4 Flirting Tips That Attract Men in Just the Right Way

4 Flirting Tips That Attract Men in Just the Right Way

If you want to be more attractive to a man in your life, one of the fastest ways to do this is to flirt with him.

Here’s why flirting is so attractive to men

1. It shows him that you’re interested in him.

In an age when male bashing has become an acceptable norm and “playing hard to get” seems to be the advice a lot of dating “experts” seem to give…

Just showing a guy a little bit of interest can be refreshing and attractive. You don’t want to go overboard on showing interest but a little bit can go a long way.

If he doesn’t think you’re interested, most men won’t pursue you. He doesn’t want to get stuck in the friend’s zone, which is one of the biggest frustrations for men.

2. It creates an emotional connection.

If you want a man to think of you as more than just a potential sex buddy, you need to connect with his emotions.

Flirting is a good first step to doing that.

Now you may be thinking, “Great, Matt… but how do I flirt with him?!?”

Here are four ways you can flirt with a guy:

1. Invite Him Over

When I first got into the dating industry, I did so as a client. I had just gotten out of the military and a combat tour in Iraq.

I remember hanging out at bars, feeling so helpless because I wanted to meet women but I didn’t have any idea how to.

I would try walking over to women and then just walking away without ever even saying anything. I would get half way over to them and just freeze with anxiety.

I remember thinking to myself…

“I’m this big bad military soldier. I fought in Iraq. I skydive, snowboard and play extreme sports. And I’m scared to talk to a little girl!”

It took me months of approaching hundreds of women to get a handle on it.

The truth is that talking to women gives the average guy crippling anxiety. It’s biological… and most guys have it, whether they’ll admit it or not.

So if you want a guy to come and talk to you, make it easy for him. Invite him over.

This could be as simple as a smile and eye contact or even a wave of the hand for him to come over.

Inviting him to come over can be a huge turn on for a guy, whether he’s someone you know or you’re getting him to talk to you for the first time.

For many guys, it’s like winning the lottery.

In fact, studies have shown that over 85% of men won’t approach a woman unless she gives him some kind of indication that she likes him.

Try it.

2. Encourage Him to Pursue You

Like I said before, there’s a lot of bad dating advice out there that says you should show disinterest to get a guy attracted to you.

That’s a short-term strategy that doesn’t work if you want a long-term relationship.

Instead, encourage him to pursue you. Tell him that you enjoyed spending time with him and that you’d love to see him again in the future.

Again, a guy’s worst nightmare is ending up in the friend zone with a woman he likes. Most guys will pull away and disappear altogether if they think they’ll end up as “just friends” with a woman.

3. Tease Him Like a Close Friend

This is all about your mindset. Have fun and be playful. Don’t take your interaction too seriously unless you’re in a serious conversation about something.

This shows confidence and makes him feel like he’s with someone who doesn’t put him on a pedestal and values herself… which is incredibly attractive.

4. Go Sexual And Then Pull It Back

I’m NOT talking about getting a guy to chase you here…

Instead, this is about going just a little bit sexual and then pulling it back or acting like you didn’t just do it.

For instance, you can go up and whisper in his ear, “that was so hot,” and then sit back, smile, and pretend like you didn’t just say it.

This can be really attractive, especially if you’re out in public or in a place where it wouldn’t really be appropriate for you to say that aloud.

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