3 Flirty Text Messages to Send a Guy You Like

How to Text a Guy – 5 Messages He’ll Love

It’s not hard to come up with a text message that will titillate, thrill and caress your man. All it takes is a little visualization and some strong words that communicate emotion. Consider five text messages that he will love and literally blush over!

1. “Going to the gym again? Okay but leave some of that body for me.”

Great line, giving him a sexy little threat for later, while still showing encouragement for his fitness routine. You double compliment him, while also being the sexual aggressor—something men always enjoy.

2. “Guess what I’m wearing (or not wearing)?”

Statements about skimpy or absent clothing work well with men since they are highly visual by nature. They want to visualize not only what you look like, but the intensity of the affair coming their way. Be detailed if you’re describing something sexy or be bold in telling them what you’re not wearing. Bonus points if you’re both in a public place.

3. “I had a bad day at work. I really need to sexercise away some stress.”

Telling him that you had a bad day alerts his instincts to protect and provide for you. And of course, giving him the visual of intense, “unwinding” sex later flatters his ego. He’s doubly motivated to help you de-stress in all the ways you enjoy most.

4. “I’m at that new restaurant downtown on a business trip. So bored…wish you were here!”

A good reminder that you live an active and amazing life without him…but even so, he seems to make everything more interesting.

5. “I woke up this morning and well…you were the first thing on my mind.”

While romantic and sexy is a win-win for everybody, don’t underestimate the power of the heart text. Don’t worry about appearing too emotional. Avoid the word “love” but express how you’re thinking about him. Coming from an independent woman, it shows a rare moment of vulnerability. Something he can draw out even more if only he tries a little harder.

These emotional moments are windows of opportunity. You do occasionally have to show him these glimpses so as not to appear too rough or too cynical. But instead of doing it in weakness, do it as a reward. Reward his efforts to bond and be honest, with a glimpse into your heart.

He will love these texts and will start to look forward to these mini-conversations as the highlight of his day.

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