How to Know If a Taurus Man Likes You

If you were born between the dates of April 20th to May 20th, then you are a Taurus and your ruler Venus has suggested you have the “bull” of astrological personalities. While you may or may not believe that the stars control your life, you might find some value in understanding the Taurus type of personality, who exactly you clash with and why. It might also help you figure out what’s going on with your love life – namely if the guy you like actually likes you or is just being a sweetheart.

Let’s first consider who Taurus is as well as their primary motivations.

Taurus Essential Qualities

Taurus is characterized by reliable and patient interactions. Like the best qualities of a bull, Taurus is strong-willed, devoted, responsible and stable when it comes to achieving their goals. They are practical minded, which explains why they gravitate towards clothing, working with their hands, gardening and cooking. They admire romance as well as passionate music.

On the other hand, Taurus can have some bullish qualities on the negative side. A Taurus can be stubborn and unwilling to compromise when it comes to getting their way. They don’t like complications or sudden changes from the routine.

Taurus is also unusual in the way that they don’t like insecure behavior, such as a controlling partner or someone who has low self-confidence, but at the same time tends to be possessive in relationships. If you don’t like a very attentive, and perhaps over-attentive lover, you might find Taurus difficult to live with. On the other hand, if loving attention is what you crave, Taurus is ready to provide.

The Taurus Man

Taurus men, by nature, try to keep a grounded and practical-minded view of life. They don’t tend to be dreamers. They’re not necessarily workaholics, since they seem to follow careers that pay the most. While some automatically see stubbornness as a bad trait, it can also symbolize a very wealthy and attractive man, one who is committed to finishing things, completing tasks and living up to their expectations.

They are conservative by nature and this means financially mature, which isn’t a bad thing if you want a wealthy Taurus man for a husband. Mister Taurus also makes a good friend, which doesn’t mean that he’s an “easy” boyfriend. Taurus can be bullish when you get to know him, and closed off from people UNTIL he learns to trust. He trusts a select few deeply. In fact, many of Taurus’ best friends are people he’s known since childhood.

Taurus men are generally polite to everyone but they can seem cold at first, if you’re reaching out to them without earning trust over time. Taurus has a deceptively friendly side, since he loves beautiful women and loves the idea of love. Some have even accused Taurus of being a man of hedonism, a man who focuses on pleasure and success.

Of course, if you can make Taurus happy you have nothing to worry about. He will “maintenance” the relationship and work on keeping this relationship solid, predictable and safe.

Does He Likes You? Look for These Telling Behaviors!

Of course, the real issue is whether or not he actually feels attraction to you. Taurus men are sometimes hard to read, since their success in life has given them an exterior charm that is very appealing. But if he actually likes you, and has come to know you over a good period of time (signaling trust), he will start to show more evidence signs of a growing attraction.

Forget charm – Taurus is all about action. Here are eleven signs to look for that show his interest.

1. He will learn things about you, remember them and mention them as evidence that he knows you.
2. At some point, he will start to lose his happy jokey sense of humor and become more romantic in the way he communicates. Pay attention to his look, his words and tone.
3. He will open up about his personal life, sharing important and private things as a sign of trust.
4. He will increase the physical touching, creating more intense attraction.
5. He may actually
6. He will share his money with you, his lifestyle and family.
7. He will increase the number of sincere compliments, definitely going for the direct approach.
8. He will seem a little shy when he starts to speak his heart to you. He’s not used to trusting someone this much but desires it greatly.
9. He will buy you some traditionally romantic gifts, which is in his conservative nature. He doesn’t go for mind games, just for love.
10. He will ignore other women in favor of you. He is a one-woman at a time type of lover.
11. He desires you all to himself! Did someone say possessive? That’s Taurus!

Remember that Taurus needs time to build trust, so be patient with him and give him more time to get to know you and build a rapport. He can be intimidating at first, especially when he clams up in the beginning. But once you get past that rough exterior, you will find a surprisingly delicate lover and devoted partner.

Taurus is not the most subtle of personalities. The Taurus man doesn’t tend to notice subtle things either. He is slow to make the first move, but when he does feel wanted and the feelings are clearly communicated, he responds well. In your relationship, communication means everything. Keep things honest and passionate and you can build love on a strong foundation.

Taurus is a fascinating personality, but one you might have to spend some time learning before you can make a match. Taurus is a trustworthy and patient partner, when he is in love. Getting there, however, requires some investment. He expects you to be kind and open to conversation and persistently so – not the kind of person who gives up too easily!

As happily married Taurus partners can tell you, it’s worth the wait to find a man this dedicated.

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