Signs Aries Man is in Love with You

Aries is the first astrological sign, symbolized by the element of fire and the symbol of a ram. People born between the dates of March 20 and April 20 have certain qualities and so “Aries Men” might have distinct personality traits that you ought to learn if you want to pursue a romance.

Aries Knows What He Wants

First, understand that Aries is typically confident. He’s proud of himself and is eager to talk to women that appeal to him. His pride is one of his most defining characteristics, even if he’s not the perfect physical specimen. In fact, he’s so sure of himself, he’s turned off by displays of shame or insecurity. If Aries likes you, project that confidence back to him!

An Aries sign male has a certain ruggedness to him. He’s intuitive, very sure of his own ideas, and is more emotional than logical at times. He’s skilled typically, because he wants to be successful in life. So he has that natural confidence that comes from being good at what he does and not being afraid to accept praise.

There’s a good reason why he’s symbolized by the ram, however. He is a warrior at heart and he’s stubborn when it comes to his definitions of right and wrong. Unlike some other signs which are flexible or avoidant, Aries is passionate to a fault. He can be assertive or even aggressive if he senses his morals are being compromised in a relationship.

Privately, Aries is surprisingly vulnerable and you might not expect that from a guy who’s so macho in public. Behind his strength is a childlike sense of trust and a sensitive ego. Sure, he is very often guarded, which explains his wit and his hesitance to share too much too soon. But if you get to his heart, after proving your loyalty and self-respect, he will show you who he really is. Aries is not shy, but is smart. He tends to be a little mischievous but his troublemaking is always in good fun.

Difficult Traits of Aries

As we mentioned, Aries men can be misunderstood as overly aggressive or a little rough around the edges. He has a softer side, but it is often behind a layer of loudness and defensive behavior. Ultimately, he wants to be respected – it’s his defining feature. He will not be soft and vulnerable, until he trusts you.

Aries’ confidence can prevent relationships from happening, since he is more than capable of doing things alone or on a short-term basis. He wants an energetic partner and typically doesn’t settle for anything less. And by energetic, well, sometimes that means successful. Aries men don’t like fake confidence. But real confidence, meaning independence, self-love, and a woman of high value who believes in herself.

Aries can be a womanizer, at least in the sense that if he discovers you’re not truly confident in your own ability, he won’t feel any obligation to stay with you. He will look for another relationship, someone that fulfills him…he may even become addicted to that kind of single lifestyle, since it allows him to shine and avoid any deep emotions. He’s not unwilling to be close but he’s picky.

But Does He Like Me?

Aries is a traditional romantic. He may become accustomed to dating women and telling them things they want to hear, but there’s no reason to doubt his attraction is genuine. He believes in romance, in going to nice places, and fun events. Because he is a confident man, he tends to rush into a sexual relationship, since he feels the attraction must be mutual.

So the first sign of attraction is that he tells you, or he shows you. He’s not characteristically shy, so expect him to be direct and probably flamboyant about it. He likes being the center of attention and he likes to stay busy and sociable. If he happens to be a rare “shy Aries” type, you will be the reason he steps into the limelight.

Usually though, it’s all about partying with others and then making a getaway to be alone together. Because he is confident, don’t be surprised if he shows you off to his friends and shows off in your presence. This gets him excited and is a dead giveaway that he likes you.

Aries is all about appearances, though he is surprisingly genuine in his desire to protect and provide for you, IF you meet his high standards. He is a traditionalist and so will open doors, lift heavy objects, insist on helping you out, and so on.

Aries men are also rebellious, in that they break the rules to show off their creativity. He might take you on a completely new “dating experience” that’s far less traditional, just so he can show off his character and surprise you. He doesn’t want to be a bore and he is naturally fond of the outdoors, sports and other active social events.

His growing spontaneity in the relationship is another sign that he’s falling for you, since he likes to do random and silly things just to get you to smile. Working for your smile, and catching you off guard in cute ways, is part of his charm.

Aries Doesn’t Actually Play Games

What many misinterpret about Aries is that he’s a game player, when in fact, he’s just very perceptive about doomed relationships – but always still interested in free sex.

Aries dudes doesn’t have to play games because he’s traditionally confident and knows how to get what he wants through old fashioned dialog and charm. He doesn’t play with your feelings, since there’s no thrill in that. But he does PROTECT his feelings and if that means ending things or moving on, that’s what he will do.

Aries is not always easy to love, but it helps if you understand how important appearances are to him and how he thrives on romance and confidence. Give that back to him and always keep things fun and positive. The good news is once you do when his heart, and stay consistent in the way you take care of him, he will put you first in everything he does and protect your love together. He’s emotional but true…learn him and love him.

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