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8 Signs He Loves the Way You Kiss Him

Have you been worried lately about your kissing technique? It’s actually a good thing that you care so much about what he thinks. Some women take a man’s interest for granted and they do the absolute minimum when it comes to kissing, hygiene and dress, sex, and conversation. If you really want to hold onto a successful man, yes THAT one, the one you’re in love with and strongly attracted to, do the maximum. Impress him. Wow him. Show him that you’re worth the chase!

For example, kissing. Do you just kiss in a way that feels right? Or do you follow his lead, expecting him to make it magical? The best thing to do is to learn technique and then complement his leading with your own follow up. In other words, you learn kissing techniques and you give him more of what he wants.

Are your strategies or “instincts” working? Look for these eight signs which tell you that he’s not just satisfied with your kissing style—he’s downright enamored with you!

1. He’s so turned on he actually says, “Wow you’re a really good kisser.”

Now not all guys will come out and say this but some do. So if he uses any variation on this phrase, that’s a definite sign that he’s amazed at your kissing technique. Guys really don’t lie about kissing. If he actually says something nice he’s beyond satisfied—more like surprised at how good you are!

2. He actually wants to slow foreplay down and focus on kissing for a while.

Not all men want to fast-forward to sex! Some men are actually very turned on by kissing since it’s a much more intimate connection. When you spending more time kissing and exploring all the different types of kisses, it makes foreplay and sex feel even better later on.

If he always seems to “tolerate kissing” but pushes you forward, more eager to neck, pet and grope, then assume one of two things: one, that he’s completely ignorant about sex and is a bit selfish in his approach; or two, that he really doesn’t like the way you kiss.

Granted, every once in a while I hear horror stories from friends about men who are total pigs in bed. But I must say, most men are eager to please. They love to kiss and to engage in foreplay because they know it pleases women. If you’re a good kisser and have good technique they will want to kiss more and make this sexual experience last as long as possible!

3. He looks into your eyes before and after the kiss.

This is always a good sign of an intense, soulful connection. True, most guys will glance at you during the before and after. But a man who’s really impressed with the unique way you kiss will be so mesmerized he will look straight into your soul. He will be amazed to be with you and to experience your love and his eyes, his smile, his whole face, will show it. You may even catch him kissing you with his eyes open—that’s how crazy you’re making him with your kisses! The eyes really tell the story.

4. He strokes your face with his hand before he kisses you.

A lot of men will just go from 0 to Kissing in less than thirty seconds! It’s such a fast and “prepared” sort of kiss that it feels awkward. It’s almost like he’s doing it with a sense of obligation. In contrast, the man who strokes your head, your hair, and your face is really feeling the kiss. He’s so impressed with your kissing technique he wants to fully experience you—feel the intimacy through facial touching and then build on it with a climactic and fireworks-type kiss. He wants the immersive and more intimate experience and that’s why he’s eager to use his hands.

5. He kisses you all over your face, not just your lips.

Kissing just your lips and never venturing out could mean he’s not quite feeling it. But a man that kisses your lips and then explores other areas to kiss—like your chin, cheek, forehead, eyelids and jaw—that’s a guy who’s feeling the passion! A man who’s this excited about using his own lips is obviously very impressed with the way you use yours. Return the favor by kissing him on his face, as well as on the lips. Variety is the spice you need in the bedroom!

6. His kisses are long, passionate and repeated.

If a man only kisses you for short kisses at a time, he may be holding back for some reason. But if his kisses are long, repeated and very intense, he’s putting his heart into it. He may even follow your lead on using tongue or try to slowly French-kiss you. He doesn’t just go for the tongue right away…he works his way up to that, after engaging you in a long and passionate embrace.

7. He makes preening gestures, indicating he’s slightly nervous—you’re just that good!

If a guy realizes you’re a better kisser than he is, expect him to show a few signs of nervousness. This usually manifests itself in the way of preening—gestures where he corrects his dress or posture. This might include putting his hand through his hair, straightening a tie, or even putting his hand in front of his mouth or somewhere on his face.

8. He starts to mirror your energy before and after this kiss.

Mirroring a person—meaning you subtly start mimicking their posture, their pace of movement, gestures and speaking style—is the best form of flattery. It’s really a silent method of communication, one that shows you understand them. You feel rapport with them. And that you’re trying to match their rhythm and their energy. It’s how we subconsciously communicate the message, “I like you! I want to know you!” A man who does this immediately after kissing is falling for you fast!

Stay observant and analyze how happy he seems to be after the kiss. If he’s looking at you with those dreamy eyes and sending more signals, he’s ready to take it to the next level.

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    I know that I have found the one everything you said in this story fits us to a tee please send me more now that I have found him it seems like now everyone from my past is trying to get serious now and I know that he is the one but not just on my end his ex is trying to use the pitty and the fact they were together for 18 years but I met him when they where apart I would never want to come between anyone or cause any woman heartache but why should I deny myself happiness when I have never been this happy in my life and when he has shown me told every day best love once in a,life time love

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