How Do Men Fall In Love – 4 Ways You Can Make Him Fall For You

If you don’t know what makes a man fall in love with you, you’ll be relying on chance and luck for him to fall in love and stay in love with you.

This isn’t a good strategy because a lot of women learn behaviors growing up that actually prevent men from falling in love, or worse, push men away completely.

On the other side, if you do understand how men fall in love, it’ll be very easy for you to create the loving connection that will make a man want to be yours forever.

Here’s what you need to know…

There’s one very specific thing that you need to do in order to make a man fall in love with you…

And it’s this:

Create a Deep Emotional Connection With Him

Now I know that may sound vague and you may be unsure what that really even means, so here’s how to do that…

This first thing you need to do is this…

1. Make Him Feel Like He’s a Man When He’s Around You

What this means is allowing him to be the provider and the protector and the leader of the relationship.

If you’re a strong, independent woman that may sound like a hard thing for you to do. But here’s the thing…

Guys want to feel like they’re guys. They want to feel like men.

They want to feel respected as a man. They want to feel appreciated as a man.

When I was a men’s dating coach, one of the biggest complaints that I would get from men is that they don’t feel like women, especially western women, treat men with respect.

And it’s hard for a lot of those guys to want to date women and be in a long term relationship with them if they don’t feel like they’re being respected.

The second thing you need to do to make a guy fall in love with you is…

2. Make Him Feel Sexually Desirable

Show him that you’re sexually interested in him. Men actually get a sense of validation from women sexually. They want to feel like they’re sexually desirable.

If he can get that from you, you’ll go a long way in making him feel emotionally connected and attracted to you.

The third thing that makes men fall in love is this…

3. Give Him Space Before He Needs It

A lot of women end up smothering men and they give everything to a relationship thinking that it’s a very noble or righteous thing to do.

And what you may not realize is that giving everything to a relationship is incredibly unattractive and ends up smothering men instead of making them appreciate you.

To a man this feels really creepy and bad and makes most guys want to run away. What you want to do instead is give him space and have a life outside of the relationship that he’s not involved in.

What this will do is actually create a space that will pull him in closer and make him appreciate the time you have together more.

And the last way to get a guy to fall in love is by doing this…

4. Show Him That You’re On His Team

This might be a lot bigger than you realize. If you’re constantly fighting him, putting him down out in public or he feels like you’re not on his side, he won’t be able to trust you enough to fall in love.

He won’t feel like you’re loyal. He won’t feel like you’re together in the relationship. The only way he’ll want something long term with you is if he feels like you’re on his side.

The only way that he’ll be able to let his guard down and trust you enough to fall in love is if he feels like you’re truly on his side.

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