How to Know If a Libra Man Likes You

Libra is illustrated by the scales of justice and ranges from the dates of September 23 to October 22. As a general character, the Libra man is a gregarious person. He tends to be sociable, pleasant, cooperative and diplomatic in most situations. He is a fair rationalist, which explains his association with justice. He seeks harmony in life but being kind to other people, as well as sharing his resources, means everything.

Libra man is a nature lover, an outdoor adventurer and a man who seeks more knowledge and understanding. Not only is he an intellectual, but he’s also voracious for stimulation, emotional, mental and physical. He’s a reader, a talker and yet someone who’s very cautious about getting along with new people and keeping the peace. He’s a lover of art, music and sightseeing.

The perfect man, right? Not exactly. Everyone has their own sets of flaws and Libra has his hangups for sure. By nature, Libra is not a strong decisive leader, mainly because he avoids confrontation. On the other hand, when you hold a lot back externally you tend to feel it internally. No wonder then Libra is often accused of holding grudges and throwing pity parties

Still, as a man he is motivated by good qualities, especially the desire to stand up against injustice, bullying and violence. He is a peaceful person, sociable and definitely a man who’s looking for a true romantic partner.

Libra as a Lover

Libra’s desire for intimacy and peace defines his relationships. He wants a “mirror” type relationship, one where you both keep things balanced. That makes it fair and just, which is what he wants the most in life. He wants to avoid conflict as best he can and this can be a good or thing, or sometimes a negative thing, if he avoids discussing important issues that must be clarified. Libra is a traditional, marriage-oriented lover. He has no problems starting conversation or finding a new partner, but trusting someone and becoming vulnerable in their presence is a big milestone in the relationship. This is what he wants, that feeling of surrendering, trusting, and soul-bonding with you, his chosen lover.

The biggest question is how do you know if a Libra man is serious about you? Given how nice and peaceable he is, he might be the type of guy to fake interest in you, even if he has no real attraction. There are also Libra men who might only want sex from incompatible partners, but have no intentions of starting a serious relationship. So what does a smitten Libra man look like?

The first step is fairly obvious. He wants to start a conversation with you. Either he will pursue you or he will respond to you immediately. But after that point, determining the difference between Nice Libra and Attracted Libra is a bit more complex.

Signs Libra is Seriously Interested in You

1. He is persistent and sure of what he wants.

Libra spends some time getting to know a person so when he does make up his mind, he will usually stay the course. He’s persistent, flirty, playful and casual, at least at first. But the more you talk, the more you realize he’s sharing a lot about himself. He talks about his personal life frequently and is interested in hearing more about you.

2. He’s very protective and respectful of you.

Not only is Libra a protective date, he’s also respectful of your time and character.

Libra is old-fashioned in all the right ways. He’s protective of you in the sense that he shares frequently, both his resources and his activities. He shares his life with you and does a lot of the little romantic things that other men might forget. He’s a gentleman and makes sure you feel comfortable and appreciated. No mind games from this guy. He’s also the type of guy that will focus his attention on you (since you’re the one he likes) rather than dating multiple women at once. If you have his attention, then he’s interested in you and he shows it.

3. He gives sincere compliments.

Libra is affable but he’s not shallow or over-flattering. He gives sincere compliments, the kind he actually has to pay attention to. He turns the attention to all your specific traits that he likes and lets you know why it’s a unique gift. He’s a good listener and appreciates your personality.

Libra is also the type of date who goes the distance, that last extra mile, to make sure you have a good time. With or without sex, once he starts crushing on you, it’s all good. He’s happy to inconvenience himself to provide for you. He’s a guy that does favors, a man who’s all about chasing and pleasing the woman who’s right for him.

4. He’s sweet…like wedding cake sweet!

Libra is a man who doesn’t hide, not once he knows what he wants. He wears his emotions out in the open and becomes trusting and vulnerable early in the relationship. When you start to reciprocate he will become sweet, mushy, syrupy, and very much like a school boy in love for the first time. He wants to be comforted and needed. But he also wants you to feel the same way, protected by him and thoroughly provided for in every way.

Libra is a thrilling lover to meet, especially if you have suffered because of past relationships that were marked by deceit, abuse or neglect. He is a man eager to please. That means he can help you to feel loved and feel needed. He can help you “heal” emotionally if you’ve been chasing love but haven’t found it with other signs.

Listen to him just as he’s eager to listen to you. Warm his heart by relishing the details, the little things in life that are romantic. Try to give him that “balance” that he wants in life. He loves you as much as you love him so don’t hold back!

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