How to Better Understand Men

How to Better Understand Men

If you’re struggling to understand how men think, you’re not alone. Most of the women I talk to would give almost anything to understand why men do what they do.

If a man’s unable or unwilling to share with you what’s going on in his heart, what can you do?

Rather than describe all the differences between the sexes, let me focus on a few things that will help you get closer to a man whether you’re dating or in a relationship…

  • Men are more sensitive to emotions than women are

I realize that this may sound ridiculous but hear me out on this one. The truth is that men are very sensitive to emotions and can’t recover from emotional experiences like women can.

That’s why a lot men will avoid getting too emotional because it might take him hours or even days to get back to normal from it.

Guys don’t avoid emotions because they don’t have any. They avoid emotions for two main reasons…

The first reason is that he doesn’t feel safe getting emotional in whatever space he’s in. Men are ridiculed, laughed at, and told that they’re not men when they get emotional, starting from when they were boys on the playground at school.

If you want him to be willing to experience and express his emotions around you, he needs to feel like he can safely do so.

The second reason is that emotions drain men and make them feel out of control.

If he gets into his emotions, it may take him awhile to get through it and he’ll be emotionally drained because of it. If this happens a lot, he’ll begin to feel smothered and will want to pull away and recharge himself.

The second thing you need to know about men is…

  • Most men avoid conflict as much as possible.

From a biological standpoint, conflict can feel life threatening to a man. One person wins and the other is driven away in shame.

And from an emotional side, if he becomes too emotionally charged in a conflict, he may have a hard time containing those emotions.

A lot of deal with this by shutting down, pulling away, and cutting off communication. While this may seem like he’s trying to punish you, what he’s really doing is trying not to lose control of himself and do something that he’d later regret.

And for most men, what this means is he’s trying to protect you from himself and he’s trying to protect himself from doing something he regrets.

  • Men want marriage

I always think it’s funny when someone tells me that men don’t want commitment or marriage.

While few of them would admit it, a lot of men actually dream and fantasize about finding a great woman and getting married when they are boys.

There’s just been so much pain and frustration around marriage in a lot of men’s families growing up and what they see and experience in marriages of friends and family members.

The truth is that men want marriage. They want to find an amazing woman that they could spend the rest of their lives with.

But they’re not willing to do it with just anyone. The woman a man marries has to feel exceptional to him.

She has to feel like a “great catch.” He needs to feel like she’s the one he’s been looking for his entire life.

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