UNCENSORED: How does a guy know when he's in love?

UNCENSORED: How does a guy know when he’s in love?

I’ve got a treat for you today…

I have a few quotes from guys who were asked one simple question:

“How do you know when you’re in love?”

Listen to what these men say about how they knew they were falling in love…

They were asked: How did you know you were in love with her?

“I had the most amazing f**king realization when I started falling for my woman: MAN I’m so glad my last relationship didn’t work out! Otherwise I’d never have met her…”  – TJ. Armistead

WOW – That’s some fantastic perspective right there!

How long we spend crying about the “one that got away” is just delaying us from meeting The One…

Here’s another quote:

“Right from the start… all I knew is I thought, ‘I could see myself marrying this girl.’ I mean, it hits a guy that quickly. We just KNOW it in our bones… But we won’t tell you until after we propose.”   – Dave C.

That’s a key right there – most guys won’t tell you up front that you’re THE ONE – even if we know it. We don’t want to take a chance on scaring you off by coming on too strong.

Listen to Mark talk about when he knew he was in love:

“… from the first time we hung out, our relationship always felt perfect and progressed so naturally – When I felt that sensation in my chest, sh*t – I knew she was
the One.” – Mark J.

Mark’s point is also critical: A man has to FEEL his love in his body. And many women don’t know how to make that happen.

(I’ll show you in just a second)

Now, read what this guy said:

“Really, it didn’t take long. It wasn’t something I had to think about. I could just FEEL she was special. It took only a second to feel the Truth between us.

“It was clear that there was something unsaid between us, and now we’re engaged. Damn, I’m lucky.”   – Stan K.

There again is that feeling of something magical happening between them.

Almost like a blast of “destiny” … or “fate.”

I bet you’re curious about HOW a woman gets a man to feel that “body blast” of love…?

Because there IS a way to trigger a man’s body to feel that love –

and it’s something I call The Love Law.

I’ve got a quick video here that will show you what that is:

Click here to watch the video <<

I discovered this secret when I was coaching a good friend of mine – and what she found out is truly ** the most important discovery ** about LOVE in the last 20 years…

Go watch it here:

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Talk to you soon,

Matthew Coast






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