has experienced a major change in his perspective or life goals. This could be evidence that he’s truly grown and learned something during your time apart (whether from this lifetime or beyond). Change is often the catalyst of new opportunities arising.

Now am I saying that Twin Flames are real and that you’re definitely linked with a spiritual being in the astral plane? Not necessarily. But I find that the lessons we learn, from both the material world and speculation from the psychic realm, have many features in common.

If you notice the very subtle signs of a Twin Flame attraction, then there’s a reason for that. Your mind is ready to discover new things and your heart is open to opportunity. You DO have to go looking for new experiences, obviously good luck is not going to just fall in your lap. You must reach out to others before you start to notice real change in your life.

But I do believe that all these little details that we notice from time to time may be significant. Pay closer attention to the things you’ve never noticed before…and keep an open mind. You may be surprised at what you find.

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