How Do I Make a Man Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Me?

It’s fairly easy to tempt a man into a sexual relationship…but how do you turn him from suave Romeo to the affectionate husband? Can it be done? Or is combing the “worlds” of sex and love impossible?

Interestingly enough, many women go for different male types when it comes to separating sex from marriage. Women may fool around with a good-looking, rebellious personality…but when it comes to starting a family, not surprisingly they choose stability, work ethic, responsibility and strength of character.

My argument is this. Maybe there doesn’t have to be “two types” of men. Maybe you can fall in love with the sexy type of guy that you’re really attracted to and it doesn’t have to end in heartbreak.

Now while there are always exceptions to the rule (and there is such a thing as a toxic relationship) I believe most men are decent, hardworking and marriageable material.

I think sometimes you just have to play the game right and attract him to the idea of a committed relationship—something that can be better than sex! Here are five ways to make that edgy rebel fall head over heels in love with you.

1. Don’t be the bad boy’s nice girl—be his equal.

Sexy and successful guys may like nice girls…but they do get bored of them eventually. On the other hand, they will always come home to a woman they consider their intellectual and emotional equal. This means that you are more like them, than their ideal of someone perfect. You’re not perfectly polite or cheerful. You’re confident. You’re independent. You know how to talk to them and you can always tell them when they’re full of crap.

Confidence is what attracts a strong man to a strong woman. What really makes you “an equal” in his eyes is when you stand your own ground, believe in yourself, and speak with inner confidence.

2. Show your happiness doesn’t depend on him. You already have a successful life going on.

Men who sense that they have the upper hand in the relationship will never quite feel the same attraction or love as a man who feels that he’s married to a winner. Men really do fall in love with what you do as much as who you are. They want to see that you love your job, you love your career, your charity work means the world to you, your family is where your heart is—these qualities establish you as an independent person.

He senses that you don’t need him to be happy. You just enjoy his company, just like he enjoys yours. When you are more independent and realize that you could have any man you want, that will stop you from “trying too hard” on the date. You won’t get drunk and embarrass yourself. You won’t try to seduce him when he’s not feeling it. And you won’t giggle at everything he says. You won’t pressure him into a commitment because you really don’t want to rush anything. You know love takes time and when he proposes to you, you want it to be from his heart. Something you both feel because you’ve invested so much time into each other’s lives.

3. Don’t try to impress him. Be mysterious and graceful and let him be impressed.

A mysterious woman and graceful woman behave the same way: they are poised. If you want to be a woman who is always admired by men, even after sex, then keep the man guessing. Be graceful and feminine, confident and controlled.

But don’t try to impress a man into thinking you’re something special. You are someone special and he will sense that the more he talks to you. You project mystery because that attracts curiosity. If you try so hard to impress him and be his “perfect wife” you will come across too strong—someone who can show him a good time but not stimulate his mind.

The secret to projecting mystery is to only answer the information he needs at the moment and volunteering just the bare minimum. He will sense that you have a lot to say but that more time is required if he really wants to know you.

Of course, being mysterious doesn’t mean you can take it easy and just wait passively for him to fall in love. He does want to see/hear something specific from you…

4. Be interested in him…in a way no other woman has before.

A man will definitely come alive if you show interest in him, in his conversation, his looks, his job and so on. But if you actually show an interest in who he is inside—his ambitions, his values, his secret thoughts, he will start to feel a much stronger attraction.

Just consider that most women judge men according to (A) what a man does, (B) how a man makes them feel, (C) a man’s appearance, (D) a man’s peripheral conversation. But if you really want to create “chemistry” with a man beyond sexual attraction, show interest in who he is behind the peripherals.

Forget politeness…what does he really think? What are his secret dreams? What are his private thoughts? Who really understands him the way he wants to be understood? When you “go deeper” into his thinking, his emotions and memories, you really become a close friend and someone he can’t easily forget.

5. Believe in him. Make him your own personal superhero!

I wish more women understood a simple fact about men: they don’t want a subservient wife. Instead, they just want to be your hero. Men are programmed to be providers—in one way or the other, physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, etc.—and they want to please women.

So if a man is all hyped up, wanting to provide for you but has nothing to do, naturally, he may start to feel down or even resentful. It’s like having Superman or the Incredible Hulk by your side but giving them no tasks.

Men want to work for your approval and they want to be rewarded for their loyalty. One way you reward them is by giving them compliments, showing thanks and appreciation and for keeping communication positive.

But there’s one other way to reward a loyal boyfriend: believing in him. Not only is he your personal superhero, but he’s also a great man who’s going to do great things. He’s a success in your eyes right now and in the future. Watching him achieve his passions in life makes you happy and it makes you proud to be his girlfriend and soon to be wife.

A man will ultimately fall in love with a woman who believes in him and sees him as a hero. Make him feel not only that he’s adored but that his life has value.

No man can resist these qualities. We’re not made of stone…we really do just want to fall in love!

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