Is He My Soulmate? Here’s How to Know For Sure…

“You’ll know when you meet the right one. Because soul mates always find each other!”

Growing up, we really do want to believe in soul mates. We meet so many people that we’re not compatible with, we love the idea that someday “a perfect match” is going to come along and fulfill our lives.

That person will give our lives meaning. That person will SAVE me from a life of heartache.

Do you ever wonder – if you had met that perfect soul mate back when you were young and naïve – what would he have been like? What would his personality be like? What mannerisms would he have? What healing words would he have had for you? What could he have done to heal those old wounds?

In hindsight, wouldn’t you pity a man who had to live up to such “perfect” standards? To be kept on such a high pedestal is a nightmare.

How do you begin to fulfill someone’s one-dimensional fantasy of a “perfect lover?”

How in the world do you ask forgiveness when you inevitably fall short of being perfect?

People who chase after “perfect lovers” want something more than any one man could ever give them. They wanted perfection. They want destiny. True love’s kiss, just like it happens in fairy tales.

And this is the kind of stubborn idealism that never works out in real life. What happens is usually you pine for years, wanting him and then losing him, or worse, you get involved in a relationship based on fantasies…and one that self-destructs.

Now that’s what I call the “bad soul mate”, the unrealistic fantasy that won’t come true.

However, I also believe in a “good soul mate.” You CAN find your soul mate in life, absolutely. Here are five ways to know if this guy you like is the good soul mate or bad soul mate.

1. It’s not that you know what he’s thinking – instead, you know how he FEELS.

You’ll never be able to know everything your partner is thinking. However, once you get to know him (by sharing conversation and expressing your deepest feelings), you will start to learn how he feels. You will empathize with him, feeling his pain and feeling his joy. Soul mates understand how the other person feels, not because of cosmic alignment, but because they’ve grown to love each other. They feel how the other person feels because of experience and times they’ve shared together.

2. Your life and career paths look the same.

The opposite of soul mates must be lovers who grow apart? Why do people grow apart? They want different things in life. They’re compatible sexually, or may even be compatible in personality – during a stage, a time of experimentation. But as these lovers grow older, they begin to see their destiny. Maybe it’s a shared faith, a shared goal in politics or career, or in the creation of a family. If you and your partner want the same “destiny” in life (self-chosen, the values that matter to you) you are soul mates. Because you will grow closer as time goes on, working towards the same path.

3. He makes you happy.

Idealistic “bad soul mate” relationships have one recurring theme: misery, heartache, and regret. We regret all the mistakes we make. We’re angry, confused, saddened and hurt. You hate the person you are when you’re with him. But a true soul mate is someone who has a positive effect on you and your life. You’re happy with him. You don’t argue violently and then have good makeup sex. You have good sex and then you get along. You make sacrifices for each other. You have fun together. The world just seems like a better place when you’re in each other’s arms.

4. You don’t have to act when you’re around him. You’re comfortable being yourself – and he appreciates the real you.

Lustful relationships are defined by facades, acts, fantasies. We want a certain kind of lover to satisfy lust. Love is the exact opposite. It’s not about acting or putting on a great show. It’s about the hours after sex, and after romance wears off. It’s about being able to communicate honestly, without sugar-coating the truth. It’s about your partner loving you for what you think, what you say and what you do. You don’t have to pretend when you’ve found your soul mate. Just be”.

5. You work on your bad habits, you work hard to become better people individually, and as a couple.

There is a sense of delusion when you have a “bad soul mate” and you try to analyze this person objectively. You may make excuses for his bad behavior, even if that behavior involves hurting you emotionally. You may be blind to these personality flaws, even if other people warn you about them. When you’re with someone that understands you and matches you in the real world, you see things clearly. You work on your flaws while he works on his. Together, you’re able to reduce stress and stop the vicious cycles that seem to make you unhappy. There’s no denial – just genuine effort to please each other more thoroughly and to make an already good relationship even better.

As you can see there’s no reason to abandon the idea of a soul mate. Soul mates do exist, but they’re our self-chosen soul mates. Someone that we appreciate, understand and care about more than anyone else. If there’s a man in your life that you care about, well beyond friendship, then analyze the situation objectively.

Does he have a positive effect on you? Do you have a positive effect on him? When you’re together are you actually happier? When trouble arises, can you both approach the situation rationally and calmly, always treating each other with respect?

If your answer is yes, Such genuine compatibility is hard to find. Don’t throw away this opportunity. Embrace your Good Soul Mate and enjoy true love’s kiss in the real world.

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