How to Look Sexy (9 Things Guaranteed to Work)

Is there an art to looking sexy? There must be…after all, men usually will approach women first. Even shy guys will muster up the courage to approach a woman they think is amazingly beautiful. But it’s not enough to say, “Dress nicely.” There has to be more to looking sexy than just knowing fashion. Believe it or not, some women will catch the eye of a successful man even though they’re not the best dressed in the room, nor are they the most physically perfect. Sometimes it really is about the body language you use that draws men over to you. Consider nine tips on how to look sexy, regardless of fashion trends – meaning these tips would work in 2018 or even 1918!

1. Exercise regularly, especially the day of your date / conversation.

It’s not just that exercise helps us look better—we actually feel better after a good workout, even hours after the fact. Women who regularly exercise report major benefits in their attitudes and abilities. According to research, exercise improves your mood and reduces stress. It also increases your energy, makes your skin look better, and helps you retain brain health and memory. Exercise frequently and be a better date…it’s scientific!

2. Know how good eye contact works.

It might be misleading to say strong eye contact is sexy. After all, a psycho will stare you down, and smile, and creep you out. What’s sexy is the game you play when you first make eye contact. You make contact, you stare, but then you look away. You smile, you glance at him again, and then slowly look away. You give him coy glances off and on until he takes the bait and approaches you. Once you have his attention that’s when you can stare at him, smile, and really start some intense flirting.

3. Be animated. Be excitable.

Realizing what is not sexy may help you to remember the best way to conduct yourself on a date or in a conversation with a handsome stranger. What’s not sexy? No reaction, low key reaction, poor eye contact and hardly any enthusiasm. Men are drawn to women who are excited to chat, interested in learning who they are, and who are animated in their facial expressions and body language. For instance, blinking your eyes to show surprise, nodding in agreement, shaking your head to express mutual frustration, laughing with him—these are all gestures that encourage him to continue. Letting your hands wave naturally when you’re excited and give descriptive gestures while telling a story is another way to be animated and a little flirty.

4. Stand with confidence thanks to a correct posture.

Maintain good posture by standing up straight, which means keeping your back straight. Make an effort to keep your legs relaxed and about half of your shoulder width apart. Step gracefully, don’t lean and don’t rest one foot. Stay balanced. Remember to keep your arms and hands controlled. No playing with items, crossing your arms, or messing with your hair. Keeping your posture correct shows strong confidence and helps you with eye contact.

5. When in doubt always slow down.

There’s always too much to risk when you move too fast. You run the risk of tripping, talking too fast, sounding nervous or even running out of things to say. That’s why really sexy women have the habit of doing things slightly slower, so as to remain in complete control of themselves and the setting. Too many people are moving fast, talking fast and nervously panting through a conversation. SLOW it down. You do things according to your own time frame and pace. Enjoy the moment and stop rushing through life. If it helps think of it as “accentuating your gestures”. Do it so that he notices the gesture you’re doing. Don’t so it shyly or in passing. Draw attention to what you’re doing. You will notice a change in the way people treat you.

6. Wear something sexy underneath.

One way to instantly come across as a sexy woman is to simply wear something very sexy underneath your regular clothes. Maybe it’s a matching bra and panties or a bold piece of lingerie. Something that you know would make a man go gaga over you. But this is only your secret. (And his secret if and when he’s lucky enough to become your boyfriend) But just by having this kinky secret, you can feel sexier. You can feel more confident and more seductive. You won’t even have to think about being sexy…you will feel it. You will carry this secret with you and it will affect the way you talk, move and interact with a man. Try it out!

7. Eat sexier foods.

Not only is exercise sure to make you look and feel better, but certain foods will also help you look better, feel better, and uh…well, feel more amorous! Naturally, vegetables and fruits should comprise most of your diet since these are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help body function, mental prowess and general health. But did you know certain foods can also boost your hormones and release endorphins? This is great for projecting a more sexual presence.

Think about eating chocolate for its phenylethylamine, which releases endorphins. Coffee, saffron and even watermelon have been linked to an increase in sexual drive.

8. Be confident in your sexual abilities.

This may be an unusual tip to pass on, but it’s absolutely true. One of the biggest causes of shyness is a lack of sexual experience or a lack of sexual knowledge. But if you take the time to learn more about sex, including how to be a good lover, how to please a man, and how to help a man please you, you will become more confident as a person. You will realize that all that stands between a night of passion, one where you fulfill his ultimate fantasy and turn him into your love slave, is you deciding when he’s worthy. Once he succeeds, it will be time to demonstrate your wealth of sexual knowledge. You’ll be the teacher and he’ll be amazed at how much better you are at lovemaking than most women. It will be a surge of confidence and one that you don’t have to wait to feel. You feel it as soon as you start to learn and better yourself as a friend, a lover and a partner.

9. Talk about things that interest you—that made you excited!

Lastly, one more secret to being confident and sexy is to stick to things that you actually enjoy talking about. Talk about things that interest you and avoid shallow conversations. Ask him about what you find interesting and let him impress you with his knowledge and wit. When he wants you to talk, discuss your passions in life—the subjects or hobbies that you respond to emotionally. He will sense that you really care about this subject and he will sense the emotion and passion in your voice. Knowing how to converse and contribute to a conversation will prevent you from conversation killers—like fishing for compliments, putting yourself down or making awkward small talk.

Looking sexy and desirable is a matter of maintaining control and balance and sending out the right signals. But there’s more to being sexy than just looking good as an attractive woman. Clothes, fashion and grooming ARE a signal. What signal are you putting out there? We’ll discuss this in a future article.

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