How to Meet Guys

I’m going to be honest…meeting a guy online (though of course, it’s considered the BEST place to meet men on most dating websites) is not always going to work. The problem with online dating is that either (A) men are usually just after sex and nothing serious; (B) they’re not always very successful men; and (C) if they are successful and seriously looking they are only looking for a certain niche type of relationship.

Now I’m not saying that dating online should be off limits. I’m suggesting that maybe you shouldn’t put all your stock in online dating when there are plenty of other places to meet a guy and find the loving relationship you want.

And just to keep things classy, let’s leave out bars and nightclubs because not everybody enjoys that kind of atmosphere. Still…I have at least 10 great ideas on how to meet guys and how to find a good match.

1. Improvisation Classes and Comedy Clubs

Both of these “funny” environments are conducive to dating, creativity and lots of laughter. Improvisation classes actually let you interact with other men and perform a scene. It usually ends with intentional awkwardness, hilarity, and bonding. If you’re too nervous to perform then go to a comedy club, especially on open mic night, and let all those ambitious guys come to you and try to impress you.

2. Gyms or Crossfit

Anything high energy and high intensity is a great introduction to you: you’re focused, determined, you care about your appearance, and you’re all about that endorphinal rush! This is a particularly good idea if you want to find a man in good shape and a little bit “above average” when it comes to a pretty face. Besides that, men who are focused in the gym tend to be career-focused in their lives as well.

3. The Park (with your favorite furry friend)

Many men walk their dogs to the park just to meet women. It creates an instant icebreaker and immediately paints you both in a nice and non-threatening way. It also lets you continue an easy introduction for minutes on end, as you both walk your dog around the park. Show him right up front that you’re a dog person (even if you do have cats at home) and love affection.

4. Costume Parties or Cosplay Events

These dress up parties are like fine wine—they make you feel immediately comfortable (since you’re dressing up to get positive attention), a little “in character”, and a bit uninhibited. Start the conversation out with genuine compliments (I love your costume) and get ready to laugh and talk about cool things even BEFORE you move onto the usual date chat.

5. Restaurants…with an Introduction

While it’s no fun waiting for a man to come talk to you at a nice restaurant, sending the guy you like a free drink is always a bold move for a confident woman. You don’t even have to guess…just ask the waiter what your guy crush is drinking and then send him another on the house. This works as a fun social experiment even if he’s not single or not into you—he’s still going to love the free drink and be thankful! You can’t lose with this one.

6. Class Reunions and Alumni Events

There is always nostalgia in the air when you meet someone from your past. Relationships and opportunities forgotten 20 years ago can come back in a heartbeat. Why not catch up on everyone’s life and test to see if your old crush still seems enamored with you?

7. Community Events

Get busy in charity work! The most successful men in life are often times philanthropists who want to make the world better. If they’re just starting out, they’re probably getting involved in the local sector. You can do the same and show these guys that you’re no trophy wife—you’re an ambitious and amazing person with the highest standards! Think about community service, volunteer organizations, fundraisers and social causes that really touch you personally.

8. Cooking Classes

If you really want to impress a man and find an impressive man who will cook for you(!) then make plans to attend a few cooking classes. Learn how to tickle each other’s sense of taste long before you start dating. Begin the courtship with talk of the most sensuous meals in the world!

9. Bookstores and Poetry Readings

If brainy is your preference, instead of the usual bar and club scene, think bookstores, poetry readings, museums and art galleries. This immediately puts you in a higher league of intellectuals—men who can carry a decent conversation. Brainy guys tend to be creative and passionate and there are very few “bluffers” in this type of environment. There’s a reason shallow and thick-headed guys stick to the bar scene.

10. Local Meetup Groups

You might make the initial contact online but the benefit of the meetup group is that it gets you out on a group date with many singles, or in some cases other couples—and in that case, they could have a friend of a friend that might be an ideal match. Local hangouts are not only fun (trivia nights, dancing, new restaurants) but they also get you in the habit of networking outside of work. Learn to meet a variety of people, not just singles, but from all walks of life. Many singles actually prefer to date a friend of a friend (not by fixing up, because nobody likes that!) but maybe after a fun group vacation when you can relax, be yourself and mingle with others.

The answer to meeting guys, and meeting the right kind of quality guy you really want to meet, is to communicate with many but to narrow your selection down to a very few. Don’t settle…identify the qualities you want and then go for the man who deserves you and who’s willing to fight for you. That’s the kind of intense and loving relationship every woman wants!

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