How to Give Good Head (What Men Say)

We’ve heard what the “experts” say about good blowjobs and granted, those are all some great ideas. But let’s get down to some of the more creative, weird and extreme ideas floating around out there. That’s what everyone wants to hear/read, right? The stuff not usually mentioned in sex guides—the wild and kinky stuff people have tried, that worked GREAT!

Let’s talk about some of these ideas. I went out and found 9 good head tips out there, loosely based on the wild fantasies of both men and women who are thoroughly “in the moment” and realize that a good BJ is just as much an emotional thing as it is a physical thing.

1. Finish your sexy roleplay with a BJ.

Why be so married and polite about something so kinky? If you really want to make it good, associate some scenario or character to it. Do it in the office, or in a car, or even pretend to be other people entirely and roleplay like you just met. You could even dress up in costumes to really set the mood for this inappropriate encounter.

2. Keep your clothes ON.

Usually BJ means naked, right? Not always…in fact, the “quickie” blowjob is one of a man’s most desired fantasies. There’s not always time to dress and undress, so surprising a man with a clothes-on blowjob might be just what he was thinking about, but forgot to tell you.

3. Be porn-star brave and switch foreplay / intercourse.

Granted, this is a porn thing but hey, it would be dishonest to say men don’t fantasize about porn style sex. One of the most popular “porn” things to do? Break up the repetition of a blowjob by switching from oral to penetration to foreplay and back again. This could be something brave like “vagina to mouth” or something more flavorful if that unusual taste bothers you, like breastplay to handjob to blowjob. Surprise is always your ally!

4. Deepthroat him (and use this sneaky trick while you’re at it)

Men love the idea of the deepthroat, even if it feels more or less the same as any “good ole’ American blowjob”. The deepthroat – gag combination is another porn fantasy come to life. And while you can bravely try to see how deep it can go, there’s also another sneaky way to do it. You can use your roof of tongue to fool him into thinking he’s “all the way back there” and pounding on the back of your throat. Give him a fake gag and let him think he’s longer than he really is.

5. Practice on a dildo.

Now that’s something you’ve never heard from an English professor (or hopefully not!) But it’s true…you can’t quite “learn” something unless you’ve handled it. No, that doesn’t mean you have to give BJs to a bunch of gross guys you don’t even love. It just means you can letter how to better control your tongue, lips and hands by practicing with a toy. Even a banana would suffice if you’re too shy to order a realistic dildo.

6. Look him in the eye especially during orgasm.

His instinct may be to look away or shut his eyes, so remind him that this is happening and it’s amazing by finding his eyes during an intense BJ—especially during climax. Look at him before the BJ begins. Then during sex. Then after sex, look at him and give him a sexy gaze to remember. Something profound happens when you stare at your lover for several minutes…you bond. You feel more oxytocin (the love hormone). You feel greater intimacy between you and that’s what it’s all about.

7. It’s OK to take a break.

Don’t assume that you have to do everything in chronological order and that the guy will throw a fit if you don’t finish right away. The dude won’t be impatient, trust me.

This is the best thing that will happen to him all day! That means that the longer you prolong it, the better the experience is. That said, it’s OK to take a break and to have him pleasure you, or to pleasure him in a way that RESTS your hands or your mouth.

If you need a few minutes to recover, then take it, please him in a different way, then go back when you’re ready.

8. Dirty talk him in between blowjobs.

Every great Superbowl needs a halftime show right? So instead of just finishing a wordless blowjob ASAP, take the time to dirty-talk him in between sucks, strokes and swallows. Look into his eyes and tell him what you’re going to do to him. Or ask him how he likes the way you suck his c_ck. Or you could even call him a dirty boy and experiment with some light BDSM talk. The point is, if you really want to make this memorable get his mind involved too.

9. Mix up the climax in different ways.

The foreplay of a blowjob may be the most important part in terms of building excitement. But when it comes to delivering a powerful and high volume climax, then it’s all about the way you let him come. For one thing, stop letting him ask and answering with “anywhere.” Tell him where you want him to ejaculate and vary your answers from time to time.

There’s really no wrong answer here. A guy loves to ejaculate on a woman’s face, or for her to swallow, or even on the neck for a “pearl necklace” finish. Sometimes though, he likes the idea of “body painting” by coming on her breasts, tummy or butt cheeks. Some guys even have a toe fetish, go figure.”

If you decide to take a “facial” then remember to close your eyes (coming in the eyes id really not pleasurable at all!) and also to grab hold of his shaft to DIRECT the come shot to where you want it to go.

These are some more bawdy tips on making the perfect blowjob. As always your enthusiasm and eroticism are what he wants to see. Be more into the experience…feel more pleasure on your own and share that energy with him.

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