5 Signs a Libra Man Likes You

A Libra man has no trouble with confidence. Whereas a lot of guys are self-conscious around women they like, Libra comes alive in the presence of women. He’s very charming and yet has a down to earth quality about him. In fact, he’s such a “ladies man” that he’s not easily impressed.

He will flirt and play all day long, but he clearly knows who he likes and who he doesn’t – or more to the point, who he thinks is not a very good match. He’ll probably be nice to you either way, but soon enough you can figure out the “fake smile” and the “maybe sometime we’ll hang out!” kiss off.

The real question is, since Libra is such a talented performer, how do you know if what he’s saying is real? How do you know if he really likes you or is just treating you like one of the girls?

It’s subtle for sure…but the more you objectively analyze what Libra Man does (hey Libra Man! Sounds like a good name for a superhero!), the more you’ll understand how he feels about you. Let’s consider five signs that Libra is interested in you, beyond mindless flirting.

1. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

Two mistakes can happen when you date an extroverted Libra. Either you fall for the “act”, the facade he gives everybody by default, and take things too seriously…or you don’t believe him when he does actually confess his feelings for you. At first glance, it may be hard to determine if Libra is being honest when he says he likes you. (Or perhaps, he likes spending time with you or feels good in your company)

But if you analyze the “why” and “how” of the situation, you’ll find the answer. Consider: did he express to you that he likes you? Or did you ask him – thereby, prompting him to give you a polite answer? Does he explain to you why he’s attracted to you, giving specific reasons? Does he seem almost reluctant to say so, as if this is something he doesn’t do very often? The less suave he seems when confessing his feelings, the better the sign that he likes you.

Now maybe you’re wondering, couldn’t he just fake liking me for a one night stand? Of course! So let’s consider four other signs that will be even more telling.

2. He doesn’t flirt as much with other women – but with a very specific motivation.

You might not think a ladies man would be capable of stopping his flirtatious behavior with other women…and you’re right if you’re thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t ask him to do that.” Because asking him is a control technique and he may get turned off by the idea of being limited. Libra, like most men, loves his independence.

But when he is completely enamored by you, when he starts to obsess over you, that’s when he finds other women far less interesting. He may look, he may flirt a little…but he doesn’t put much effort into chasing them. Instead, he puts more effort into getting your attention, because you give him the reaction and the feeling that he wants.

3. He will compliment and text you more – backing up his talk with action.

The more Libra likes you, the more he includes you in his plans. Talking, empty charm and false compliments works for MOST women because that’s mindless flirting and it’s easy to do. But when he actually likes you, he works harder to share with you. He fits you into his schedule. He makes plans, he invites you places and texts you more often. Libra is actually an expressive lover so as soon as he feels something real, he will find a way to tell you, either in a direct way or subtle way. The point of all this sharing is not to impress you, but to spend MORE TIME with you. This is what makes him happy and he’s not ashamed to show you that he’s serious.

4. You see the “change” in him, from casually interested to deeply interested.

One of the best ways to gauge Libra’s sincerity is to notice when the change happens. When super-confident men first approach woman, they only do so at “half mast” so to speak – and I forgive you for snickering at that one!

That means that when he first meets you, all you really are to him is a pretty girl. So he’ll be flirty, cool and playful – but there will be no real emotional connection. As you build one over time, his way of dealing with you changes. He will slowly but surely become more talkative (less flirty), more interested in discussing his personal life (not just jokes and more flirting!) and more interested in getting to know the real you.

5. He starts behaving like “your man” rather than just a date.

In the same vein, when a Libra likes you he will start assuming the role of boyfriend even before it becomes official. He will probably start buying you gifts, he will want to fix your problems (as all men love to do), and provide for you with his unique skills.

He is not only working harder to impress you, (the “chase” as we call it here) but also allowing himself to become vulnerable with you – and that’s a huge milestone. Remember that when a man is just playing you, he will usually avoid becoming too vulnerable, or resist the idea of honesty all together.

Libra is characterized by his honesty, expressiveness and his willingness to plan a future with you. He’s not hard to read, but sometimes hard to impress. Do your best to project confidence, mystery and positivity when you meet your Libra crush – it will be a wonderful love story to remember!

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