8 Romantic Good Morning Texts

Good morning texts will help to keep your relationship going strong, whether it’s at a level of new intimacy or even true love’s kiss. Consider it a way of “maintenancing” the love you’ve cultivated all these months or years.

It’s not that the guy needs to be constantly reassured of your love. Rather, a simple good morning text can help put him in a good mood. It can remind him to think of you and look forward to the next time you meet. It can remind him that he is loved and that you don’t take him for granted.

These little messages may seem cutesy, but if you keep them romantic – and actually help him to think about how happy he is in relationship (and how he feels about you) – they are going to work beautifully. Don’t be afraid to be a little mushy, especially if you make the text creative. Here are eight examples to try.

1. “I don’t like getting up in the morning. I have to wake up and go to work and that interrupts my sexy dreams about you.”

Here’s a way to keep things intimate and saucy without sounding clingy. It reminds him that you’re dreaming of him, thinking of him, and that the relationship between the two of you has become a daily habit. By now, it’s okay to discuss love, like and the future. He may have already discussed it with you. Just remember to always approach romance from a place of deep inner confidence. You get to be mushy and romantic with him because that’s what HE wants and encourages you to do.

2. “You’re my muse, my inspiration. Whenever I see your picture or hear your smooth and silky voice, it always makes me smile.”

HE has become one of your motivations or “inspirations.” True, you have a life independent of him. But there’s nothing wrong with letting him know just how important his happiness is to you and how you continue to make him happy every day.

3. “Any time I get anxious about the day ahead I just need to hear your voice. You have a great way of calming me and helping me to let go and enjoy myself. You always bring me a feeling of peace – I love that about you!”

Telling him that he’s a source of peace and calm for you is a great compliment to a guy! He wants to provide for you and protect you – it’s his instinct. Giving him credit as a rock, an emotional confidant that you can depend on, goes a long way in building and maintaining trust.

4. “I am __ miles away from you right now. And yet it feels like you’re lying next to me. My heart is so intensely connected with your heart, I can practically feel you!”

This is a wonderful text to send when you’re physically separated by distance. You miss each other very much but the thought of your hearts still communicating is romantic and emotional. You’re strengthening the bond you already have, stressing positives like loyalty and commitment. You’re no longer just compatible – you are soul mates and are never going to be separated, even by physical obstacles. What a grand romantic gesture!

5. “I’ve often wondered what I really need in life to be happy. I love my job, I love my life. I am happy. The only thing I’m missing is otherwise is a man to love. Someone who understands me. Supports me. Inspires me. You are the “light” that I seek. You make everything just a little bit more fun. I am happiest when you’re in my life.”

Carefully phrased and lovely sentiment. You’re not desperately clinging to him, as if he’s the only reason you’re alive. But instead, he enhances your life. He makes your life better. He gives you that extra pep, that extra spring in your step. He’s your inspiration, not a lifeline to fall back on. He makes you happy because you really enjoy the moments you spend together, interacting, learning and experiencing things together.

6. “Do you believe in past lives? Sometimes I think I love you so intensely, as if we used to know each other in another world. Maybe, maybe not. But let’s just pretend that we’ve been reunited. This time I won’t let you go.”

What a romantic thought! The idea of finding your soulmate in every life. Whether or not you believe in this metaphysics of it, it’s the thought that counts. Love can transcend age and even the world we live in. You can always take your love to the next world and have your heart eternally linked.

7. “You know what I love first thing in the morning? The smell of fresh coffee, the taste of waffles, and the feeling of kissing you good morning.”

Use sensory descriptions to enhance your sweet good morning message. Describe to him what you see, smell, hear and taste…but then add him into the visual as well. What do you love waking up to in the morning – his smile? His scent, his eyes gazing into yours? Use that!

8. “You know that warm feeling you get when you first wake up and don’t want to leave the bed? That’s me…I sent you five extra hugs before you fell asleep last night and you just felt them!”

Finally, charm him with a little wit and humor while painting him a romantic picture – the two of you in bed together, not wanting to get up. You can also suggest to him that soon, you’ll be living together and you can wake up every morning in each other’s arms.

When it comes to writing romantic texts, go for intensity of thought, as well as strong emotion. Strong emotion might be “I love you!” and it’s only enhanced when you add on a descriptive sentence before the thought, like “I love you a little more every day, sure as the sun rises every day, so do you come into my mind.”

As you can see, it reinforces the thought. That’s what impresses him. And that’s what makes him remember, feel and treasure the connection you have together!

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